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Living For Me - Team Diehards

In Health & Fitness, Sports, Hosts & Personalities

I am getting lots and lots of questions on our “Living for Me” initiative. I'm hoping I can answer them and simplify the process for you to join in the journey to living your life to the fullest! What is it? Living for Me allows our viewers and hosts to come together in a community t... Continue Reading

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Albany Irvin on 1420174800

Lifelong Passion

Last Reply by catcar 1411056577.617 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

To many, automobiles are simply transportation to get from point A to point B.  To me, they represent so much more than just steel, chrome, paint and rubber.  Cars have been my true love since I was very young.  They define us as individuals and say so much about who we are or wi... Continue Reading

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Dan Hughes on 1402372800

Learning Something New This Summer!

Last Reply by expatgal 1401899959.29 | in Sports, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

When I was on vacation last month, I took a golf lesson. I never played golf, but many of my friends do, so I thought I’d check it out. I worked with a terrific pro named Matt. Lucky for me, Matt was a very patient instructor. Hitting a golf ball is a lot harder than it looks. But in the... Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1401422400

Shout Out to My Friends in Boston!

Last Reply by Fitzallen 1396902909.743 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

Shout out to my friends in Boston!!  What a great city!!  James, Lauren, Chelsea and my sister Cathy and I visited Boston this past weekend for the Navy vs. Boston University lacrosse game.   I have only been to Boston once to visit the Clarks offices.  It was a quick trip w... Continue Reading

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Jayne Brown on 1396324800

Army / Navy 2013

Last Reply by BHBL 1387395185.21 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

It has become a holiday tradition for our family to attend the Army/Navy game.  This is our 3rd year and this time Lauren, Chelsea & Brittany were able to attend.   Brittany, Chelsea and Lauren My brother-in-law, Ricky, is the lacrosse coach for the Naval Academy, so of course we we... Continue Reading

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Jayne Brown on 1387311050.593

NFL: Thanksgiving Week

In Sports, Hosts & Personalities

The Atlanta Falcons hopes for a perfect season went down the drain last week when the New Orleans Saints defeated them 31-27 at the Super dome.  The Saints may have saved their season but the Atlanta Falcons are still very much in control of their destiny with an 8-1 record.  This week the Saints will face the Raiders and the Falcons take on the Arizona Cardinals. Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts continue to overachieve.  Not only did Luck set the new single game record for most passing yards by a rookie quarterback with 433 on November 4th he is on par to set the season ... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1353301200

NFL Week 9: More Than a Game

Last Reply by Woodstock 1352739399.857 | in Health & Fitness, Sports, Hosts & Personalities

WEEK 9      One of the most intriguing and inspiring stories of this NFL season is the Indianapolis Colts.  They were the doormat of the NFL last season, finishing with the worst record in the league, they changed coaches and quarterbacks.  Not many people expected much of them this season.  Early in this year, their head coach, Chuck Pagano, was diagnosed with leukemia and had to take an extended leave.  As of my writing this, the Colts are in second place in the AFC South division with a 5-3 record and are riding a three- game winning streak.  Qu... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1352610000

NFL - Week 8

In Sports, Hosts & Personalities

     The city of Atlanta has been energized by their undefeated Falcons.  For the first time in franchise history the “dirty birds” stand alone as the only undefeated team in the NFL at 7-0.  What a tribute to the job Mike Smith and his staff have done.  Matt Ryan has turned into an elite quarterback who is surrounded by scoring weapons from Michael Turner to Roddy White to Tony Gonzalez.  They will entertain the Dallas Cowboys this week who would love to give the Falcons their first loss.  The ‘Boyz are hungry to prove that they a... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1352001600

NFL: Week 7

In Health & Fitness, Sports, Hosts & Personalities

The Atlanta Falcons stand alone as the only unbeaten team in the NFL after Week 7 of the 2012 season.  However, they need to be on upset alert as they put their perfect 6-0 record on the line against the Philadelphia Eagles this week in the “Battle of the Birds.” The Eagles offense can soar high on the wings of Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson.  Of course, the Falcons have been flying high all season behind quarterback Matt Ryan and receivers Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez. The Houston Texans have the second best record in the league at 6-1.  After putti... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1351396800

The NFL Week 6 - One for the Books!

In Sports, Hosts & Personalities

In my opinion, this is one of the most exciting NFL seasons ever!  With week 6 in the books there is so much to talk about that I find my toughest job is to pick just a few highlights. First, I have to congratulate the Cleveland Browns organization for snapping an eleven-game losing streak against their “in-state” rivals the Bengals.  It’s tough to keep going and play your heart out week after week waiting for that first “w.”  Well, it finally came and hopefully it is the first of many. Many Green Bay fans have been wondering where their team from... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1350792000

NFL Week 5: Celebrating The Past and Future

In Health & Fitness, Sports, Hosts & Personalities

Week five of the NFL season brought us history and a glimpse into the future. Drew Brees passed his way past the late, great Johnny Unitas in the record books by throwing a touchdown pass to Devery Hendersen with two minutes and fifty-eight seconds to go in the first quarter against the San Diego Chargers.  That marked 48 consecutive games in which Mr. Brees has thrown a touchdown pass thereby setting a new record.  He threw two more touchdown passes in that game and led his Saints to their first victory of the season.  I was happy for Drew and the Saints (and relieved since I ... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1350273600

NFL Week 4: Anything Can Happen

In Health & Fitness, Sports, Hosts & Personalities

     Four weeks of the NFL season are in the books and the big headline is: “Anything Can Happen on Any Given Week!”  The NFC East is a prime example of how tight the competition has become.  The Philadelphia Eagles lead the division with a record of 3-1.  Their three victories have come by a total of just four points!  The other three teams in the division have matching records at 2-2.      Another sign of parity in the NFL is the fact that only three teams remain undefeated.  The Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals a... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1349582400

Cheers to Football Season (and a Great TSV!)

Last Reply by Magesticat 1349734486.357 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

As a little girl I remember Sundays as the one day each week where the TV's blared in every room, windows were open wide to let in the cool fall air and every once in a while you'd hear my dad shout: "GO GO GO!! TOUCHDOWN BABY!!!" Even the neighbors would call out from across the street to find out which game we had tuned in so they could join in the excitement. It's because of him that I know what a screen pass, flea flicker and safety are! So when the time came for Dan Wheeler and I to do our photoshoot for the upcoming NFL Today's Special Value, I was giddy. That meant football season was ... Continue Reading

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Jennifer Coffey on 1347422400


Last Reply by The Renee 1347424967.367 | in Health & Fitness, Sports, Hosts & Personalities

That unmistakable hint of fall is in the air! For me that means one thing-FOOTBALL!  I love the game at all levels and at all times of the day.  There is nothing like the excitement I feel as I walk towards our local high school football stadium and hear the band playing the fight song on a Friday night.   I’m always in heaven when I can sit in front of my TV on a fall Saturday afternoon and watch my Michigan Wolverines (Please don’t bring up the Alabama game. Thank you!) And, of course, Sundays and Mondays were made for the NFL!  The 2012 season officiall... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1347422400

You Are What You Eat: 10 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Diet

Last Reply by Skinny Wraps 1354550498.637 | in Health & Fitness, Sports, Hosts & Personalities

"85% of it is diet." Astounding. That's what a trainer told me once about the exercise to diet ratio, and the older I get, the more I'm sure that it's true. I think we all overestimate the calories we burn, and underestimate the calories we eat, so let's talk about the eating. There are so many different eating programs out there it can make your head spin. So which one is right for you? The one you can live with! If it's unhealthy, you can't live with it. If it doesn't take into account your lifestyle and preferences, you can't live with it. So a h... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1345608000

10 Things You Can Do in Your Bedroom

Last Reply by tots 1345674961.19 | in Health & Fitness, Sports, Hosts & Personalities

Now that I have your attention, let's chat. Since The Lisa Robertson Show is off this week, I thought we could talk about health, or more specifically, working out, for a change. At the end of the blog, I will give you a 10 moves workout you can easily do in your bedroom (which, of course, is where that title comes in).   But first, here's what I've found to be true about fitness. It doesn't just happen. You have to make it happen. This is a bummer, as I'd love to just wake up one day to find I ran a marathon in my sleep and lost 5 lbs...but no s... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1345003200

NFL Thanksgiving on QVC

Last Reply by circles 1322183545.693 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year! Gathering around the table with family and friends and being truly thankful for all of life’s blessings is a blessing, indeed. The turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie are hard to beat. Then, it’s time for...FOOTBALL! To go along with the football theme, QVC will be offering the perfect gift for the NFL fan on your list. Tune in Thursday at Midnight ET as we kick off the big day with our only NFL Today’s Special Value of the year. Our NFL Pro Line team fleck hoodie is the warmest, most comfortable hood... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1321984825.837

Week 8 of the NFL

Last Reply by CaroleK71 1320354463.98 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities

Hey, NFL fans! The season is in high gear and each game becomes increasingly important as we move into the second half. One of the biggest games this weekend will be Detroit at Denver. Lions’ fans are hoping that quarterback Matthew Stafford will be good to go following an injury he suffered late in the game last Sunday against the Falcons. In the NFC East, we have a huge rivalry game as the Philadelphia Eagles host the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles are trying to fly again and extend their one-game winning streak, while the Cowboys would love to take it to the Birds in their own ... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1320074814.253

Week 7 of the NFL

Last Reply by titusville lady 1320079315.633 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities

The quarterback carousel is in full swing as we head into Week 7 of the NFL season. It looks like the Vikings are scrapping their plans to have veteran Donovan McNabb lead their team. This week, rookie Christian Ponder takes over as signal-caller and the team prepares for a visit from defending Super Bowl champions, the Green Bay Packers. When Washington visits Carolina on Sunday, John Beck will be under center replacing Rex Grossman. Finally, Tim Tebow gets his big chance to start in place of Kyle Orton when the Broncos visit the Dolphins on Sunday... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1319744817.893

Week 6 of the NFL

Last Reply by molliesmom 1319637505.007 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities

OK, here are my big “surprises” as we head into Week 6 of the NFL. At the top of my list, and much to my delight, is the fact that the Detroit Lions are undefeated and sit atop the NFL North with a 5 – 0 record. They're joined by the only other 5 – 0 and undefeated team in the NFL, defending Super Bowl champs, the Green Bay Packers. The other big shocker in the NFC is in the NFC East division. There was a lot of talk about this being the Eagles’ year with all of their free-agent signings. But the “dream team” has turned into a &ldq... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1318866047.24

Week 4 of the NFL

In Sports, Hosts & Personalities

The NFL season gets more exciting with every week! The word “parity” is thrown around a lot this year when referring to the NFL. Parity basically means that the league in general is more competitive. Every game is a battle. With only three undefeated teams going into this weekend, parity is “alive and well” in the NFL. From my view,  the most interesting matchups this week are the Lions at the Cowboys, the Steelers at the Texans, the Jets at the Ravens, and the Patriots at the Raiders. I’m a huge Lions fan, but this week they are in for a battle in Dallas.&n... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1317652515.067

Week 3 of the NFL

In Sports, Hosts & Personalities

Big questions linger about the status of Tony Romo and Michael Vick as we head into Week 3 of the NFL season. Romo actually broke a rib in the Cowboys game against the San Francisco 49ers, but came back to lead his team to an important win in overtime. It was a very gutsy performance. Vick, on the other hand, suffered a pretty serious concussion when he collided with a teammate late in the Eagles battle against the Atlanta Falcons. Both quarterbacks showed up for practice this past Thursday, but neither actually practiced. There's no doubt that both teams will be... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1316800872.287

Week 1 of the NFL

In Sports, Hosts & Personalities

Week 1 of the NFL was filled with all the excitement and drama that we, as fans, have come to expect. This early in the season, the defenses are usually way ahead of the offenses. With this year's lockout delaying summer camps, I really expected low-scoring games and less yardage on offense. Yet, the Green Bay Packers exploded with 42 points against the New Orleans Saints, and behind Tom Brady, the New England Patriots' offense rolled up big points and big yardage. Brady threw over 500 yards while Chad Henne (a former Michigan quarterback like Brady) passed over 4... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1316209178.57

Welcome Back Football!

Last Reply by kristielove 1315743302.697 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities

America is ready to get “Back to Football” and so is QVC! Join me this Monday, September 12 at 5 p.m. ET for our big 2-hour edition of the NFL Shop. I’m super excited to get this season underway! The NFL season kicks off with the opener on Thursday, September 8. The defending Super Bowl Champions, the Green Bay Packers, host Super Bowl XLIV champs, the New Orleans Saints, at historic Lambeau Field. This game will be filled with electricity as the past two Super Bowl MVPs lead their teams. Aaron Rodgers will play under center for the Packers, and Drew Brees will start as QB f... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1315489344.96


Last Reply by jerseyfan 1315936840.767 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities

The first NFL pre-season game for the 2011 season is scheduled for August 7.  If the NFL Players’ Union and the NFL owners do not hammer out a deal this week then the first week of pre-season probably will be canceled.  In my opinion,  this crazy lock-out has gone on way too long.  It is the first work stoppage since 1987.  If the first week of pre-season is canceled it will cost the NFL a total of $250 million in revenues.  Because of that I’m betting this is the week that a tentative agreement in principle is FINALLY put in place.  If that happe... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler on 1312487529.13

The New QVC Community Page

In Pet Lovers, Health & Fitness, Sports

We're excited to announce the launch of a "new home" for the QVC Community on QVC.com! On Monday, March 28, we're debuting a new-and-improved page where you can explore the many places and features that make up our interactive community.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE NEW COMMUNITY HOME PAGE Continue Reading

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QVC Team on 1301317527.717


Last Reply by CHARLES74 1296760201.277 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities

So it all comes down to the Green Bay Packers against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Big Dance at the Cowboys new stadium on Sunday, February 6, 2011.  It’s interesting that two teams that are used to playing outside, on grass and in cold weather will face each other in a warm, comfortable dome in Arlington, TX.  So, the big question is who will play better on the Cowboys’ new turf? The Packers’ quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, has been known to play very well inside.  His passer rating indoors is 111.1 in twelve games over the past three years.  His primary ... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1296572128.013

Playoffs are Almost Over - What's Your Prediction?!

Last Reply by pkm 1295907641.663 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities

Being a huge football fan I absolutely LOVE this time of year!  Every game is for “all the marbles!”  Last weekend’s action certainly proved that this year has been the most unpredictable in the NFL in decades.  A week ago, I was fairly certain that the New England Patriots were on their way to a Super Bowl Championship.  I thought that Rex Ryan was only adding fuel to their fire with all of his talk about it being “personal” between him and Bill Belichick.  But the Jets’ defense came up big and sacked Tom Brady five times.  On... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1295382086.267

Week 10 - Another Crazy Week in the NFL

In Sports, Hosts & Personalities

The Cleveland Browns upset the New England Patriots!  A tired, banged up, forty-one year old quarterback throws for a career high 448 yards to lead his team in a come from behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons!  A future hall of fame receiver puts on his third different team uniform this season!  It was just another crazy week in one of the most exciting yet bizarre NFL seasons in recent memory. Here’s my take on the emerging league leaders as we are heading down the home stretch of this amazing year of professional football.  The 6-2 Jets escaped a very determined... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1289497470.613

Week 9 Surprises

In Sports, Hosts & Personalities

It’s hard to find the right words to describe this season as we head into week 9.  My attempts have included “surprising”, “un-conventional”, “shocking” and always “exciting!” When you look at the headlines this week you read that Randy Moss is a member of his third team in a month.  I’m still not sure we have heard the real reason why Brad Childress let him go but they are jumping up and down in Nashville.  The NFL is doing it’s best to crack down on violent hits and is handing out some pretty steep fines. ... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1289319266.757

My Time with Mary Beth - Novermber 3rd

Last Reply by Quilter 6 1289224783.877 | in For the Home Talk, Sports, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, Everyone, I have to tell you about something I did recently that I've never done before!  I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an NFL game 'live and in person' a week or so ago in Green Bay, WI, with the Packers playing the Vikings.  Now being from MN, I'm a Vikings fan, but since my sister and her husband live in Green Bay, we wanted to see Brett Favre play in Lambeau Field, probably for the last time.  What a day it was!! First, my son, Ryan, and I flew to Green Bay, then before the game started, we were invited to go to a 'tailgating party', which I had never be... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1288730269.027

The Year of the Quarterback

Last Reply by Carrie in Ky 1288707022.78 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities

This NFL season is shaping up to be the “Year of the Quarterback.”  Obviously, the quarterback is the most important player on any NFL team because he is the leader.  Great leaders “fire up” their troops on and off the field. Brett Favre achieved NFL immortality “on the field” this week throwing his 500th career touchdown pass to fellow hall-of-famer Randy Moss (please see last week’s blog as I mentioned this as a great possibility.)  Even more impressively Favre passed the 70,000 yards passing plateau to put himself in a stratosphere t... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1287159013.813

Tailgating: Hotty Toddy Style!

In Sports, Hosts & Personalities, Q News

If you’re a fan of football then you know there’s something special about the months of September, October, and November.  Perhaps it’s the cool fall weather, the painted faces, or the cheering of your home team who has just scored a touchdown.  In my case, it’s our cheer song “Hotty Toddy” that makes Ole Miss Football so different and so special from anywhere else.  Take a look… Every year, tailgating at Ole Miss is what I most look forward to, maybe even more so than the game.  For me, it’s the fried food, big ... Continue Reading

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Courtney Cason on 1286814539.027

Coming up on Week 5 - NFL is Wide Open

In Sports, Hosts & Personalities

The 2010 NFL season is a wild one and, as we have already witnessed, every week is wide open.  Anything can happen which keeps all of us tuned in every week.  And, surprisingly enough, there is only one unbeaten team after just four weeks-the Kansas City Chiefs!  The Chiefs have a tough running game and their “no name’ defense seems to be blossoming under new coordinator Romeo Crennel.  KC will be tested in a big way this week against the Indianapolis Colts and one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game-Peyton Manning.  That game will be played at ... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1286565542.24

NFL Highlights - Two Weeks In

Last Reply by De3 1285631862.79 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities

You never know what a week may bring in the NFL.  We’re just two weeks into the new season but we’ve already seen some dramatic shifts at the top of the league. The Houston Texans seem to be the real deal and currently stand at 2-0.  They’re in for a big test this Sunday when they entertain the Dallas Cowboys who find themselves in an almost “must win” situation if they are to keep their Super Bowl dreams alive.  They came into the season as a favorite to play in the first “Big Dance” in their brand new stadium but are winless in their ... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1285340718.607

The Return of the NFL Shop

Last Reply by Gods Child 1285529801.807 | in Sports, Hosts & Personalities

You can feel the “winds of change” in the crisp, fall air and that can mean only one thing-FOOTBALL!  Are you ready?  QVC certainly is!  I am looking forward to our first show of the 2010 season this coming Monday, September 13 from 5pm to 7pm ET.  Our new timeslot this season is 6p.m. ET on Monday so try to get to your television an hour earlier. The “winds of change” have certainly blown through many NFL teams this year.  Won’t it seem strange to see Donovan McNabb in a Washington Redskins’ uniform?  How unusual for San Dieg... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1284394770.73

Vikings vs. Packers

Last Reply by MARGARET1949 1254974740 | in Sports

There are now only five undefeated teams in the NFL as we head into a huge Monday night match-up between the 3-0 Minnesota Vikings and the 2-1 Green Bay Packers. This match up is particularly intriguing because Brett Favre goes head to head against his former team for the first time. He also starts against the quarterback that he mentored for four years in Green Bay, Mr. Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is a solid starter with good arm strength and accuracy. Needless to say, this will be the biggest game of his career. Favre is quickly approaching 40 years of age but he showed us last Sunday that h... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1254755442

Week 2 Highlights

In Sports

Hey NFL fans!Week two in the NFL saw three upsets as the Packers, Patriots and even the defending Super Bowl Champion Steelersdropped important games.The Cincinati Bengalsdefense harassed Green Bay's quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, all afternoon to come up with the 31-24 win as time ran out on the Packers' offense. New England was also surprised by Rex Ryan's pass rush which kept superstar quarterback Tom Brady under pressure the entire game. The Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez played well enough to lead his team to a surprising 16-9 win over the Patriots. Finally, the Chicago Bearsrelied o... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1254514957

Are You Ready?

Last Reply by Muimui 1286806794.71 | in Sports

"It doesn't get any better than this! My first grandchild, Cole Daniel, was born Thursday, Sept. 3, 2009 just one week before the NFL season offically kicks off. He came just in time to watch his first football season with grandpa. We are both ready to go! Nine teams are giving birth to new eras in their history with brand new coaches this season. It will be interesting to see how long it will take some of these guys to begin to have great success in turning things around. Jim Caldwell has big shoes to fill in Indianapolis replacing legendary nice guy Tony Dungy. On the other hand, Jim ... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler - NFL on 1252446529
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