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Swept Off My Feet

In Beauty Banter

I LOVE this time of year! Not only are the flowers blooming and the weather warming our souls, It’s officially wedding season! Last year at this time I was just weeks away from my big day. My husband Sean and I were married on July 12th at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. Ever since I've beco... Continue Reading

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Lindsay -- Wander Beauty on 1432612800

Controlling Your Natural Curl for Spring/Summer

Last Reply by Golden6 1431613788.117 | in WEN

Last summer, Chaz Dean showed me how to keep my natural curl in control without using any irons or heating tools. Here is a quote and full recipe for easy summer hair from Chaz! "Give your hair rest from heat styling especially throughout the summer. Just apply the products as listed below and twis... Continue Reading

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Sandra Bennett on 1431489600

QVC Plus Crush: May Edition

Last Reply by DeevaTyme 1431296604.957 | in Beauty Banter, Dooney & Bourke, All About Accessories

I love May. I love seeing everything come back to life after a long winter, and I love the taste of the upcoming summer that lingers in the air.  The smell of fresh cut grass returns, and I’m able to (hairstyle permitting) drive in to work with my windows down.  Not to be grandiose, ... Continue Reading

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QVC Plus on 1431230400

Amazing Grace: Part II

Last Reply by icezeus 1431188062.51 | in philosophy, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

“What are your favorite…baby names?” I asked to my not yet husband,  one gorgeous fall evening while walking down Manhattan Beach Boulevard in Southern California. Days before, we’d started playing this game where we would ask each other to name their favorites in a par... Continue Reading

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Kerstin Lindquist on 1430971200

My Mom, My Hero!

Last Reply by BinkyBinky 1431099785.18 | in Beauty Banter, Mom to Mom Blogs

My parents were divorced when I was eleven years old.  My dad was a dentist in town so I mainly saw him when I would ride my bike to his office and spend a few minutes trying to talk to him as he worked on patients.  He was an outgoing, likeable guy and  I know he wanted to be a good ... Continue Reading

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Dan Wheeler on 1430499554.517

Eric and Alice Roe

Last Reply by blueskies 1431091980.29 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

The "kids" just emailed a few pictures to Mark and me, so I thought I would share them with you! Counting our blessings, Mary Beth Roe    Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1429848000

A Special Nick Chavez Surprise For You!

Last Reply by mar2625 1430087562.707 | in Beauty Banter

I love Nick Chavez for some many reasons. He is energetic, fun, kind, and brings us phenomenal products right from his salon in Beverly Hills. That's right, that Nick Chavez product that you use daily, is also what some of the most popular celebrities are reaching every morning! One of the most p... Continue Reading

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Sandra Bennett on 1429848000

See the Shoes You Helped Me Choose!

Last Reply by Aran 1430181392.643 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

It's not the best photo in the world, but it's the first one sent to me where you can see my shoes. : )  Plus, I had so much fun borrowing another woman's fascinator just to see how it looked and to do something British! What do you think?!  Thank you again for all of your help in choo... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1429675200

The Countdown is On!

Last Reply by I am still oxox 1430266603.387 | in Beauty Banter

For the past year I’ve been working around the clock with my team at Wanderland, building a brand new beauty experience, and it’s coming to you in just a few days! Follow us on Instagram, @Wander_Beauty, to be in the know about our air date.  So much time, thought, and passion has g... Continue Reading

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Lindsay -- Wander Beauty on 1429675200

Backstage Pass to Beauty With Benefits

Last Reply by kanoboy 1429555516.553 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Beauty With Benefits

Last night marks the 3rd year of QVC’s partnership with the CEW, in presenting our Beauty with Benefits event. This is one of the biggest shows of the year and certainly one that I take deep pride in being a part of. The theme of our event is “better together,” which encompasses so... Continue Reading

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Sandra Bennett on 1429156800

Here's to More GHD's! (Good Hair Days)

Last Reply by krispet7879 1430940496.447 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, WEN

Hi PM Stylers…this week, let’s talk hair. Isn’t it a bear? Wouldn’t it be great if you could freeze in time your best haircut ever, never to regrow again, so you always had the 'do' you loved? I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out, and every time I do it just doesn&r... Continue Reading

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Shawn Killinger on 1429156800

Super-Sized Superstars TSV!

Last Reply by JoJo Brooks 1429194685.367 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

It’s TSV time and I am especially excited this time around. I pulled together some of my customer favorites to create a kit that contains an entire skin care routine or you can incorporated it into yours and then I said SUPER SIZE it! My Anti-Aging Super-Sized Superstars have yo... Continue Reading

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Peter Thomas Roth on 1428897600

Laura Geller: Life in Rose TSV

Last Reply by Konacoffeegirl 1428866381.923 | in Laura Geller, TSV Talk

Hello Girlfriends! My Today’s Special Value has everything coming up roses! It contains some truly beautiful make-up must-haves that I am so excited to share with you! My Life in Rose collection is a celebration of feminine beauty! Life in Rose (La Vie en Rose) captures a romantic color co... Continue Reading

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Laura Geller on 1428638400

Laura & Lisa: Better Together

Last Reply by mamagteach 1431882091.39 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Laura Geller

I have known Laura Geller for more than a decade. What a remarkable friend she has become!  So, it is not surprising that our friendship has extended past a host/guest relationship on QVC. Extended well past!!! The more I got to know Laura over the years, the more I saw her absolute passion fo... Continue Reading

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Lisa Mason on 1428638400

Sunday Style: What's in My Bag?

In Beauty Banter, Dooney & Bourke, The Q We Love

I need to make a confession: my name is Tori and my Dooney bag is my BFF. It goes absolutely everywhere with me, holds all my essentials, and  even gives me a bit of a fashion boost when I’m running errands in my yoga pants and flip flops (it’s magical that way). As an Associate Pr... Continue Reading

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QVC Plus on 1428638400

Seems like yesterday!

Last Reply by Tra322 1432677767.573 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Wow!  Has it really been 20 years since I was first on the air at QVC?    Yes!  It has been 20 years!  Hard for me to believe.  But, in April 1995, exactly 20 years ago,  I had my first show with Mary Beth Roe. I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was... Continue Reading

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Lisa Mason on 1428465600

My Friend Laura!!

In Hosts & Personalities, Laura Geller

I felt like Laura Geller was  my friend even before I met her.  My Dad got a magazine that profiled celebrities and their style evolution.  The article also commented on their makeup by expert artist Laura Geller.  I looked forward to reading it every month, not knowing some... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1428465600

how a fragrance helped me fall in love again

Last Reply by icezeus 1429731253.257 | in Beauty Banter, philosophy, Hosts & Personalities

Some of you may have heard me tell this story on-air with Heidi from philosophy just the other week when presenting Amazing Grace but I wanted to share it again.  This is my story about how Amazing Grace helped me fall in love again: I was never a big fan of perfume.  Outside of a bottl... Continue Reading

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Stacey Stauffer on 1428206400

Unconditional Love

Last Reply by kkaaren 1428382740.947 | in philosophy, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Happy Easter friends!! I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday spent with friends, family, and one of my all-time favorite things in the world… delicious food!! Our Today’s Special Value is something I’m super excited about, and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it&rs... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1428206400

philosophy super-size 4-piece fragrance layering collection & satin body sponge

Last Reply by lindah1 1430505171.913 | in philosophy, TSV Talk

At philosophy we inspire women to look, live and feel their best. We believe that fragrance should lift your mood and inspire a sense of well-being with clean, wearable fragrances. We bring you this luxuriously scented four-piece super-size fragrance layering experience  as a Today’s Spec... Continue Reading

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The philosophy blog on 1427947200

Beauty with Benefits

Last Reply by mrwiggles 1430584289.9 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

I am so much better knowing why I'm worth it and owning the great things about me, so that I can give more of myself to others and to the world.  When we are kids, we are mostly taught to give to others and that giving to ourselves is a selfish act. I am here to say that we need ... Continue Reading

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Josie Maran on 1427947200

I'm Back!

Last Reply by hayeswat 1432680296.093 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, my Dear Friends! I am so very excited to share with you that I am returning to QVC as Host.  It has been almost 4 1/2 years since I was a part of the QVC family and and I have missed you terribly! I have received the most amazing, warm welcome from the host team and everyone at QVC. Gi... Continue Reading

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On The Scene on 1427860800

Remembering the Summers with Sunshine Grace

In Beauty Banter, philosophy, Hosts & Personalities

I LOVE smells…for the most part!  I love the smell of apples and cinnamon, a campfire, and vanilla.  On the other hand I am completely opposed to stinky socks, mildew & day-old fish smells. They say our sense of smell can bring back the strongest memories. But, beautiful or nast... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hornback on 1427774400

#FastBeauty Review: LumaRX

In Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

My friend Kaitlin raises her phone up to take a photo of me. She asks: “Am I really taking a picture of you raising your arms to show your armpits??” Me: “Yep! They gotta see this!” No, I hadn’t lost my mind (at least not that day). It was right before I was presen... Continue Reading

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Jennifer Coffey on 1427493829.623

CC Your Way to Radiant Skin! (ps...join us for a live Chat too!)

Last Reply by ydnas 1432516398.617 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

SPRING is the perfect season to breathe new life into your beauty!   Spring is the season when Mother Nature puts her most beautiful self forward.  Colors come back into the world!  Everything is rejuvenated, coming back to life!  Flowers begin to bloom and the world is full... Continue Reading

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Jamie Kern Lima on 1427428800


Last Reply by Miss Louise 1430596129.22 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

I belong to an organization of women who volunteer their time and talents for charitable efforts. Each year we hold an annual luncheon to raise scholarship funds for deserving college-bound students. The event is called “Hattitude for Education”. It’s an afternoon of fun culminati... Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1427428800

An Interview with our resident PM Style Chatter, Erin

Last Reply by Up and Onward 1427463536.97 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, The Q We Love

Hey lay-dees! Time for another PM Style blog. This week, Erin, our adorbs associate Producer who handles our live chat on my Fb page during the show. Coolest fun fact: Erin's twin sis does the same thing for AM Style. So who is Erin, and what makes her tick? Warning. Prepare to fall in love. She's l... Continue Reading

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Shawn Killinger on 1427342400

Maria McCool Shares Her Tips to Get My "Do!"

Last Reply by QVC junkie too!!! 1428411595.32 | in Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Hello my friends! Well, it’s been almost a year since I first got my new, shorter “do” and I’ve been so flattered to see how many of you have loved it! I get so many questions about how to explain the cut to your stylist so that you can get the same one, so I decided to enli... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Gracie on 1427342400

Life List #1: Negative Space Nails

Last Reply by pmad 1427771698.94 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

Life List #1: Negative Space Nails Want to know what's more fun than a bucket list? A Life List!! :) I decided to start my own, full of fun, simple ways to treat myself, try something new...and bring a smile to my day.    I thought a cool way to kick things off was to try Negative Space ... Continue Reading

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Pat James Dementri on 1427308259.53

Finding Balance Through Exercise

In Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

Happy Spring Everyone! Being active is one of the best ways for me to stay balanced throughout the day. As the days are getting longer, I decided to explore some local boutique fitness haunts to try new workout techniques and get my body in tip top shape for spring. Indoor rowing is the hottest ne... Continue Reading

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Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa on 1427169600

Family Weddings

Last Reply by sunfloweryellow 1427984124.59 | in Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

With our oldest son, Eric, getting married next month, I am reminded of past weddings in our family. When I was only 4 and 5 years old, my two oldest sisters got married about a year apart. I was the flower girl in both of their weddings. I can still remember dropping red rose petals as I walked dow... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1426910400

My New York City Trip: Beauty, Fashion, Makeup and CAKE!

Last Reply by darcy3 1426970051.06 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Last week I went to New York to visit with some of our vendor partners. I always love going to New York, and this time, once I hit the city I headed straight for my hotel, dropped my bags, and went to Magnolia Bakery to get my favorite German Chocolate cake (three pieces, I cannot tell a lie!!!). ... Continue Reading

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Rachel Boesing on 1426879885.943

We Love WEN!

Last Reply by Goodie 1427243880.08 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, WEN

Who loves WEN? The hosts do! They shared their favorite WEN moments & hair transformations with you! Check out the pictures below and shop all things WEN by clicking here.   Jennifer Coffey "In case you didn't already know, I'm a WEN girl, and Chaz Dean and his team are some of only... Continue Reading

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On The Scene on 1426868729.197

My Hair Journey

Last Reply by Bustier 1429019164.407 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, WEN

My hair. I've done just about anything and everything to it. From the 1980s Sun-In, perms, and changing haircolor anytime I felt like it.  It was a lot of fun!     Growing up my mom always pulled my hair back into a ponytail, as I grew older it was all about the long spiral perms... Continue Reading

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Jacque Gonzales on 1426824000

BeautyCon & Back!

Last Reply by PRlady 1426902076.497 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

I’m back from Texas with some new friends, new insights on the latest and greatest in beauty, and even a little twang in my talk. Okay, that last part isn’t true… still have the loud, excited, happy Amy Stran voice that you know and hopefully love lol! So you know I’ve been... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1426651200

Irish Moor Mud Mask!

Last Reply by Barbaral 1426890692.363 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

I have great love for Ireland, my wife Noreen is of Irish descent and many of her family members are still in Ireland. We have been fortunate enough to visit regularly and get to know the people and the land. We spend a lot of our time in County Meath and County Galway, home to Noreen’s grandm... Continue Reading

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Peter Thomas Roth on 1426564800

Got Time?!

Last Reply by sls2564 1427161188.043 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hey PM-Stylers, Every Sunday (that's my goal) I will be blogging here, sometimes about fashion, sometimes about life, sometimes it will be what I call, the Seinfeld blog, aka, the blog about nothing (Remember how Jerry used to say the show was a show about nothing?) This week it strikes me that one... Continue Reading

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Shawn Killinger on 1426392000

Beauty and the Beach

In Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

Great news QVC readers! We are in the home stretch of winter, spring is just a week away! You will especially relate to how excited I am if you live on the East Coast, or anywhere cold!  I feel like a child on the last day of school.  My Mom, who lives in sunny California, called me this w... Continue Reading

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Lindsay -- Wander Beauty on 1426219200

Alice's Bridal Shower

Last Reply by krielkamp 1428271988.273 | in Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Meet Alice. Alice is the latest member to join the Roe family. She and our son, Eric will be married next month in London where they met in church. And what a coincidence that Mark and I also met in church?! Alice and Eric were engaged in October and will be married in April and Mark and I were eng... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1426132800

A Glorious Sea Breeze!

Last Reply by New HP 1426386197.54 | in Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

I remember the moment that I knew that I was going to marry my (now) husband..... we were in Australia walking by the beach, there was the most glorious sea breeze and we were talking about the future, our hopes and our dreams and he said that he wasn't sure where in the world he would end up but he... Continue Reading

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Irish Insights on 1426046400

Hit Refresh with bareMinerals Fresh Forward 8-piece Collection

Last Reply by Saagii 1431042392.093 | in Beauty Banter, bareMinerals, TSV Talk

Hit Refresh. Happy Spring! I think we are all excited to say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to warmer days, sunshine, and a new routine. As we spring forward, I just happen to have the best answer to a flawless, fresh look. Let me introduce you to Fresh Forward, our brand new Today’s S... Continue Reading

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Jessica Foust on 1425704400

Happy Birthday, Leah! A look back over 2014!

Last Reply by annieb88 1427149765.083 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Happy Birthday, Leah! In celebration of your birthday, here's a look back at your life over the last year in photos.    January 2014 Fashion Friends Day with Leilani of Ryka Shoes and Sally Combs with Earth Origins   February 2014 Girl-Time Lunch with Angel Smedley of Quacke... Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1425445200

Beauty Obsessed: Foundation Fix Tutorial!

Last Reply by deneen46 1432342045.54 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

Perfect foundation application seems like an impossible feat at times. You know I'm slightly obsessed with trying the "next big thing" in beauty, well here it is.... Color Me foundation applicator.   Don't worry, it looks intimidating, but there are super easy-to-follow directions included ... Continue Reading

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Courtney Cason on 1425445200

Ready for Spring

Last Reply by Irish1210 1425430568.127 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

Who is ready for March? Now, don’t get me wrong I love February. I had another birthday on the 14th. My husband, Jamie, my niece, my siblings and I all bundled up and trekked to our favorite, local Turkish restaurant and had a festive celebration. Jamie’s dear mother, Robin had just pass... Continue Reading

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Meg Flather on 1425358800

Super-Size Perricone TSV 3/2

Last Reply by ZANTY 1425338487.827 | in Beauty Banter, Perricone MD, TSV Talk

Hello Everyone! I am I am overjoyed about the Perricone MD Super-Size Daily Treatment Essentials! Not only will all three products be Super-Sized, but this is the first time Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum is available in Super Size! You will only find the Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum super-size... Continue Reading

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Dana Bledsoe on 1425099600

La La Land

Last Reply by Conor 1425357624.81 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

I'm no actress, but I do love Oscar weekend in LA! This year I was so grateful to have time off to attend a couple of the parties with my husband Sean and best friend Rachel where we celebrated the most talented people in Hollywood. Ok, let's be honest, it was also a great excuse to get away from th... Continue Reading

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Lindsay -- Wander Beauty on 1424754000

Red Carpet Party At Home!

Last Reply by Irish1210 1424640757.76 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

We love the big awards show! One year we rolled out the red carpet and invited 20 friends to an awards-themed party at our house when we lived in Las Vegas. Everyone was required to dress up. It was only a couple years after I was married and I had my wedding dress made into a cocktail dress with a ... Continue Reading

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Kerstin Lindquist on 1424454188.66

super-size beauty sleep essentials collection

Last Reply by Lilly2 1428333151.8 | in Beauty Banter, philosophy, Hosts & Personalities

at philosophy, we believe in bringing you products that are not a task to use, but ones that multi-task and bring you results, all while making you feel good. with this today’s special value, we are helping you to redefine beauty sleep with philosophy fan favorites in a super-size set that you... Continue Reading

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The philosophy blog on 1424408400

Mary Beth's Memories Part 1 - Growing up

Last Reply by sunfloweryellow 1427991812.53 | in Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

I recently found a couple of huge tubs full of family photos ..... tubs that probably haven't been opened in a decade or so. My plan (during my spare time ;)) is to go through those tubs and put together scrapbooks and photo albums. It also made me think about my family, my life and who we all are. ... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1424408400

My Trip to NYC and my First New York Fashion Week Runway Show!!

Last Reply by Nicole WI 1426849832.323 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Growing up in New York City, it has always been a dream of mine to attend New York Fashion Week!!  It’s the time of year when all of the fashion trends are set, the color stories become apparent, and when all of the “fashionistas” strut their stuff to watch what’s coming... Continue Reading

8 replies
Alberti Popaj on 1424322000
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