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Missed Bob Mackie’s Show Last Week? Here’s What You Missed!

Last Reply by jobet 1354314135.823 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Were you able to join me last week for Bob’s show? I got to work with Nancy Hornback for the first time, and that was so much fun! We had some great choices from Bob Mackie’s Wearable Art collection. I wore the Festive Embroidered Zip Front Moleskin Vest (A218553). I love this piece because it is the perfect ‘pick me up’ for any outfit. You know those days when you look in the mirror and say… I need a perk. A great vest will breathe new life into your basics. The gorgeous feathery design across the front of the vest is so full of life! I think my favorite deta... Continue Reading

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Bob Mackie on 1346191512.033


Last Reply by nanny2u 1346213056.777 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Dresses are HUGE. Dresses are your friend. Dresses are feminine and easy...(well, that's debatable). They should be, though. I love a dress - just one thing to put on, and it always communicates you've made an effort. But, I've had a few reminders recently that have caused me to want to drop a little line to you all about the importance of getting the dress right! As a Fashion Specialist, I empathize, laugh and cringe to watch as women tug, pull, grope, straighten and hike all day or evening long when they're wearing a fabulous dress (I'll say 'dress' here, but often in these more formal gathe... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hicks on 1346189827.713

Did you know that August is National Happiness Happens Month? Celebrate with Quacker Factory!

Last Reply by okbubs 1347988935.43 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory

Did you ever REALLY think about what makes you happy??? When I think about it, there are so many things that make me happy – hugging my nephews, enjoying a fabulous dinner with friends, receiving flowers from my honey, when I came home from working crazy hours over the recent 48 hour Fashion event and my awesome neighbor had cut my front lawn!!! I am so fortunate to have so many “rolodex” memories to go back to when I need a little smile!! Close your eyes and think of one or two of your own happy memories. I challenge you to spread happiness all around you. Wh... Continue Reading

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Quacker Factory on 1346173691.61

Your Questions Answered!

Last Reply by matilda09 1348074189.483 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory

Hi everyone, Here are answers to the questions you asked after my last blog: To HelenMary – Yes, we will be bringing you DreamJeannes with a full elastic waist and pockets this fall, so don’t miss a show!! To gingerminion – You are one of many who have requested MORE short sleeves. I have made our team at QVC and our Design team aware of your requests, so keep your eye out for them next spring/summer!! To dopal – Hi! At this time, we are not bringing in any corduroy jackets for this fall. However, we will have some Jeanne jackets, so stay tuned! To ikesmom - It&rsq... Continue Reading

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Summer is Coming to an end, My Niece Abby's Visit & My a Mini Fight with Steve

Last Reply by Long tall sally 1346714898.04 | in Fashion Talk, For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hi Ladies!!  Well I’m checking in with a quick hello and to see how you are doing.  Can you believe summer is coming to a close and that we are shopping for fall clothes?  Speaking of fall clothes bought a very cute jean jacket and a new cardigan just the other day and stocked up on some Lori Goldstein T shirts to help build by fall wardrobe.  This time of summer is a weird time of year where I know I can squeeze in a  few more weeks of my favorite summer time outfits but secretly I just want to start wearing some of the fall clothes that have been stuck in my cl... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1346089157.793

What Do You Know About Greek Cuisine? What Foods Have You Tried?

Last Reply by dmom 1347505167.067 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies…   I can't believe August is almost over! And that means Global Cuisine Month on In the Kitchen with David is drawing to a close. It's been a fun month, hasn't it? And, I must say, we saved one of my favorite destinations for last: Greece. I had the pleasure of traveling to Greece a few years ago, and not only is it a BEAUTIFUL country, but the food is just incredible. Wednesday's recipe is inspired after a dish I had on my trip. We're making a flavorful, traditional, Greek Salad.     Greek Salad   This recipe is prepared with the Te... Continue Reading

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Sneak Peek at a VERY Special Upcoming Item, Plus a Live Blog Chat Tonight at 7:00 pm ET with David Dangle!

Last Reply by winamac1 1346329149.5 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

JOAN: You all know how much I love a gorgeous jacket. Jackets are the CORE of my whole style of dressing! I put a simple top (tank or a mock turtleneck) with a plain skirt and a wonderful jacket makes my outfit come alive.     DAVID: Joan, it’s just gorgeous and probably the most versatile jacket we have ever designed… and certainly one of the most affordable, too. JOAN: And the most slimming jacket on earth! This season the knit jacket is such a huge trend with all of the designers. I love that this knit has a wonderful chevron texture, so rich and e... Continue Reading

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My Interview with Maria McCool, Calista Tools Creator & So Much More

Last Reply by Lo J 1348245248.337 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

I came to QVC in September of 2009. One of the first people I met was this petite woman who was packed with energy, warmth, and talent. Her name was Maria McCool. Her mission was to help me figure out my “style” from head to toe. The first step was taking her "Style Exam" to find out what mine was. We found out that I was primarily a “Creative.” Once that was determined, we dove into my closet. She helped me purge everything that didn’t have a creative/sassy/fun edge to it, like my beautiful, but conservative suits. (I donated practically my entire closet to &ldqu... Continue Reading

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And the StriVectin Customer Choice Award Nominees Are…

Last Reply by jynx78 1347285612.58 | in Beauty Banter

I have some very exciting news to share with you. Some of my all-time favorite StriVectin products have been nominated to win QVC Customer Choice Beauty Awards. Voting starts today, so please show StriVectin some love by clicking on the links below to vote. Drum roll, please. And the nominees are... Best Exfoliator: StriVectin SD Instant Retexturing Scrub This exfoliator clears away dead skin cells leaving skin soft, smooth, and primed for age-fighting treatments. Best Eye Cream: StriVectin SD Eye Cream Revved up wrinkle fighter helps reduce appearance of lines, dark circles, and puffine... Continue Reading

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Meg Flather on 1345867200

You Haul - Beauty's Best!

Last Reply by JAW429 1352751116.05 | in Fashion Talk

When I say “haul” what comes to mind? If you’re thinking of the verb meaning to drag, pull or tow something, then you haven’t seen YouTube lately. The “haul” or more accurately, the “haul video” has become quite a phenomenon. A haul is a bounty of products purchased or acquired, and a haul video is a showcase of shopping conquests. There are haul videos for fashion and for scrapbooking and crafts. There are hauls from certain stores and and for specific brands. There are even hauls for seasons and events like “fall” and “back-... Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1345867200

philosophy blog chat with Heidi Guest, Saturday at 8:00pm ET

Last Reply by heidi guest 1345942801.11 | in philosophy

Please join me, Heidi Guest, here for a philosophy blog chat during the philosophy shows at 8:00pm ET, this Saturday August 25.   Continue Reading

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The philosophy blog on 1345837566.907

What Do You Always Order at Your Local Mexican Restaurant?

Last Reply by SND 1360516387.71 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies…   Vamanos a Mexico! Or, "Let's Go to Mexico!" I hope you're ready because Mexico is Sunday's destination on In the Kitchen with David (in honor of Global Cuisine Month) and I swear I can already smell the tacos, tortillas, and churros!   Now, Sunday's recipe isn't truly an authentic Mexican dish…it's Mexican-American, and thought to have originated in the Albuquerque area. We're making Sopapillas, which are little fried puffs of dough. And, we're making a sweet Dulce de Leche sauce for dipping!     Sopapillas with Dulce ... Continue Reading

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Bulletproof Nails: Mally 24/7 Professional Gel Nail Polish TSV

Last Reply by scgal51 1392143932.723 | in Beauty Banter, Mally, TSV Talk

We’ve all been there. We drive to the salon and spend our precious time and money getting our nails done…only to smudge them while trying to get our keys from our purses! Well, my loves, say goodbye to traditional manicures and hello to gorgois, shiny, BULLETPROOF nails with my 24/7 Professional Gel Nail Polish System Today’s Special Value!   This system has truly changed my life! I'm no longer living in a prison of nail polish, unable to play with my daughters, open a can of soda, or grab something from the bottom of my purse. Now, I can do a fierce gel polish manicu... Continue Reading

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Mally Roncal on 1345780800

All is Merry and Bright (with glittering light!!)

Last Reply by MJV 1346265277.973 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

At QVC, the holiday season never really leaves us, which makes working here a lot of fun! It's always so exciting to be a part of Christmas in July, followed by the Joy of Christmas events in August and September, as we get ready for the most wonderful time of the year, which will be here before you know it! I know I echo the sentiment of many of our viewers when I say that our dear friend and home decor expert, Valerie Parr Hill, has added so much to the beauty of our home during the holiday season, over the years. While her decor items and whimsical decorations are always so much fun to unpa... Continue Reading

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Enter our Discover QVC Jewelry Sweepstakes

Last Reply by Jmac609 1346521277.507 | in Jewelry Talk, Q News

  Tell us your jewelry story by simply replying to this blog. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited. CLICK HERE to read official sweepstakes rules and details. Continue Reading

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Discover QVC Jewelry Sweepstakes Official Rules

In Q News

CLICK HERE TO ENTER SWEEPSTAKES QVC JEWELRY EVERYWHERE STORIES SWEEPSTAKES OFFICIAL RULES   SPONSOR: This Sweepstakes is sponsored by QVC, 1200 Wilson Drive, West Chester, PA 19380 (“Sponsor”).   ELIGIBILITY: No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia, excluding Rhode Island, who are 18 years or older at the time of Submission and have submitted a valid Submission prior to the end of the Sweepstakes. Any person who submits any informatio... Continue Reading

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Celebrate The Joy of Christmas!

Last Reply by TooQute 1348060734.373 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities

On our recent vacation to Washington state, I stumbled across something that instantly took me back to my childhood and visits to my grandparent’s farm in Indiana. It was outside of my grandma’s home. I had never seen another one like it, and I stared in disbelief as it sat in front of me on the shelf of a little vintage shop. It was a drinking cup—and it was bright yellow—with a handle on the side for kid-sized hands. It made gulping lemonade and milk a little easier. But the star of this cup was the character on the front. An oversized, kind of goofy-yet-hip looking ... Continue Reading

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Jill Bauer on 1345751807.873

Advice, Please!

Last Reply by 2swans 1348317369.907 | in Fashion Talk, Susan Graver

Help! Summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner and I'm noticing that may hair has been bleached, baked, and fried by the summer's hot sun, over processing, and over styling. So, do you have any tips for me to get my hair looking healthy again? When I was in my early teens, I remember using mayonnaise to soften and nourish my hair. Now, I never understood how hair can be healthy, when hair is actually dead, but there's got to be a way to bring it back to it's bouncy texture. I just purchased Josie Maran's "Hot Oil" A224384 and I'm going to give that a try. Any thoughts, ad... Continue Reading

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Susan Graver on 1345745856.31

Music…It Shouldn’t Be Just a Personal Experience

In Electronics Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Technology has done so much to bring us together, but when it comes to music, it has also done much to keep us apart. Back in my mullet-wearing days, my friends and I would hang out in someone’s basement to listen to the latest Rush album or spin some classic Led Zeppelin. Today, the iPad®, smartphones, and MP3 players have transitioned those music experiences into something more personal. How many times have you walked down the street, strolled through the park, or gone to the mall and seen dozens of people going about their day with a cord dangling out of their ear? It happens ever... Continue Reading

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Craig, QVC Electronics on 1345694400

Accessorize Your New Braven 600 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker!

Last Reply by lanaya 1348214169.757 | in Electronics Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

If you’re picking up the Today’s Special Value® for 8/28, we have a few awesome accessories you may want to consider. First, you’ll want something to play with your new portable speaker. Get it—and more—with the (E168243) Apple 8GB iPod touch® with 8-Piece Accessory Kit & Zinio $50 Value. This amazing device can hold up to 1,750 songs—that’s hours upon hours of material to blast through your Braven! It also boasts a 3.5” diagonal Retina touchscreen display, two built-in cameras, and a built-in Wi-Fi connection for browsing the Web and... Continue Reading

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Your Tech Guy on 1345694400

Braven 600 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Last Reply by Dannyboy12 1388678783.12 | in Electronics Talk, TSV Talk

Experts from Braven answered your biggest questions about the Braven 600 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Q: Can you pair it with more than one Bluetooth cell phone or device? A: Braven speakers, per Bluetooth specifications, can pair with multiple devices simultaneously and will keep the last eight devices in memory. However, only one device can have an active connection with the speaker at a time. In other words, the speaker will play audio from only one device at a time. Q: Can you pair it with a Bluetooth tablet or a computer? A: Braven speakers have been optimized to work with mo... Continue Reading

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Looking for Free Shipping & Handling?

Last Reply by upallnight1 1347242568.473 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Q News

Did you know we have a page on QVC.com where all of the items are shipping & handling free?  Enjoy Free Standard S&H on an extra-large assortment of fashion, jewelry, electronics, and more. There are two ways to shop! Fall in love with these favorites, and we'll ship them free! Happy shopping! Click HERE to shop!   Continue Reading

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QVC Community Team on 1345671090.09

QVC: In the Studio After hours

Last Reply by DottieMae 1345821982.54 | in The Q We Love, Q News, Among Friends

Turning on QVC in the earliest of hours, it’s easy to forget that our studio runs twenty four hours a day, seven days a week!  Nothing is prerecorded; it’s all very much Live!  This is what makes our studio so much fun.  We don’t have trial runs, re-do’s, or ti... Continue Reading

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QVC Studio Scoop on 1345669660.54

Family, A Trip to the Zoo, and a Sneak Peek at Monday's PM Style

Last Reply by SDKWonderful 1345856881.047 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

Spending time with family can truly rejuvenate and energize a person. This past weekend we held a cookout at our home and I had the opportunity to catch up with family I haven’t seen since my wedding four years ago. By the end of the night I was exhausted but so happy having been surrounded by loved ones. I kept the love fest going by spending a day with my mom and sister. My little sis, Lea, is visiting from Los Angeles and we decided to spend the day at the Baltimore Zoo.  Whenever you get the two of us together we revert to acting like 10-year-olds, not women ... Continue Reading

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Gabrielle Kerr on 1345667913.497

The Wait is Finally Over!! Let’s Celebrate American West Style!

Last Reply by TerSer 1345770046.613 | in Jewelry Talk, Carolyn Pollack

Can you believe it’s been almost four months since we first brought American West Jewelry to QVC?  The response to our launch back in April was amazing!  It meant so much to us to see how enthusiastically you responded to our new designs.  Thank you!  Of course, now we’re ready to be back and can’t wait to bring you four hours of beautiful designs this Thursday, August 23rd in a special edition of American West Jewelry! The event follows right on the heels of the world-renowned Santa Fe Indian Market, and we’re bringing you new designs from five of ... Continue Reading

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American West Jewelry on 1345661369.237

Accessorize the Dell 15" Laptop AMD Dual Core 4GB RAM 640GB HD w/ Software!

Last Reply by PAdaisy 1345697428.463 | in Electronics Talk, TSV Talk

If you’re considering picking up the Today’s Special Value® for 8/23, here are a few great accessories to check out, too. While not necessary to use with your new notebook, they might help make your experience even better! First off, check out the Cisco Linksys N-Series Wireless Router with Parental Controls (E222056). If you haven’t upgraded your home network in a while, a speedy new router might be in order. Equipped with SpeedBoost technology, the Linksys E1500 wireless router makes wireless Internet browsing a breeze by sustaining high speeds across increased distanc... Continue Reading

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Your Tech Guy on 1345646122.557

Get Ready for Fall with Liz Claiborne New York

Last Reply by Crisso 1346208886.373 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Liz Claiborne New York

Hello my fellow LCNY fashionistas!!! Can you believe the date? It’s already the middle of August. I think I am still waiting for the delicious burger I dreamed about for the 4th of July. Well that has come and gone. We had a lovely weekend here in Pennsylvania. I was able to turn off the AC, open the windows, and air the house out. Needless to say, it definitely has put me in the mood for fall. I am very ready for chilly mornings and cool evenings.  The show we have this Wednesday is chock full of ideas. We will have great separates to u... Continue Reading

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Linda Davies on 1345608824.323

You Are What You Eat: 10 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Diet

Last Reply by Skinny Wraps 1354550498.637 | in Health & Fitness, Sports, Hosts & Personalities

"85% of it is diet." Astounding. That's what a trainer told me once about the exercise to diet ratio, and the older I get, the more I'm sure that it's true. I think we all overestimate the calories we burn, and underestimate the calories we eat, so let's talk about the eating. There are so many different eating programs out there it can make your head spin. So which one is right for you? The one you can live with! If it's unhealthy, you can't live with it. If it doesn't take into account your lifestyle and preferences, you can't live with it. So a h... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1345608000

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe with These Two Liz Claiborne New York Outfits

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Liz Claiborne New York

Can you believe August is already half over? School has started for some lucky Moms in the country, while others are making the mad dash for back-to-school shopping and or college dorm buying. WOW, do I remember those days. Kevin, my sixteen-year-old, just got his license. Nerve racking, yes, but liberating for him, most definitely. I did not have to drive to soccer practice!!! I am not going to lie, it was wonderful to have a bit more free time.  For all of you that are going through sending your children going off to school, having vacationers finally... Continue Reading

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Linda Davies on 1345606024.787

What Are Your Style Questions for Amy Stran?

Last Reply by On The Scene 1346069519.84 | in Fashion Talk, All About Accessories

We all know Amy Stran is a passionate fashionista who loves talking style!    Submit your fashion, accessories or beauty questions below and Amy will  answer a few in her next blog. Have fun! Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1345581908.277

Check out the Dell Today's Special Value™ for Thursday, August 23!

Last Reply by jam1362 1347508938.367 | in Electronics Talk, TSV Talk

 Hey, everyone! It’s been a little while since my last blog, but I’m happy to say that we’re returning with a great Dell TSV(SM) this Thursday, August 23. The timing might be perfect for a lot of you: we've put together a solid home laptop with an option to pre-install Microsoft Office Home and Student. It's not too late to get your student the PC she needs!  The computer we’ll present is our best-selling Inspiron 15 notebook. You’ll discover everyday life made easy with this reliable, budget-friendly PC. The Inspiron 15 is powered by the AMD 450 dual-c... Continue Reading

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Chris - Dell Expert on 1345575470.823

A Labor of Love

Last Reply by Elfie2011 1351106923.013 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

There’ve been some pretty major changes in my life. On July 1, I gave birth to my second little angel, Indi Joon Maran Alborzi. She was born in the backyard of our Pennsylvania farmhouse and we were surrounded by my family and friends. Talk about a labor of love! There was nothing but love in the air, and I’m sure that helped Indi make her way into our arms in only four hours. I’d been having contractions for about a week before I finally went into labor. I kept waking up in the morning thinking, “Today’s the day.” Being nine months pregnant in the heat... Continue Reading

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Josie Maran on 1345570252.193

Temp-tations Blog Chat Tonight at 6:00 pm ET with Jonathan Redford!

Last Reply by Jonathan Redford 1345680070.497 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, For the Home Talk, Temp-tations

I’m excited to be hosting the first Temp-tations blog chat tonight at 6:00 pm ET.  My kitchen is filled with Temp-tations items. Here’s a photo from earlier this week with some delicious pound cake on my counter. From the oven to the table, I love that I’m able to cook and serve dishes in one great piece. It makes entertaining so much simpler and my guests are always so impressed! Looking forward to talking with you on Wednesday. In the meantime, I’d love to see the Temp-tations items in your home. What’s your favorite pattern? Do you have a favorite dish you... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1345560870.143


Last Reply by Oliversmom 1347570019.53 | in Fashion Talk, Denim & Co, TSV Talk

When I first saw the Today's Special Value Denim & Co. Zip Front Leather Jacket with Quilted Details & Seams (A227141) a few weeks back, I thought, WOW...I have never seen such fabulous quilting details on a leather jacket...it must be pretty expensive! Then, they told me what the price was going to be (under $120 dollars), and my smile got even bigger! Well, then they brought out all of the color choices, and I just flipped! This is modern, luxurious leather jacket will really polish off our Denim & Co. fall wardrobes! Denim & Co. has a much anticipated tr... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Gracie on 1345521979.627

Peter Thomas Roth Forum Feedback

Last Reply by Shanno9 1347801446.97 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Hi PTR ladies! Hope you all have had a chance to check out our TSV from Peter Thomas Roth today – it’s an amazing value with even more incredible results! We’re always anxious to hear your feedback and we read closely what everyone is discussing on the forums and I noticed a few comments about this product being offered on Peter Thomas Roth’s website. We couldn’t be more excited to debut this line from Peter! The products you see mentioned on his website cannot yet be purchased and his homepage actually links directly to QVC.com so you can purchase the TSV. As al... Continue Reading

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Kristin - QVC Beauty Buyer on 1345481274.63

Getting Excited for Fall Baking

Last Reply by glassroses55 1384029056.297 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, TSV Talk

Calling all Temp-tationistas (or just those that absolutely love to bake!):Fire up your ovens and your sweet tooth! Fall is on the way, which means baking, baking, and more baking. Speaking of baking, I'm thrilled to share with you an exciting TSV coming up this Wednesday, August 22. I absolutely love this set. The pieces included are what you'd typically only find in metal bakeware. They're the workhorses of your kitchen, and now they're available in beautiful stoneware and floral lace designs to boot! There's something so peaceful about a warm, homemade apple crisp with freshly picked apples... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1345478448.197

Have You Ever Had Moroccan Food? If So, What's Your Favorite Dish?

Last Reply by poncacitygirl1 1345690649.297 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies…   We have three more stops before we call our Global Cuisine Month complete and Wednesday's destination is Morocco! (It's just below Spain on the North African coast...remember?) Until recently, I wasn't all that familiar with Moroccan food, until my friend Andrew Zimmern told Sissy Biggers what she and I were both missing at the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen!     So now, I’m always on the lookout for Moroccan restaurants (and I was surprised how many I found!). And this Wednesday, my recipe is a staple Moroccan dish: Co... Continue Reading

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David Venable on 1345435200

Beauty's Best- Which Category Are You Most Excited For?

Last Reply by On The Scene 1346184725.887 | in Beauty Banter

Imagine a day of beauty that’s all about you: not only how you look, but also what you think. That’s Beauty’s Best, all day August 25, 2012. Join us for 24 hours of the brands you’ve made our Best Sellers and the items you’ve made Customer Top-Rated. Plus, we’re announcing the nominees and giving you the opportunity to vote for the winners of the Customer Choice Awards on QVC.com and the QVC apps, beginning at midnight ET!   During our 8/25 Beauty’s Best event, which of the 2012 Customer Choice categories are you most excited to see nominees for? Continue Reading

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QVC Community Team on 1345435200

Have You Found Your Sleep Number?

Last Reply by Shopgirlusa 1347630871.873 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Just imagine if your sleep each night could keep getting better and better? When I think back over the last 20 years for Mark and me, we slept on a waterbed for 15 years, then we switched to a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed with the adjustability in the firmness, but there was no memory foam included 11 years ago. When Sleep Number beds added the thick layer of memory foam to their adjustability, we upgraded and gave our bed to one of our kids. Then last year, we gave that bed to another child of ours and switched to the adjustable base Sleep Number bed with the memory foam and we now sleep ... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1345262400

What's Your Favorite Asian Dish?

Last Reply by GracieJ 1347234885.943 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Konnichiwa and Ni hao foodies…   I just said "hello" in Japanese and "how are you?" in Mandarin, the most commonly spoken dialect in China. Now, I should go on and greet you in languages representing all the countries in Asia (because that's where we're headed this Sunday on In the Kitchen with David in honor of Global Cuisine Month), but I don't know any more greetings. So, let's talk about food!   And let's start with Japan. Not all Asian food is created equally, and in fact, you'd be surprised how varied the foods (and spices) are from country to cou... Continue Reading

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David Venable on 1345176000

Rush—Don’t Walk—to the Biggest Gold Sale of 2012!

Last Reply by darcy3 1359164554.47 | in Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Another Klondike Gold Rush Sale is upon us, and it’s amazing to realize it’s the 19th year that I’ve been a part of this exciting event! I’m really thrilled about the product offerings in this all-new sale event of 2012. There are so many trend-right products on the day—you’ll find table-cut gemstones in turquoise, labradorite, and chalcedony; luxurious, high-end status gold bracelets & necklaces; and rich colors of gold designs in rings & earrings.       Plus, I can’t wait for you to see the special one-time buys&mda... Continue Reading

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David - QVC Gold Buyer on 1345162675.793

Season 1, Episode 2: Encore

Last Reply by Citygirl1 1348890524.31 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities

Hello friends and fans, What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been. Thank you all so much for tuning in to The Lisa Robertson Show on August 3, and even more for purchasing Re-Start Skin Serum. I worked so hard to get ReVitalistic Skincare ready to launch and I had a wonderful time on Lisa’s show sharing all the details. The best news? I'll be back on August 18 at 8am ET for the AM Style Beauty segment to share more details about ReVitalistic Skincare and I'm very excited. At QVC—just about camera ready. Loving my Judith Ripka earrings & bracelet. Had an amazing time wi... Continue Reading

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Vanessa Williams on 1345147243.577

Retinol Just Got Better

In Beauty Banter

Sometimes, a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s the case with Dr. Gross’ newest innovation, Ferulic Acid & Retinol Brightening Solution. Retinol and ferulic acid are proven antiaging ingredients. Retinol is known to improve skin texture, giving it a smoother, softer, more even appearance. Ferulic acid is a natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals attack and is naturally derived from sources like cherries, artichokes, and fennel. Seeing is believing. Check out the amazing results from our consumer study: Ferulic Acid & Retinol Brightening Solut... Continue Reading

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Dr Dennis Gross on 1345142418.127

My Maryland Roots & A Sneak Peek at Next Week's PM Style

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I’m a Maryland girl. Also known as the Chesapeake Bay State, Maryland is home to the Baltimore Orioles, the U.S. Naval Academy, and the Maryland blue crab. Every year I look forward to summer and the hot, steamy crabs coated in Old Bay seasoning that it brings. The thing about steamed crabs though—they’re messy. That’s why eating crabs is a summer tradition. It’s much neater and easier when you eat them outdoors.  With fall right around the corner, Judson and I are planning our last big summer cookout. On the menu will be hamburgers,... Continue Reading

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We Collect Houses

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We collect houses.  I’m not talking Thomas Kinkade-esque miniature villages displayed on lit shelves throughout American homes, I am talking actual mortgage attached houses. This is not by choice.  I love houses, but not necessarily this way. My husband and I bought our 1st house in 2004.  We were under 30, employed and finally in a city where we could (almost) afford a starter home.   Las Vegas, Nevada. The market was hot.   Bidding wars were the norm. Home ownership during that time, in that city, was all pride and sunshine. Two years later my career ... Continue Reading

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My Iconic Swing Dress Today's Special Value is Here!

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Originally developed and designed by me in 1995, my Ponte Knit Swing Dress has been sought after by women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and walks of life. This is the dress that landed the job, accompanied women to the party, witnessed graduations, engagements, weddings and relaxed on the beach. A225229 Susan Graver Ponte Knit 3/4 Sleeve Dress with Eternity Scarf Fast forward to 2012... My iconic swing dress has evolved. Vintage Graver with a modern twist. Still keeping the clean cut design and soft, fluid style, I've added a bit of magic. Newly updated with princess seams to shape the body,... Continue Reading

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10 Things You Can Do in Your Bedroom

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Now that I have your attention, let's chat. Since The Lisa Robertson Show is off this week, I thought we could talk about health, or more specifically, working out, for a change. At the end of the blog, I will give you a 10 moves workout you can easily do in your bedroom (which, of course, is where that title comes in).   But first, here's what I've found to be true about fitness. It doesn't just happen. You have to make it happen. This is a bummer, as I'd love to just wake up one day to find I ran a marathon in my sleep and lost 5 lbs...but no s... Continue Reading

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The Big Reveal. Are you READY?

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Hello! I’m so happy to be back on air at the Q this month. As always, our shows are loaded with tons of new products...and one really huge debut! You might've already heard the buzz. Drum roll, please…we're introducing a new member to our foundation family: bareMinerals READY SPF 20 Foundation. It's our first-ever solid mineral foundation and you're among the first to see it! This new superstar wanted a flashy debut, so it’s launching in a QVC-exclusive*, custom silver compact and will be paired with a matching Precision Face Brush. bareMinerals READY SPF 20 Foundation and ... Continue Reading

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September InsideQ Update

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Hello, Insiders! We’ve learned our September issue of InsideQ was mailed earlier than usual this month, so a few of our TSVs needed to be updated in our system, but they’re now available for you to order.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience. Let the September InsideQ shopping begin!  We appreciate your Insider membership and thank you all for shopping with us. The QVC InsideQ Team Continue Reading

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Introducing Our Newest Styling Aid: WEN Nourishing Mousse

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  At Chaz Dean Studio, we strive to help each and every customer achieve bouncy, shiny, beautiful, soft, and touchable hair.   Our newest styling aid, WEN Nourishing Mousse, delivers body, shine, and hold to hair without drying it out or leaving it crunchy or flaky. It can be used on all hair types. It gives straighter styles extra body, volume, boost, and hold.This formula defines curls and waves while keeping them soft, shiny, hydrated, and bouncy.     You should use our Nourishing Mousse after your leave-in conditioner and styling cream. Aft... Continue Reading

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