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New from tarte - Colored Clay!

Posted by Maureen Kelly 1388761890.85

Happy New Year, tartelettes!

Here at tarte, we’re ringing in 2014 by unveiling the next generation of our iconic ingredient: colored clay. Like our signature Amazonian clay, these colorful versions are packed with nutrients that balance and benefit skin.


I first learned about colored clay from our amazing partners in Brazil. Off the coastline, these clays are formed underground over millions of years. During that time, they are infused with the natural minerals that give them their color.

colored clay in pots


To harness all of their benefits, our team harvests the clays through a selective process that maintains the purity of the ingredient. Once the clay is harvested, it is baked by the sun so that it can be shaved into a fine powder and infused into tarte colored clay products.

foundcealer™ colored clay 2-in-1 foundation & concealer


The first of these is the unbelievable foundcealer colored clay 2-in-1 foundation & concealer. This color-correcting, skin-nourishing formula combines the coverage of a concealer with a lightweight, blendable foundation. It is infused with purple clay, green clay, yellow clay, and red clay. The coverage and finish is similar to our best-selling Amazonian clay full coverage foundation, with the added versatility of a concealer to easily conceal redness and diffuse imperfections all at once!

Tune in to Friday Night Beauty to hear more about this amazing ingredient and foundcealer!


xo, Maureen

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Karena1388772618.265877 PostsRegistered 6/30/2008Bay Area, California

Sounds amazing! Please keep bringing these great products to us, Maureen! Please bring a set of the new LipSurgence glosses to the Q! Thanks so much!!

macu1388786835.713 PostsRegistered 12/6/2013

Hi, I love Tarte I check the program guide and did not see it. I want to order now..lol

can't wait....xox

Nadjalu1388806088.012037 PostsRegistered 9/7/2007
Sounds very cool. Can't wait to see it!

thedarling­debs1388811065.0871 PostsRegistered 1/3/2014

I just ordered this product & I can't wait to try it! I have redness, hyperpigmentation and also a facial (malar) rash from having lupus. I'm hoping this will cover my problems and make my skin look good!

I'm so glad that I purchased this before it was SOLD OUT!

haleyjo1389462195.7771 PostsRegistered 1/11/2014

Hi Maureen! I love your products! The makeup stays on all day long! I have tried so many different kinds and this is the only one that works for me. We traveled from FL to Pittsburgh to visit our daughter and family. At every rest stop along the way, I was amazed how good my makeup still looked. I had gotten the Today's Special in December--couldn't pass up that amazing package deal! Love, love, love it! When we got to my daughter's the next day, she commented on how nice I looked--make-up still on--after traveling 10 hours that day! I had her try it the next day and she was really impressed and upset that I didn't get that for her for her Christmas present. She is too picky and didn't want to take the risk that she didn't like it. Now she is waiting for it to come on a TSV which we hope will be soon! Looking forward to trying this new colored clay!

Qgirl21391363628.8939 PostsRegistered 12/4/2011
Maureen your products are the best EVER! I love the foundation, lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, everything. Such great quality!

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