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Help me pick a Lock & Lock Set!


Once upon a time I had a great lock n lock. It was sturdy, and held all of my favorite leftovers. Once day my BF Aaron took it to work and I never saw it again. It was a sad day. Now I admire all of the Lock & Locks in the QVC Studio Store.  I feel like I may need to get myself a brand new set. Anyone have a favorite one? Our new kitchen is filled with miss matched plastic storage. It’ll look so much more grown up with Lock & Lock!


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desertsw1374632831.085 PostsRegistered 6/8/2012

I hope you can answer my question. I was looking to put together a wish list for future purchases of lock & lock and noticed the inventory has drastically diminished-to include color choices. I did a google search and saw a site that says they are Lock & Lock and are going out of business as of January 2013. They will sell inventory and then stop future orders.

Is this true? could be just a specific store and not company...can you verify?

thank you

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