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Reviews not showing for Linea Items

Last Reply by NanaS 1376168168.513 | in Linea, Q Did What?, Q News

Many of you may have noticed that reviews for the Linea items are not showing. We are working on correcting this problem and will be sure to update you as soon as we have resolved the situation. Please note that submitting reviews still works correctly. Any reviews submitted while we address the display of reviews will be saved. All reviews will be visible once the fix is in place. Thank you for your patience.   Continue Reading

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QVC Team on 1370100407.573

You Asked, Louis Answered

Last Reply by FourS 1425499986.09 | in Fashion Talk, Linea

Mustang Shar asked: What color pallets are we seeing for Spring and my favorite season, Fall 2013? Dear Mustang Shar, There are always certain colors that I gravitate to, such as neutrals and colors I call my woodsy colors…Olives, Tans, Browns etc. Jewel tones are always part of my color pallet. This spring summer, besides the classics I really like “Fiesta” colors, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Lime, Sun Shine Yellow, and Nectarine mixed with black and white…..a lot of white. I am also interested in a soft pallet, not exactly pastels. Hemp. Smoke Grey, Sea Foam, Flamingo, O... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1357324852.197

Calling All Linea Ladies! Have a Style Question For Louis Dell'Olio?

Last Reply by one voice 1356743496.667 | in Fashion Talk, Linea

Linea Ladies! Submit your questions now through 12/28 for the designer himself and Louis will be answering in an upcoming blog.      Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1356498000

Happy Holidays From Louis Dell'Olio!

Last Reply by Valentine84 1382131996.97 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Have a howling Christmas and a Happy New Year! Much Love, Louis   Shop the complete Linea collection. Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1356372329.407


Last Reply by iti 1355201379.743 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all ready for my jam-packed TWO-hour show tomorrow, October 19th, from 4 – 6 PM ET. Jill will be accompanying me to help present the collection to you, and I am looking forward to working with her. I know she is excited about the show too. I will have THIRTEEN NEW ITEMS in MULTIPLE COLORS…that’s a lot of new! The collection can be separated into two groups: the HOUNDSTOOTH CHECK GROUP and the JEWEL TONE GROUP. I’ll give you a sneak peek of a few of these pieces. The HTC group consists of the zip front jacket, A229469, the pencil skirt, ... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1350615250.587

A WEEK of Linea Presentations!

Last Reply by tuxi 1347381635.073 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Hello Everyone! From Monday, July 30th to Monday, August 6th, I will be on QVC for a total of SIX times. I started off on Monday with my appearance on PM Style with the beginning of my “Transition into Fall” group. It’s a marvelous “SCARF TOP” available in color choices Pale Olive, Chili Pepper and Straw. The clothes can be worn right now and into September, October, November and beyond. I call these colors “Indian Summer.” Think of the bouquets of Indian corn that you see hung from the front doors of homes. Pale Olive, Olive, Stone, Straw and Chili P... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1343882625.37


Last Reply by Ninewest 1338135366.643 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Tomorrow, May 11th, I will be making THREE appearances on QVC as part of Summer Fashion Days – A Nonstop Style Event. I have a one-hour show with Jacque Gonzales at 2AM ET, and she will be helping me to present pieces from my line to you. We will debuting my new “WHISPER KNIT” sweater, A224717, in BLACK and APRICOT, which is a brand new color for me. It reminds me of a candy box with satin ribbons. There will also be a new georgette tiered skirt with a pleated border in the same two colors of APRICOT and BLACK. Next, I will be with Shawn Killinger on QCheck beginning at Noon... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1336688589.6

Welcome to My Linea by Louis Dell’Olio Show on Thursday, April 26th at 1 PM ET!

Last Reply by Yorkielover 1336766136.89 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

This Thursday, April 26th, at 1 PM ET, I will be having a two-hour show. Albany will be joining me to help present to you what should be an exciting show. There are lots of new things and some really terrific reorders coming your way. There’s a short safari dress in my signature shantung fabric and a wonderful maxi dress in a new cotton/spandex knit fabric. There will be pieces that I consider ESSENTIALS for any woman’s wardrobe: a shrug sweater to go over many of your sleeveless tops and dresses; a pair of cotton sateen capri pants with a cuff in white, navy and black; and a very... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1335295962.913

Happy Linea Spring

Last Reply by ceeview 1335023951.2 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, All About Accessories

Hello Friends, I am very excited to be with you on March 29th at 6 AM and at 11 AM ET. I have great new things to show all of you. My 1st DENIM PIECES - a blazer and jeans; very cool! There are lots of new things and reorders of favorites. Please go to my blog: louisdellolio.com for all the details. You know I give details! There you will also find my photographic “sneak peeks”. They seem to be well loved by many of you. I will also be on The Morning Show, ”Fashion Friday” which is the 30th of March, and on with Leah at A.M. Style on Saturday t... Continue Reading

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Last Reply by EndCruelty 1318396703.377 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Hello Everyone, My Monday, September 12th shows are almost here. I will have a two-hour show from 4AM until 6AM ET and then later in the afternoon at 4PM ET. I will be working with Gabrielle, who is becoming my overnight partner. I love working with her. I will be working with Jill on my 4PM show. It has been awhile since we have worked together, and I always enjoy our conversations. The 4AM show is filled with customer favorites, so for those of you who are new to Linea, this will give you an opportunity to see the clothes on models. I will also have a few “SNEAK PEEKS” just to k... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1315429324.7

Welcome to My Sunday, August 28th Show at 8:00AM

Last Reply by chprsp 1314550785.47 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Hello Everyone! I hope all of my East Coast friends are doing well with Hurricane Irene!!! Jac and I are leaving early Saturday morning due to the storm and have decided to wait and come home on Monday after the storm has passed. The pups are going to their sitter’s house, who lives inland. As you know, I live on the Connecticut coast, so I am praying there won’t be too much damage when we get home. It is out of our hands. I hope you have all visited my web site, louisdellolio.com, for full descriptions of what will be on the show. I have also planned lots of “SNEAK PEEKS&r... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1314389132.177

Louis Dell'Olio Interview Part Four & More!

Last Reply by JackieL 1308760889.09 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, All About Accessories

  If you've never been to Lake Tahoe, let me tell you, it's a gorgeous place. If you had a chance to check my Facebook page lately, I'm sure you saw some of the pictures. (And I was just using my cell phone!) If you haven't seen them yet, they're still posted. From snow tubing and cycling to the beautiful scenery, we had a great time. I highly recommend it.   So, I'm back for PM Style this Monday, and we have a great line-up planned. Dr Adrienne Denese will be here (who's as beautiful as she is intelligent), Michael Kaye will... Continue Reading

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Last Reply by NonnaSocks 1309621341.707 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Hello Everyone. It’s finally here….SHOW TIME! The show lineups are finalized. The clothes I am bringing for the models, about 55 pieces, are packed in garment bags and three duffle bags of accessories are ready to go, too! The caravan is set and soon we will be off. The shows are this Friday at 5:00am, 10:00am and 3:00pm. The 10:00am show is entirely NEW!!!.....and the 3:00pm show is almost all new, with some reorders! I think you are going to be pleased with what you see. You will finally get to see the new ribbed cardigan A214008, and the new ribbed tank A214007. I think they lo... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1308146650.263

A Sad Note

Last Reply by conwood 1308948786.877 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Quacker Factory

We were all taken by the sad surprise of Jeanne Bice’s passing. We heard the news along with all of you. I knew Jeanne for the 10 years that I have been at QVC. There wasn’t a time when we passed each other in the hall at QVC, or at our hotel, that she didn’t come over and put her hand on mine and say something positive. Jac was used to Jeanne popping her head into the green room and wishing her luck. I understood her philosophy of “Sparkle and Shine”. It wasn’t about just sequins on a T shirt……for her it was a way of life. It meant going out i... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1308060138.967

Memorial Day and the Girls

Last Reply by MarilynM 1307488904.87 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Hello Everyone, Memorial Day is the unofficial opening day of summer and the girls had a ball putting flags all over the garden, at least the ones they didn't try to eat! It is a challenge getting them all in one picture so we thought a collage might be better.......see you all June 17th, much love, Louis, Jac, Annie, Lili and Samantha     Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1306863765.787

May 10th Show

Last Reply by EndCruelty 1306472471.91 | in Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Hello Everyone! May 10th is the big day. I will have 2 shows, one at 2AM and at 3PM. The reorder of the floral print, short sleeve blouse in the new Khaki/White will be on the 2AM show. The new shirt/jacket and cargo pants will be on the 3PM show as well as the Boho skirt. I will have quite a few “sneak peeks” on both shows…just to keep things interesting! All of the details are on my website, www.louisdellolio.com. I invite you all to take a look and to also read all of the questions many of the Linea Ladies have asked and the answers I have given. I am sure many of you ha... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1304907177.817

Louis Dell'Olio Interview Part Three & More!

Last Reply by badgal 1311018125.18 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Here it is — part three of my conversation with Louis Dell’Olio! (Did I mention how much I loved talking with him?) Anyway, in this segment, Louis tells me all about Anne Klein — “sportswear” innovator and savior to the modern working woman. Anne gave us the gift of flattering separates, as opposed to ill-fitting, one-size-fits-all suits. I had no idea she was the first designer to ever have a “corner” in Saks Fifth Avenue. But it’s easy to see why — as Louis explains. Never fear — I won’t leave you hanging there. P... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1304714577.67

Interview with Louis Dell'Olio: Part Two & More- Trifle Recipe Added!

Last Reply by Alex76 1304959842.58 | in Fashion Talk, Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Here's part two of my sit-down interview with Louis Dell’Olio — finally, I know. This week, Louis tells me how he got his career started after Parsons School of Design and how he transitioned into becoming design director for Anne Klein. Did I mention he spent six years in the Army reserves? That’s just one of the surprises in this week’s video blog. Who knew Louis grew up with Donna Karan? Keep watching for part three where Louis will share more surprises and explain just how important Anne Klein was to the world of women’s fashion. Also, here&rsqu... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1303492582.127

Linea shows, April 8th, 10am and 11pm

Last Reply by ghb 1303077354.077 | in Linea, Hosts & Personalities

Hello Everyone, Was it only a little longer than two weeks ago since my last show? For me, it seems like ages since we were last together. Jac and I have been extremely busy. Jac’s schedule has been crazy, between chauffeuring me around to therapy three times a week, and taking care of the furballs…..who said taking care of three is the same amount of work as two….not! That’s not including all of the running around she does all day, and I’ve been busy getting these next shows together, plus working on Spring 2012…..it can get very tiring doing it all lef... Continue Reading

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Louis DellOlio on 1302186521.5

Getting to Know Louis Dell'Olio

Last Reply by dpearthmom 1303875041.897 | in Linea, Hosts & Personalities

When I started my video blog last fall, I asked, “Who would you like to see in future vlogs?” Well, you gave me lots suggestions, but one of the most frequent ideas was an interview with legendary sportswear designer, Louis Dell’Olio. Louis has been coming to QVC for over 10 years, but his love of design really started as a child. In part one of my conversation with Louis, we discuss his early years and how he took his love of sketching and turned it into a career. Louis’ time in the Army was just one surprise I found in our conversation. Over the next few ... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1301689643.85

Introducing "Samantha Elizabeth"...."Sammy"

Last Reply by marion325h 1318810350.97 | in Linea

Hi Everyone, Samantha Elizabeth....Sammy...is home! Jac made a 6 hour round trip on Sat. to MA. to pick her up! She has met her sisters, Annabel and Lilabet! There is a lot of sizing up and positioning going on! Sammy is holding her own and has found places to hide from them. She is a little lover....loves being held and gives lots of kisses. She is going to fit right in and I'm sure they are going to be best pals. I'm surrounded by my girls, and it's great......much Love, Louis    Continue Reading

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