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Join Us For Joy To the Pearl! Watch a Sneak Peek Video

Posted by Honora Jewelry 1354037208.353

Watch Joel and Ralph discuss the upcoming Honora TSV and tune in at midnight tonight to get this great holiday offer!



Shop a sneak peek of new Honora online now!

Also, enter our Joy to the Pearl Sweepstakes for your chance to win!

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Cindylu1355948444.6431 PostsRegistered 12/19/2012

I love your pearls and have many strands of them. What I'm looking for is that perfect 18" strand of potato- or oval-shaped champagne pearls! I have discovered how versatile the champagne color is with the 11mm pearl earrings with the happy backs I got a few months ago, and I want a simple strand of pearls to go with!

Have you offered them and I've just not noticed?

I know rose is the hot new color and I have strands in black, white (one of your fabulous round strands in 7mm), gray, pistachio (love them), rose and violet (on the monofilament) and several mixed-color strands both short and long (the 4-season 40-inch strands from a few years ago are incredibly versatile), but it's the simple 18- or 20-inch champagnes I crave now. Any hope of getting something like that any time soon?

Please keep sending us your fabulous pearls!

Cindy Radtke

GeniiNY1361565944.627 PostsRegistered 9/2/2012

Love, love, love Honora offerings and all the Honora pearls I have purchased. I saw you have a pearl jacket.... I would like to purchase the drop only as I have many Honora button earings and this would allow me to expand my wardrobe. Would you consider that?

BikerGirl1369849544.518 PostsRegistered 10/28/2010

Hello, Joel and Ralph-- I have a request. I have been looking for a pearl bypass ring with two different color pearls, one black and one white is what I have been searching for, but other color combos would be spectacular. I love the ring I have seen on QVC in yellow, rose and white gold with white, pink and black pearls respectively. But what I am hoping for is a version with the clean, classic simplicity and size of pearl shown in this gold ring, but in a sterling silver version. Please make my dream of a great, big, two-color pearl, sterling silver bypass ring come true! I love your pearls and wear them almost every day. Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

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