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Paying Tribute to a Dear Friend, a True Gentleman: Nolan Miller.

Posted by Mary Beth Roe 1353958565.383

I had the privilege of attending Nolan Miller's memorial service on November 15th in Los Angeles. Even though he passed away in June, a service was not held until just recently. Of course, I had to be there!! I worked with Nolan for twenty years and loved him as one of my dearest friends!

There were several celebrities there who Nolan had designed gowns and clothes for, such as Joan Collins, Jackie Collins, Joan Van Ark, Michelle Lee and Stephanie Beecham. The "Dynasty" and "Knot's Landing" ladies were well represented. People like Sophia Loren, Linda Evans and Ann Margret were unable to attend, because they were out of the country. There were two celebrities from "Days of Our Lives": Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and her beau, Brandon Beemer (ex-Shawn Brady), who I was very excited to meet, since I watched that show off and on for about 4 decades!

There were men and women in attendance who were top executives of some of the big TV studios and movie companies that had worked with Nolan over the 50+ years he had been designing costumes and clothing for tv shows and movies. Mark Zunino, who worked along side Nolan designing gowns and clothes for more than 20 years and took over the business when Nolan retired, was the man of the hour. Not only had Mark been taught by Nolan and has become an outstanding designer in his own right, but he also took care of Nolan for the 5 years he fought the lung cancer and did more for Nolan than anyone else in Nolan's lifetime! Nolan was like a father to Mark, and it was emotional for Mark to speak about Nolan. I got choked up, too.

When I spoke at the service, I shared that even though Nolan had spent most of his career designing for the rich and famous, I think the most important thing he did was spending 20 years of his life making everyday women across the country experience glamor like they had never experienced it before! His jewelry designs made women feel beautiful and special, like princesses, and yet it was affordable so everyone could feel that way!

I shared how Nolan knew the QVC viewers enjoyed seeing him on QVC, but he had never experienced love like he did after he announced he had lung cancer.  The viewers showered him with love through emails and cards and well wishes on the phone during his shows, and it not only amazed him, but it motivated him to fight the disease and keep designing for QVC! It gave him strength to keep going, and all of you who were part of that, I thank you!

I wore the 'angel pin' to the memorial that Nolan designed for me and that many of you own, too. I told them that Nolan used to always call me his 'angel', and I think it was because I was always praying for him and reminded him of that when I'd get the chance. So it was a very special moment and memory that I have from the night he presented the angel pin to me on QVC! I will treasure that pin as long as I live!

It was a very special evening remembering that charming, handsome man, who had a lot of creative talent, but also made each one of us feel like a million dollars when we wore his jewelry and as we continue to wear it for many years to come! I am so blessed to have known Nolan, to have had him as a dear friend, and to be able to share his memorial with you. Let me know how Nolan made you feel and how you feel now when you wear his jewelry. By the way, there are still several pieces of his jewelry collection on qvc.com. Also, you can see Mark Zunino's clothing line on qvc.com, too.

Counting our blessings,

Mary Beth Roe

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meljim1357743272.8934 PostsRegistered 1/9/2013
I have followed since cvn and you are my favorite host. I have missed johnathin redford please excuse my spelling. I followed his wedding pictures on his facebook page when he married the beautiful model from qvc. All of a sudden he was gone and so was his facebook pages. Is he still married to the model . What happened to him.i ?S

kitty 341358640760.5975 PostsRegistered 3/16/2009

I went onto your blog today to share something special about Nolan and then learned of his death. I am so sad. I knew he was very ill but believed that such a gentle, special soul could be with us forever. He made the world just "that much better" with his eye for beauty. What I wanted to tell you was a short story. I could not sleep one night and was up very late going through all the channels on tv. I came across an old show that I watached as a young girl that just fascinated me - Honey West. She ws so cool, so modern for 1965, so beautiful and most of all her clothes were beyond fabulous. To my surprise while reading the creidts and the end of the show who styled Anne Francis' wardrobe - Nolan Miller. He always had a touch for making wome beautiful!

joansfan1359313943.1101 PostsRegistered 12/1/2007

I remember when thaer was one tie that you couldn't host the show because you were in the delivery room having your third boy. you called into the show from the hospital!What a memorable m oment.

DevenWade1360216273.076 PostsRegistered 11/13/2011

I am so sad to have just learned of Nolan's passing. I used to watch the two of you when you did his jewelry shows. Often you were dress by him , from his beautiful dress/suit line.

I know you miss him. I'm sending with this message, a prayer that God will send the Holy Spirit to minister to all of his family and friends, and to bring comfort above all.

Blessings, Jan

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