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Thinking of all those affected by Sandy

Posted by Judith Ripka 1352929971.9

Dear Friends,

I want to start this blog off by thanking all of the volunteers who have tirelessly worked to support the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  If you are one of those volunteers, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  Hurricane Sandy hit very close to home for me and, unfortunately, many of my friends and family were adversely affected by this powerful storm.  However, it is during tough times like this that you see the true strength and beauty in people.  And, although there has been tremendous devastation, the silver lining has been seeing our friends and neighbors work together to help each other.  Ron and I, along with our family, have spent many hours collecting basic supplies to help displaced families in Coney Island, the Rockaways, and Staten Island.  For those of you who are miles away, please remember that there are many people on the East Coast still struggling and displaced from their homes.  We all need to help each other.

To brighten the season and to further support Sandy relief efforts, I would like to invite all of you to my annual holiday party.  If you have not received an invitation in the mail, please consider this my personal invitation for you to join me and my family for an afternoon of jewelry and joy.  In the spirit of giving back, I will donate a percentage of sales from the event to helping rebuild devastated areas of the East Coast due to Hurricane Sandy.  Please email Emily.doyle@judithripka.com if you would like to attend.


Where:  Judith Ripka Flagship Store, 777 Madison Avenue (between 66th and 67th Street)

When:  Saturday, November 17th

Time:  12:30—3:30PM

Details:  Lunch will be served

On a lighter note, for those of you who watch ABC’s new show, 666 Park Avenue, did you notice a familiar store in this past week’s episode?  If you guessed that the below location is my Flagship store, then you would be correct!  Yes, it is true, 666 Park Avenue filmed at my New York City store, and best of all, they featured many QVC Diamonique rings on air, as well.

Please tune in to my upcoming shows on Sunday, November 18 from 4 - 6pm EST and 9 - 11pm EST, and again on Monday, November 19 from 1 - 3am EST and 11pm EST to see many new designs.  One piece that I am particularly excited about is my Power Promo on Sunday, the 100-facet Rolling Necklace (J266570).  This necklace was a customer favorite, with many customers asking when it would be back in stock after it sold out during the October visit.  So, it is with great pleasure to debut it again with a new rose gold and yellow gold clad version to add some gold glamour to the holiday season.

With much love and gratitude,


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BGDC1352937194.7135287 PostsRegistered 12/22/2010

Hi Judith!

Can't wait to see you Saturday. It will be a great distraction from the past two weeks. Hopefully all of us, or at least most of us will be able to attend, and thank you for the invitation.

Until then,

Robin :)

Judeye1352942550.7338201 PostsRegistered 4/10/2009

Hi Judith.............

First, I think it's a wonderful thing that you & your family have done, getting involved in helping those poor people that have lost everything due to the storm. The damages done were horrific.

My family & I were extremely lucky......we only lost our internet connection......which, due to the "bundle", we lost our t.v., computer, & phone. We just got our internet connection back, but the phone & t.v., are still out. I must tell you though.......when the t.v. went out, my first thought was "Oh, thank G-d JR was on the Q before the storm"!!!!

I've been trying on jewelry to see which pieces are going to be worn to your party.....then I'll worry about the clothes!!!! So looking forward to this day.........certainly a great change to what everyone has been going through!

Be well & see you Saturday.........

Best regards;

Judi (Judeye)

P.S. Can't wait for the rolling necklace to make another appearance.......maybe you can talk the powers that be into some ez pays.......*wink *wink............

Me2Me1352988368.876860 PostsRegistered 11/7/2007In my own little world

Hi Judith!

You and your Family are a "Class Act!" How kind of you to help out the people who have been effected by Sandy! I am lucky Sandy didn't effect myself and my family. I live in Central Florida and know all to well the power of a hurricane. I am glad you and your family weathered the storm okay!

As usual I have been poking around on the Q trying to find your upcoming "new items" and I found a few of your new pieces. The new heart necklace, the one with the two tiny hearts in the links.....is so pretty and so feminine!! Love it!

I want to Thank You for the invitation to your holiday party. Sadly,I am unable to attend. I would love to make it next year! Your party is just what the Northeastern Ripkanista's need right now....get out there and enjoy themselves!!

Thank you,


Have you met or seen my friend Harvey? Harvey loves Judith Ripka and her jewelry!! He says," Judith Ripka makes me very "hoppy!"

915Dancer1353043441.407182 PostsRegistered 5/19/2007New York City

Hi Judith - Your work and your family are an inspiration. It is no accident your jewelry speaks to us to us with such an intimate yet immediate clarity and beauty - your creations seem to reflect who you are, your family, your values and your genuineness. Looking forward to Saturday's festivities. Wouldn't miss it!


Abby (915dancer)


915Dancer1353196110.007182 PostsRegistered 5/19/2007New York City

Thanks so much for a wonderful party - great people, great food and, oh yes indeed, great little treasures to enjoy for years to come.

Best wishes for the holiday season.


judyakm1353262655.3234147 PostsRegistered 12/18/2007Wine County CA

Hi Miss Judie!

I have a request, I think you might want to consider making silver AND rose gold two-tone jewelry....I saw some at a favorite store (TJM are the initials) and the combo is amazing!!! Just think of how these pieces would work with ALL your other "stuff"....the combo would tie them together...just something I have been dreaming about!!!

Thanks for reminding us of Sandy; I have given but I know they cannot do all they need to do without the generosity of all of us!

Happy Holidays!


I have always believed that preening is one of the ways women have cornered solitude and kept ourselves sane in this society....Author Unknown

mostwanted1353297618.5671248 PostsRegistered 8/28/2006


I adore your jewelry and have many many pieces. It is 10:49pm and have been watching you and Jill. Bought 3 items tonight. I wanted to ask you to consider an idea. I returned your newest gold watch and it was very hard to do. It is a fabulous watch and if I lived in San Francisco my old home town I would have kept it. But I am now living near my grandchildren in Massachusetts. An upscale town, but jewelry here is very low key. I would never have thought I would change my personal style and haven't much, but that beautiful watch doesn't work in this town. I have your other watches from the first leather, the ceramic, the 14k and steel and my favorite of all time ...your sterling and stainless sub-dial bracelet watch...would you consider doing that watch in goldtone? P...It is the perfect Ripka watch for me. The current gold watch is too large for me and I would not have thought I would ever say that. But the subdial sze is perfect...large enough to be fashionable...the diamonique is perfecto and the bracelet just a touch smaller than the current watch I hope this is a possibility..Enjoyed the shows...I must say your Malachite necklace is stunning and I must have that. Also I bought several years ago a pale blue jade ring and have hoped there would be an earring to go with that. I know it may be difficult to match that color again...or perhaps a station necklace with that with blue jade and diamonique stations. I love the series of texured silver rings you did this time. Brilliant. My problem is my small finger is size 4...I am looking for a pinkie ring. I can have one of these sized...Bless you for your effort to support those in the path of Sandy...

Last edited on 11/18/2012

Last edited on 11/18/2012

BGDC1353419426.6475287 PostsRegistered 12/22/2010

Hello Judi,

It is 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, and I am drinking my coffee and almost ready to prepare for work. Before I do, however, I want to take the time to thank you for having me (us) at your wonderful holiday party. There are only a few times a year that we all can gather, and we had the best time ever. Thank you also for your generous gift. I am going to put that heart on today for its first wearing, and each and every time that I wear it, I will think of the fun that I had on Saturday.

I bought a lot of Ripka this weekend, and am excited about each and every piece. My birthday is on Sunday, so I gave myself permission - lol- this has been going on for two visits already!

I finished last night with the green multi gemstone suite, and I cannot wait for it to arrive. Like I wrote on the boards, the pieces remind me so much of the beautiful things that I saw at the flagship store, but scaled down to an affordable price point and everyday wearability. Like you, I have green eyes, so with this set I may have hit the jackpot. You continue to amaze me.

I am happy that you have reintroduced some foundation pieces (cord necklace, which I never owned and the forth-coming country link set) to revamp our collections. I hope that you will also do an all pearl necklace that we can hang our enhancers from, but not too soon - LOL!!!!!

I got a big kick out of Allison mentioning me on her show as well. What a delightful person she is and she makes great babies, too! Your grandchildren are beautiful and also good at parties!!!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and thanks again for giving us so much, and I am not only talking about the jewelry, but the long-lasting friendships that we have formed because of YOU.

<3's and x0's,


SALMA1354422123.84727 PostsRegistered 8/10/2010

Hi Judith,

Unfortunately, I missed your luncheon as I am just reading your blog now. However, I did want to tell you how touched I was to read about how you and your family are helping Hurricane Sandy victims with their devastating situations. I am a resident of Staten Island and although my home was severely damaged by an 80 foot, 10 ton tree, I feel blessed that me, my husband and two children are alive and safe. My daughter was sleeping in her bed, I had a bad feeling about it and told her to go in her brother's room for the rest of the night, and literally a few minutes later, we heard the sound of a loud explosion and that was when this huge tree fell on our home and the entire roof and attic landed on my daughter's bed. Her room was destroyed but she was alive and that's what was most important to us. We were thankful that at least our situation was fixable. I lost my mother after a strong battle with lung cancer 9 months ago, and I know she was watching over us! My mother is now our special angel in heaven! And might I add, had a Judith Ripka jewelry collection that was exquisite and was now given to my sister and I to add to our Judith Ripka collections of our own. I know there are so many other families in more devastating situations than we were, and it just touches my heart to see so many people coming together to help one another out, as individuals have done for me and my family. May God bless you and your family for all the good that you have done and may you have a blessed holiday season. xo Sallyann

annika1355273806.05963 PostsRegistered 3/30/2011

Sallyann-I just now read your post. Very moving. Your spirit shines through and what a grateful heart I have that your daughter's life was spared due to your "connection". Moms do have instincts. I had a near miss in midsummer of 2010 with a massive tree falling across the road as I headed home in my car. It was a beautiful day, without a wiff of wind, but, despite the windows up, the radio on, I heard weirdly the noise of the tree breaking apart, knew what I heard was bad, and accelerated on this very curvey road. The tree dropped just a couple of feet behind my car, taking out power lines in a waterfall sparks. I shook for days, but I knew I was spared for a reason. Sure enough, that December, my family needed me to come to take care of my desperately ill mom, while my 22 yo nephew suddenly became deathly ill and spent all of 2011 fighting for his life. My mom and nephew made it through. The lesson is this. Something awaits. We are spared to do good. Best wishes. May your family get your home back soon. Blessed holidays.

tarheelgirl1355276848.59316 PostsRegistered 10/26/2010

Hi Judith, I pray you might be able to help me, I have just today lost my most favorite piece of your jewelry, well I lost one piece of a 2-piece set I put together. I see that the Q no longer has it but hope that you may have it in some of your inventory. It is the platinum princess cut sapphire, purchased in early 2006. It was a bit too large, but I wore it with the band ring that was the same platinum and sapphire and it looked wonderful together and I got so many compliments about it. I so want to get another princess cut ring to replace that lost ring. I had a size 8, but may be able to use a 7, but would take either. Thank you for any help that you might be able to give me. I look forward to your upcoming shows before Christmas. {#emotions_dlg.scared} Thank you again. <a href="mailto:fpgph3504@msn.com">fpgph3504@msn.com</a>

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