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Last Carolyn Pollack Show Before the Big Five-O!!!


Hi Friends!

It’s hard to imagine we are entering into the holiday season already, and that November 15th is my last Carolyn Pollack Sterling Jewelry event of 2012!!  I want to thank you all for a wonderful year.  It has been so much fun gathering together during our shows, communicating through Facebook, and even meeting up in person for a fun-filled weekend in Texas!

It's heartwarming to know that many of you have formed great friendships through jewelry.  You’ve shared your ideas around how you make CP jewelry your own; how you mix, match, and layer pieces to create your unique personal style.  You’ve inspired my team and me, through your stories and requests, to design over 500 new items this year!  And it makes me so happy to know that you have chosen Carolyn Pollack Jewelry for gifts for those who are dear to you.

During our two shows on November 15th (1 - 3am EST, and again from 4 - 6pm EST), I hope you will find treasures to lift your spirit, as well as delight someone on your gift list!  I am so excited about our new vibrant red collection, as well as a breathtaking new cross enhancer!  And because there just aren’t enough broadcast hours in the day (or year, come to think of it!)… we’ve decided to offer something very exciting exclusively through QVC.com.  One of the most popular and versatile designs I have ever created is also one of the “Most Wished For” items in our entire collection!!!  You may have guessed it:  the Sincerely Fabulous Necklace and Enhancer set (J261439)!

Many of you have shared stories and photos of the multiple ways you’ve incorporated this set into your wardrobe, and how it suddenly transformed all of the enhancers already in your collection into statement necklaces!  Everyone seems to Feel Fabulous in this collection, and isn’t that exactly how you want your special friend to feel when she opens a gift from you?  And speaking of YOU, if you already own this necklace, you’ll want to click through for an exciting new addition (J311076).  We were only able to create a limited amount before the holidays, so don’t miss out!

My, do the years fly by!  It seems like only yesterday I was a very nervous 31 year old appearing on QVC for the first time at 1:00am on Black Friday in 1994! My life has been so enriched by my QVC family, including all of you!  So when Bill asked me what I wanted to do for my 50th birthday, the answer was simple... I want to celebrate it at QVC!  And that’s what we’ll be doing February 7 - 9!  Details are still being finalized, but one thing is certain… there will be a party, and you’re invited!  In fact, click here to enter our Sweepstakes now, with the Grand Prize being a trip for two to West Chester, PA, the home of QVC, for our Fabulous Friends Jewelry Celebration!  Believe it or not, February is right around the corner!!

In the meantime, let’s kick-off the Holiday Season together November 15th beginning at 1am EST for two hours with Nancy, and another two at 4pm EST with Antonella!  We’ll toast to fabulous friendship, jewelry, and laughter!  I hope you’ll join us!



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lalaluvsCPJ1352865292.011277 PostsRegistered 11/25/2004

You are to precious for words! It has been such a fun year of CPJ special times shared with so many wonderful women! I am thankful for the friends I have made through my passion for all things CP! In this time when I am sure most people would find jewelry such a "frivolous" thing it has been the thing that has fostered what is most important in this whole world - relationships. I have been blessed by a few very special people in my life because of it. Thank you Carolyn and Bill and your wonderful team!

I'm so looking forward to more fun times! For now, I wish you and your CPJ "family" and your loved ones a blessed Thanksgiving!



Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it!
-Julia Child

pickybynat­ure1352886511.7989 PostsRegistered 1/29/2011

Kind words from a very dear lady. I feel like "little sir echo" on many occassions when I comment after Libby, but I echo all her sentiments. In fact you Carolyn are responsible for that friendship through our mutual love of all things CPJ! For that I am grateful, as well as; all the other wonderful people and friendships I have developed through the world of CPJ. I am fortunate to see first the next generation of CPJ grow and develop, in fact one of Nikki's friends shared the new SR onyx necklace picture from FB onto Nik's page and told her it would look great with Nik's black essential ring. You and the team are truly reaching the hearts of young and old alike!

Thank you Carolyn, Bill, and everyone associated with Team CPJ! Warm holiday wishes to all.



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