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Watch Out – From Real Life to Red Carpet!

Posted by Judith Ripka 1351203274.86

Hello friends,

I want to start this blog by thanking each and every one that attended Ripkanista luncheon.  Allison, Brian, and Beth told me what a wonderful afternoon it was.  I wish I could have been there – what is better than good friends, good food, good laughs, and talking about jewelry!

As I was looking through all of the pictures, I was smiling.  It makes me so happy to know that so many women are enjoying the jewelry.  I love seeing all of you wear it every day and for every occassion.  When I first started designing, my dream was to create wearable, versatile jewelry that would not be relegated to the back of the safe, only to be trotted out for special events.  Each of you who make my jewelry part of your everyday life fulfill my dream.  I can feel the fun when I look at the below pictures and can just imagine each of you reaching into your jewelry box and playing – “What am I going to mix and match today?  What is my mood?  Am I going to wear a bold Monaco ring today, a simple 100-facet Diamonique pair of stud earrings, or a brand new Chronograph watch (hint, hint, TSV!)?”


I love this group shot taken at my Flagship store on Madison Avenue – my home away from home – filled with women who know how to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company.

Thank you, Joe, for taking this picture of Joyce.  It really says it all:  “Look good.  Feel great.  Be happy.”

I had to include a photo of Beth wearing one of my favorite sterling link necklaces (J273588 and J273642) – more than an exceptional woman to work with, she is an exceptional friend.  Thank you for all of your hard work and friendship, Beth!


And of course, I had to include a photo of my gorgeous daughter-in-law, Allison, and wonderful son, Brian.  Working side by side with both of them on a daily basis is one of my greatest joys.  They work harder than any young people I know, and their commitment to our business and our family makes me so proud.  I love you both.

I could fill this entire blog with personal photos.  However, beyond all of the fabulous women who wear my jewelry in their every day “real life,” I am also blessed with many celebrities who choose to wear my designs to create their perfect red-carpet moment.  For those of you who “like” my fan page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you know in the past couple weeks, I have had a flurry of Hollywood’s hottest stars wearing my jewelry both on and off screen. 

Vanessa Williams, who I think is one of the most beautiful actresses, has been wearing my jewelry on her new hit TV show 666 Park Avenue, as well as when she attends press events.  I have posted pictures of Vanessa wearing my jewelry in the past 3 episodes.  And, for those of you do not have a Facebook account, I hope you will sign up for one and “like” my fan page.  It is a great way to stay connected, and I regularly post fun news about my company or things that inspire me.

Off the screen, I loved seeing Vanessa wear my 18k Couture Aurora ring when she was a guest on Bravo’s Watch What Happens LIVE.

Thank you for being such a great supporter of my jewelry, Vanessa.  And, for those of you who do not already know, Vanessa has joined the QVC family with the launch of new skin care line, Revitalistic.  If you want your skin to sparkle as much as your jewelry, please check it out!  You will love her new products, I do!

Another one of my favorite shows on TV is The Good Wife.  Therefore, you can only imagine how excited I was to open The New York Post last week and see the gorgeous actress, Archie Punjabi, who plays Kalinda, wearing my Monaco Ring.  Her character on the show definitely keeps things interesting, and I am happy to see that she does it in style with Ripka jewels!

Across the globe and beyond the red-carpet, it is an honor to see celebrities wearing my jewelry in some of the most renowned fashion magazines.  The young and beautiful Krysten Ritter looked absolutely breathtaking in Prestige Hong Kong's October issue.

Lastly, I want to congratulate the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star, Alfonso Ribeiro, as he recently tied the knot to Angela Unkrich, who wore my new 18k Couture Lattice Collection for her very special day.  To see them exchange their vows and Angela wearing my jewelry, please read the article in Entertainment Tonight.  Enjoy!

And, finally, it would not be one of my signature blogs without giving you a sneak peak of what’s coming up on my shows this Sataurday, October 27th.  The festivities will start Saturday night at midnight with the launch of my new TSV (J275811), my first-ever Chronograph watch.

For quite some time (no pun intended), I have wanted to create a Chronograph-style watch that felt feminine and incorporated my own distinctive texturing and unique design details.  I specifically designed this watch with a larger face, for which many of you have asked.  I love this watch, and I hope you do, too.  It is casual enough for every day wear, but dressy enough to give you a polished look.  Watch out – this Chronograph could be your new favorite!  What also makes this debut very special is that it is the first time I have created a watch in all three color tones – a choice of gold tone, rose tone, and my signature silver tone.  This watch looks great layered with any of your cuffs, bangles or bracelets, or try it with the new 100-Facet Rolling bracelet, (J266467), which I will also be offering for the first time in yellow clad and rose clad.  To complete this suite, I have created the 100-Facet Stud, (J268391), in yellow clad and rose clad, as well.  But, as all of you know, I love mixing and matching.  Therefore, I will still be offering all of my designs in sterling silver, which is always an essential – classic and timeless, and never going out of style.

There will be many other new pieces during my fun filled weekend of shows including my new Mama Bahama Necklace (J266059), new Lariat Necklaces (J269801) and new pink doublet collections (J274770, J274771, J274772, and J274773). 


So, please tune in!  My show times are listed below including shows with Brian and Allison.  I'm looking forward to my time at the Q and see you soon! 



















Approx. 11AM














With much love,


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mindy min1351249361.1112 PostsRegistered 11/23/2010

Hello Judith-

Eagerly awaiting your shows this weekend. As an Insider, I have been enjoying the Chronograph Watch for close to a month now. It is beautiful and looks great next to your tennis bracelet (J263374) or the 100 Facet Hinged Bangle (J26628). Thanks for the "small" bracelets.

BGDC1351253994.7375300 PostsRegistered 12/22/2010

Dear Judith,

I had the great pleasure of attending this luncheon, (yes, that is me on the far left, back row), and had the most wonderful time. It was the first time that I got to meet my fellow Ripkanistas, and what a blast that was. I also had the pleasure of meeting Allison, Beth and Brian, and they were as nice, fun and friendly as can be. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so I can't wait to reunite with this group again for your holiday party and finally get to meet you!

Allison is a beautiful young woman who has the gift of making you instantly feel like she has been a best friend for ages, and Brian is simply a doll. What a wonderful couple they make, and your son really knew how to get a party rolling with his champagne bucket!

Beth is a darling little firecracker, and I would love for her to take me shopping one day. She dresses beautifully, and I love how she puts together the jewelry. It looks effortless and perfect. She was just terrific, and we loved her sneak previews!

The flagship store was lovely, and the salespeople were so friendly and accommodating, not to mention that the jewelry was out of this world.

Speaking of things out of this world, I have been wearing the silver chronograph for weeks now and it is perfection. It is hard to stop at just one, but with so much new stuff to choose from, I have to think things through!

I can't wait for the shows this weekend and am keeping my fingers crossed that this little hurricane heading towards the northeast doesn't throw out my cable. Okay, so maybe that might be a good thing - lol!

Have a wonderful weekend and push for those OTO's and EZ Pays!!!!

We love you!


Charmed~Je­nna1351290505.0320023 PostsRegistered 3/9/2010~RipkaNistaVille~

Dearest Judith ~ Lov'n all the pic's...thanks for the sneak peeks....see yah soon !!

XoxoX {#emotions_dlg.wub}

~ Modern Classics with a Twist ~

Judeye1351295023.758201 PostsRegistered 4/10/2009

Judy.....Judy......Judy..........So sorry you missed the luncheon, but your stand-ins were pretty terrific. Poor Beth was stopped on her way to the powder room (by me) & didn't even complain (bless her heart....which I think we almost raffled off)!!!! I don't know how Allison managed to go home with that magnificent ring on her middle finger though......(it even fit me....can't believe I didn't fake not being able to take it off!!!). I must say that Beth, Allison, & Brian made all of us feel as if we've known them for years....they truly are a gift.

With that being said, I must say "YOU'RE KILLING ME"" with the new "stuff"!!! I have no more room for more jewelry boxes!!!! And now to make matters a little worse (or better), the new men's rings are terrific. It's not bad enough I got my daughter hooked on your "stuff"....but now, I can blame the bills on men's "stuff" as well!!!!

Looking forward to the upcoming shows & your "holiday get to-gether"!!!! It really is so much fun seeing "stuff" that the Q line has been designed after....so let me apologize now for slobbering all over the jewelry cases!!!!!

See you soon..........


Judi (Judeye)

circles1351312685.57719229 PostsRegistered 5/11/2005N.J.

Hi, Judith....I was chatting with BGDC, about the sterling diamonique rolling necklace, and she mentioned she thought you would be bringing it back....

I bought the sterling bracelet tonight....would love the matching necklace.....

Thank You....d...

kaplan2061351339532.3611235 PostsRegistered 1/27/2008from the cradle of liberty & cheesesteak

Hiya Miss Judie!

We had a fabulous time at the autumn luncheon, made all the better by being with Allison, Beth and Brian. However, you were very much missed but your ears must have been buzzing as almost every other word from our mouths was about you and your wonderful creations.

I was waving to you last night and will continue to do so during the shows today!

Have fun!


“ I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry.”  
Rita Rudner

915Dancer1351348376.503182 PostsRegistered 5/19/2007New York City

Hi Judith-Had great time at the luncheon and flagship with your team and the women (and guy) who came from near and far to share company and enjoy beautiful objects. Looking forward to more get togethers and more of your creative genius. Wishing everyone on the boards safety during the upcoming challenging weather. Fondly, Abby


montanagirl1351369209.6411 PostsRegistered 5/29/2011

Miss Judith. Bless you! Bless you! Bless you! I am so excited to have just ordered your chronograph watch. It is beautiful. But I was worried about fit. My 8-inch wrist is a bit of a plus size and often the bracelets, or watches, are just too snug. But just as I was about to turn channels as your segment was done, I heard Allison mention extra links. Hallelujah!! And a huge thank you!! I immediately logged back on to qvc.com, looked them up, and ordered two. Now I know the watch will not only fit, but with the two links, I can even wear it loose like a bracelet. I've never been able to do that. I am so excited. Maybe you could provide that option for some of the bracelets as well.

Thank you Judith. I can't wait to get the watch. It's my "20-years as a federal government employee gift" to myself. (We get a certificate of recognition.) I ordered a pair of the 5-ct studs as well.

Thanks so much. I have enjoyed several pieces of JR over the last several years. Thank you for the classic pieces that I am still enjoying. Wishing you continued success. And thanks again for the extra links.

Blue skies. Stacy Mitchell

Me2Me1351371539.2376860 PostsRegistered 11/7/2007In my own little world

Hi Judith,

I am loving my new TSV chronograph watch! I purchased it in the silvertone and I do believe that you have out done yourself! This by far is your prettiest watch to date!! I also, purchased one of your older rings, the emerald cut 13 carat cocktail ring in the blue spinel! It is such a beautiful shade of blue.......Will you please bring us some more blue spinel pieces in the future? I just adore this ring! I also ordered the GG cushion cut ring for my sister's birthday!! She is going to love it!

So far, I am enjoying all the shows, even though I dozed off watching the show at midnight! lol! I really appreciate all the hard work that you and Allison, Brian, Beth and your entire team do for us! It's just amazing to me how you come out with so many new and inspiring pieces of jewelry for us!

Will we be getting a pumpkin charm soon?

Have a great day!

Thank You!- Christine

Have you met or seen my friend Harvey? Harvey loves Judith Ripka and her jewelry!! He says," Judith Ripka makes me very "hoppy!"

roe10051351381789.367661 PostsRegistered 11/9/2005New York

Hello Ms. Ripka!

I'm so sorry you were not able to make the luncheon! I had a wonderful time. I'm 3rd from the right in the picture.

You are surrounded by such wonderful people. Beth was so good to us, letting us literally strip her of her jewelry to try on everything. Your son & Allison - such a beautiful couple. They spent time with each of us and come to find out that they live just a couple of towns over from me.

It was such a perfect day!


You say I'm a witch like it's a bad thing.

judyakm1351552135.174147 PostsRegistered 12/18/2007Wine County CA

Judith, please please make some rose gold AND silver two-tone pieces....I would so much rather buy some rose gold pieces that include silver; they would be easy to wear with the other things I have!!! Do not want to start another whole color line, but I saw some pretty, but not designer combos like this at TJ Maxx today and thought Ripkarized two-tone silver and rose gold would be incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have always believed that preening is one of the ways women have cornered solitude and kept ourselves sane in this society....Author Unknown

Mucks1351783509.581 PostsRegistered 11/1/2012


Love your jewelry and own a great deal of it-from rings, to earrings to bracelets and necklaces-most purchased on QVC-though I have bought other items outside of QVC...

Your firm doesn't repair or warranty items and I have had a difficult time finding someone to repair the earrings that have broken(purchased from QVC)...As CEO of my own technology firm, customer service is number one with me-

It seems your repair policies with QVC should be rethought...




llamamomma1353583621.97 PostsRegistered 6/4/2010

I live in Lima OH and wonder how we can learn of your events?

I called in one evening when you were on with Rick back in February. I was your last caller and told you about the heart ring my dearest friend and I own. She got it for me the year when my mother was dying and I got it for her the year her mother was dying. What a bond it brings to us when we wear it. Not only is it fashionable, but it is inspirational when we look at our hands and find that we are thinking of each other across the miles and wishing the other well.

Please keep some items in an affordable range so that we can share jewelry with someone special and far away.

Libby Cupp, Lima OH the Llama Momma

llamamomma1353583673.047 PostsRegistered 6/4/2010

Judith: Please use more real stones in your work. I tire of the diamonique in everything.

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