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Say Ciao to This VicenzaGold Reversible Pendant

Posted by Antonella Nester 1349975812.097
Fine Italian craftsmanship, elegant design, passion and pride—this pendant has it ALL! On one side, you see the high-end look of drusy quartz, and on the other side, you’re treated to a vision of AAA-quality labradorite. We basically get two necklaces for the price of one. Now that's a great value! This piece truly has it all—I'm loving the rich, swirling gold, I'm mesmerized by the dreamy look of the labradorite, and I'm dazzled by the drusy quartz.
All I can say is wow! I think I’m in love! This is going to be an awesome accent to any outfit for the holidays and beyond. And just to make the pendant even sweeter, there's an amazing special tied to this gorgeous piece of jewelry. Tune in on October 18th at Midnight ET to see this incredible treasure with an offer you seriously can’t resist!

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Davesadmir­er1354224889.721 PostsRegistered 11/29/2012

Am also in love with this gorgeous pendant! Can't say enough wonderful things about the beauty it resonates from both sides, the BEST Piece EVER !! ***JUST LOVE IT*** Am so proud to own it.

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