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May this year bring a message of love to us all!

Posted by Danny Newfeld 1349907494.73

Dear friends,

It has been over 2 weeks since I arrived in the United States.  I spent this time with my family in New York, celebrating the Jewish holidays, and in between, had some great shows on QVC.  It is amazing how time flies by so fast... but we did take the opportunity to tour Washington DC, Hershey Park, Amish Country, and enjoyed all the great things that New York City has to offer.

We are getting close to the holiday season, and I can already feel it in the air! Front yards are decorated for Halloween, the amazing colors of the foliage, bear trees already wrapped with twinkling lights, store windows filled with surprising props - it's all so festive and beautiful.

Love is definitely in the air, too.  This is why it couldn't be a better time to present to you the brand new Ahava pendant.  Inspired by the magnificent LOVE sculpture by the wonderful artist Robert Indiana, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem was granted the Hebrew version of the piece.  This is one of the museum's iconic pieces and I consider this collaboration with the museum a great achievement.

Indiana's intent was to use this sculture to not only symbolize love between individuals, but among humanity at large.  This heartwarming, universal message of peace, combined with the geometric shapes of the Hebrew letters, was the inspiration behind this milestone piece.  This pendant is also the natural choice to launch Or Paz's very first diamond piece.  Powerful, noble, and elegant - you can see a sneak peak of it on the Or Paz Facebook page.

May this year bring a message of love to us all.  As simple as that.

I also wanted to mention to you that after more than 4 years, we are going to have a full hour show of my Adi Paz collection tomorrow, October 11th, from 11 - 12pm EST.  This is a truly sentimental occasion for me as this was my first line to ever appear on QVC.  This where it has all began - and now is back with great new pieces in 14K solid gold.  Please join me and, as always, share your feedback with me in order to inspire our future designs.

I will be on air to present my Adi Paz collection tomorrow, October 11th, from 11 - 12pm EST, and again on Friday, October 12th, from 9 - 11pm EST, to present my Or Paz collection.

Here's wishing all of you a great year and happy holiday season!

- Danny

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dance1349960292.423 PostsRegistered 10/11/2012

Hello Danny,Thank you for this lovely message and wishes for the New Year!The LOVE pendent is beautiful and I so appreciate you writing about the history behind it...A special piece!I am very much looking forward to your shows,the stunning pieces of jewelry and your presentaions and the history of their inception.Wishing you and your family a Happy Healthy New Year as well as a wonderful holiday season.Thank~YOU again...Best wishes for successful shows now and in the future!

green eyed1349969839.39739 PostsRegistered 10/31/2007Lost in Ohio!!!!!!! HELP

{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} Hi Danny!! It is so great to have you back on QVC with an hour show. I love this jewelry and my mother-in-law is buying the cross roads ring for me!! Thanks so much for your good wishes, and I wish you a great year next year had happy holidays also!!

I want you to take back to your country and family that most of the USA's people do back your country as we always have. Please accept my blessings and prayers for you and the people of Israel. You have been in my prayers for all times.

It's not what happens to you in life that counts; it's what you do with it that really counts.

fitover401352902326.536 PostsRegistered 11/14/2012

I was really looking forward to seeing the presentation of the Ahava pendant but the evening show that it was slated for never happened. I have looked at the Or Paz product list several times and it is not shown. I love the museum pieces and would love to see more. Also, more Judaica jewelry, please. How about a mazuzah pendant? Actually, it would be great of some of your artisans would design actual mazuzot for purchase. They make perfect housewarming gifts.

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