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What a lovely time of year... it is so inspiring!

Posted by Hagit Gorali 1349903748.793

What a lovely time of the year… I just arrived in the states visiting friends in Connecticut before I head down to spend some time with you!

I want to share a few pictures of my special days… my FIRST TIME ever on the Atlantic Ocean… it was a delightful day full of sights and sounds, what an experience!  And then a little time to relax.

The leaves are changing colors and starting to float to the ground.  Already the trees are taking on a different style... the branches are becoming more picturesque.  I am always inspired and regenerated with new ideas as the color of the seasons experience their new looks.  You know I love continuing to add new elements to my treasured collections, and this trip is no exception.  From my signature Folds Collection, to my contemporary Vibes Collection, to the Reflections Collection creating a luminous array of highly polished sterling silver that magnifies every pearl.  Of course, as the blooms of Spring and Summer come to an end, I find myself intrigued with the vines entangled and entwined, and masterfully weaving their way into my jewelry.

I can't wait to share with you my latest designs when I come to QVC tomorrow, October 11, from 4 - 6pm EST.  And please stay in touch every day with me on my Facebook page… and get sneak peeks of all my new pieces coming up & MORE!

See you then!


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Miss Peach­es1350020968.464 PostsRegistered 10/6/2012
Hi and welcome to the East Coast, I am in RI and must say you came at a great time with the leaves changing and I was changing the channel when I found a new acquaintance. Thank you for coming here and sharing your beautiful and heart touching jewelry. I hope to get a few pieces, ones I really wanted flew out the door! Hope to see you tomorrow and by the way, stay top of the class it does you well. Enjoy your day no doubt you'll sell out!! Smile Casey

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