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Formally introducing Scott Grimes... and tune-in tonight!

Posted by Angela Lindvall 1349451825.91

I’m really looking forward to spending time with you again to show you more of my beautiful Siam collection.  The Siam collection is inspired by the simple beauty of the lotus flower, which has come to represent so much to me personally thanks to my travels in Thailand and the sacred practice of yoga.  I wanted to bring you this symbolic collection because it is my hope that each woman who wears a piece from the Siam collection will not only feel beautiful but also feel confident of her inner strength and purpose as well.  Please join us today at 6pm EST - I have so many great pieces to show you!

Unfortunately I have to return to California and will not be with you for the  show tomorrow morning at 1am, but I have a very special treat for you all.  It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Scott Grimes, the Creative Stylist from John Hardy.  He’ll be back again for the 1am show to present the line to you.  I’ve worked with him since the inception of Angela by John Hardy and trust me, you will want to watch, not only because of his amazing knowledge of all things John Hardy, but also because he has worked with some of the most creative and talented minds in the business… and he’s kind of cute too!

Love & Light,

Angela Lindvall

Greetings everyone,

I have to first thank Angela for those kind words and say that I am truly thrilled to be working with her again – she’s fantastic!  And of course I’m really excited to be back on QVC to present the Angela by John Hardy collection to you all:  I really think you’ll be impressed.   For those of you I’ve not met, by way of introduction, I can share that I’ve worked with the Head of Design at John Hardy and his design team for many, many years.  I spend a good deal of my time in Bali and have had the opportunity to travel to the far corners of the earth.  I celebrate all things beautiful; amazing people, extraordinary cultures, top artisans, and have been lucky enough to see some of the most amazing gemstones from around the world.   I’m eager to share some of those experiences with you.

During one of my trips, I met Angela when she visited our Balinese compound and it was a natural fit, Angela has such style and grace it was amazing to work with her.  We both certainly share the same desire to create and present the very best quality in designer jewelry for you!

As a creative stylist, I have learned and been taught many things over my years of working with different celebrities as well as my John Hardy collectors.  I’ll leave you with my first tip:  one of the most basic pieces of advice I can share is to always go with quality in everything you do.  Whether it is about friendships, experiences, or purchasing a collectible, it’s always about the quality that endures that counts.  I believe that quality and craftsmanship is what John Hardy has been able to bring to this line and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

I look forward to seeing and meeting everyone tomorrow morning, October 6th, at 1am EST.

Scott Grimes

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