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I'm Loving the Fall Season... How About You??

Posted by Judith Ripka 1349373691.56

Hello friends –

I would normally wait to blog until closer to my QVC appearance, but I wanted to say hello to all of you.

I have been reading the QVC forum, in which there has been much speculation about my health, which is excellent, and my business, which is great.  Thank you so much for your concern.  It means so much to me to have loyal and loving fans like you.  As much as I can tell, the buzz started when QVC rescheduled my show, but instead of posting it as “rescheduled,” it was first posted as a cancellation.

That being said, all is well, and I have been very busy preparing for my upcoming QVC show on Saturday, October 27th.  It will be a special weekend visit in which I will debut many new pieces.  I will blog again the day before my appearance to give you more details.  Until then, I am busy designing, enjoying fall in NYC with Ron, and looking forward to apple and pumpkin picking with my grandchildren.

What are you doing to celebrate the fall season?

With much love,


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Oneanddone1349397789.716828 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I love the Fall season as well Judith...my favorite time of the year! I'm happy to hear you're doing well and I will look forward as always to your October 27th show. I have many of your pieces and enjoy them all. I wear at least one Ripka piece a day. Can't wait to see what you will be bringing us next!!

Part of celebrating the Fall season will be a road trip to Napa and Sonoma wine country. I LOVE it there!! The colors are beautiful and the temperature is perfect!

Much love back to you!!

Last edited on 10/4/2012

Last edited on 10/4/2012

nootchka1349496023.93715 PostsRegistered 3/8/2010

Hello Judith, I too am looking forward to your October show. I will be at work but trying to watch as much as possible. It seems that that is my lucky combination to speak with you-calling in while being at work with my friends. I too love the fall; the smells, the colors, fresh cider,and pumpkins. Will we by any chance be seeing an anticipated pumpkin charm?? I'm on my second bracelet now. I saw a snowman charm for a few days a very long time ago, will it be coming back ? I'm planning on a visit to the city after Thanksgiving; hope it falls on the right week-end for a special event. Take care and love to your entire beautiful family. My daughter loved the ombre pink heart enhancer for her birthday. MargueriteSmile

star8261349555956.64712390 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Coastal Ripkaland bordering Bixbyville and Dawkinstown

Judith~ Thrilled you're okay and it was just poor communication via QVC.

Enjoy the Autumn in NYC and hope to make to the holiday event Nov 16.

Would you please consider making the JRQ large Monaco ring in more color combos for us? Many would love to see the blue quartz/hematite doublet used as the center stone with possibly deep blue Diamonique on the sides.

Also, a long requested item has been a Ripkarized signet ring. Even sold without personalization is fine as we can get it engraved locally, though would prefer it done by your master craftspeople.

SO many things to request, but I'll save the list for another time.

A bit belated, but want to say, wishing you and yours a very healthy, happy New Year!

L'Shana Tova!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know PEACE" ~ Jimi Hendrix

A helpful decision maker: Ask yourself, "What would Cher do?"

QB11349620094.437110 PostsRegistered 6/26/2009royal oak,michigan

Smile I love your shows and would not miss a one!

Heard1349884874.32 PostsRegistered 10/10/2012

So glad to hear that all is well and look forward to your next show on Oct 27. I would like to thank you for doing clip earrings and size 11+ rings. I love to wear rings on my centre finger and because you do a size 11 I can do so with ease. As a busy person your clip earrings allow for a quick change and out the door. Thanks and keep your beautiful items coming.{#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

favored1350397090.69542 PostsRegistered 12/6/2010

Judith - I'm glad to hear that you are well. I am eagerly anticipating your upcoming shows thsi month. I LOVE your jewelry. I used to wear gold jewelry exclusively, now all I wear is JR. I am in love with your handbags. I own several. Will you be bringning us new designs?

LitGeek1350674856.733865 PostsRegistered 10/3/2012

Love LOVE love your jewelry! I am looking forward to visiting your Flagship boutique in NYC this fall! Please say that you'll be bringing back "The Cuff" J144040 on your next appearance?

Pepper221350960067.21312247 PostsRegistered 10/31/2007small town, Ohio

Dear Judith, I also am very happy that all is well with you. Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Especially since I have an October birthday & anniversary!! I love the colors of fall too. It has been an early fall in my area.

I am one of those who would love to have you make a signet ring for us. I've been hoping & hoping for this for a long time.

I've pre-ordered your TSV watch and already have it. Thank you for this beauty!!!

I'm looking forward to your shows this weekend and will be watching & posting on our forum here.

Have a great week, Carolyn

Me2Me1350994090.996860 PostsRegistered 11/7/2007In my own little world


Hi! It's great to hear that you are in great health! It's so nice to hear from you pre-shows...two thumbs up to you!! We know how busy you are and it gets me all excited when you stop by!

Halloween is my favorite holiday! My kids have already been to the pumpkin patch and picked out their pumpkins. They are little upset that we can't carve right now, but I tell them the pumpkin will be mush if we do it to early! One has already picked out his costume....Bumblebee from Transformers. The other two aren't sure yet? It's almost time to pull out the tombstombs to make are graveyard for Halloween! We love to scare our neighborhood kiddies! We are a little over the top for Halloween, but it's only for one day of the year! This is my puppy, Monaco's first Halloween. She is a Boxer and I am trying to figure out what costume she should wear for Halloween to! Yes! I named her Monaco in honor of your Fantastic ring!

After Halloween, the two Harvest Wreaths go on the front doors and the scarecrow gets his turn in the yard! Then it's time for those pumpkin pies and cranberry-nut bread...Yummy!!

Will we see the new pumpkin charm soon? I have been holding out for the pumpkin charm! I have exactly one spot left on my charm bracelet for a pumpkin!!

Looking forward to seeing you! I can't wait till the shows start!-Christine

Have you met or seen my friend Harvey? Harvey loves Judith Ripka and her jewelry!! He says," Judith Ripka makes me very "hoppy!"

Charmed~Je­nna1351124573.6520023 PostsRegistered 3/9/2010~RipkaNistaVille~

Dearest Judith, Cant wait till your on Air with some New Ripkarized goodies 4 us ....lets just say my Trick or Treat'n is gonna start Early. LOL {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

Enjoy the Changing of the Seasons...thinking of you.

XoxoX {#emotions_dlg.wub}

~ Modern Classics with a Twist ~

rappesti1353167467.27722 PostsRegistered 10/24/2012

Dear Judith, Hi. I have just recently discovered your line of beautiful Jewlery and have become a fan! Unfortunatley I missed October 27 QVC show but have seen a lot of your jewlery on the site and love it! However, I have fallen IN LOVE with one of your retired pieces item J07861 a textured link bracelet with a black onyx charm and am desperate to have one! ha

My question is do you ever bring back any of your retired designs? This one is AWESOME!

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