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The Diverse World of Opal- Smithsonian Institution National Gem Gallery

Posted by Jane Treacy 1348258764.01

It was a day that couldn't get any more perfect! I got off the train at Union Station in Washington DC, and when I got outside the day was spectacular! Washington is so inspiring on a blue sky day. 

I made my way to the Smithsonian Institution-National Museum of Natural History, to meet our own Peyton Kelley, along with Smithsonian expert guest Christine Webb and Curator of the National Gem Gallery Dr. Jeff Post.  I still get a thrill when I walk through the doors and can learn from someone like Dr. Post. Once inside the National Gem Gallery, we stopped in front of the display of rare opals.  When we think of opals it's usually the classic white with the play of color, but in the case there were all sorts of colors of opal.  Each one held it's own rare beauty.

For the first time in the two wonderful years that the Smithsonian Gem Gallery has been a part of QVC, we are focusing on one gem for our show on Wednesday, September 26th at 7pm eastern. Dr. Jeff Post pointed out the colors and types of opal, and that's what we will explore on the 26th of September.

The show is all new, and since you've asked for more pieces in gold, the entire show is precious opals set in 14k gold.  It promises to be such a rare look inside this amazing gem. If you love fire opal like I do you will be amazed, and I hope you enjoy this journey through so many colors of opal. See you on September 26th for two hours starting at 7pm eastern!  


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Shari Laura1348517385.1371 PostsRegistered 9/24/2012

I will be watching!! Love your shows Jane! Are you going to have an Enjoyable Entertaining show for the holidays? {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

lglf1348706753.1813 PostsRegistered 1/31/2008


I'm sorry about this, but I have three questions for you--two about jewelry and one about shoes! Are you doing another QVoyager out west for more turquoise?? I still remember the shows from a few years ago, and I am waiting for more. Is QVC going to get more moonstone in at some point? I want a fabulous artisan-crafted moonstone ring in silver. Also, is QVC going to start carrying Naot? I love Naot, and it would be great to have it on QVC. Love you Jane :)


Oneanddone1348710640.3336828 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

What a great show Jane!! I wish I could have bought everything in the show! I did buy the Peruvian Pink Opal ring and I cannot wait to get that beauty. It was so nice to see the show devoted to nothing but Opal. QVC doesn't bring a lot of Opal jewelry, so it was a real treat to see two hours of gorgeous Opals!

Christine is great and I love leaning more about the beautiful Opal.

Fressa1348768137.66602 PostsRegistered 3/20/2012


Loved the show and the 14k gold. YEAH!!!! My husband is from Idaho so we were thrilled that you had one opal ring featuring that type of opal. The setting was beautiful! I am so tough on my jewelry that I was hesitate to purchase anything for fear that I would chip the opal. Now, of course, I am kicking myself that I did not order that ring.

I absolutely enjoy your jewelry shows with these exotic stones and the museum pieces and hope that they continue. I am a 14k gold lover and hope that more of these gold shows witht he easy pays are also in the future. I also appreciate all the "homework" and effort that put forth into these program to keep them fresh and provide as much information to us as time permits. It certainly affords us to make the best possible purchase for our budget and I so appreciate it.

Suggestions for future gem shows: I would like to see a few more settings in the halo style or Princess Di ring style in the blues or pinks in the 14k gold. I have small hands so most band style rings just don't work for me. I do like the gem treatments on the side bands as well as the raised gallery and bridgework detail that are being shown.


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