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Lapis, Pink Opal, and More!

Posted by Dominique Dinouart 1347329351.217

I can’t believe that Summer is over!!  I do admit, however, that Fall is my favorite season.  I love the changing colors and crisp air.  There is something very nostalgic about the Fall for me.  Maybe it's memories of  walks that I used to take with my children through the Vermont woods collecting bright leaves.  I will have to resurrect that tradition with my grandchildren.

I'm looking forward to my Taxco Traditions by Dominique Dinouart show on Thursday, September 13th from 1 - 3PM.  I feel like I delved into a treasure chest of stones for this show!  Many of you requested that I add lapis to the assortment of stone choices available for THE ring J31081 (yes, kindaglitzy, I listened) and it looks fantastic!

Other requests were for more labradorite, so I designed a ring that I think works beautifully with that iridescent stone.  I liked the ring so much that I introduced a stone I have never used before, pink opal.  Let me know how you like it and I can use it future designs!

I only recently started working with faceted stones and I love the elegant look!  In my last blog, I had promised you a very edgy cuff with a 5-carat blue topaz; well, it never got on air, so this time it will!!

And to accompany it, I am bringing you a pendant in a choice of blue topaz or citrine on a strand of beads.


I also have some great new pieces for those of you who prefer strictly silver in bold designs which incorporate the beautiful hand hammering that the Taxco silversmiths do so well.  I hope there is something for all of you.  Please join me and call in with your comments and suggestions!

Peace and tranquility,


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Lovemychih­uahuas1347401939.054 PostsRegistered 9/11/2012

Bonjour/Hola Dominque,

Can you please create some silver bangles for us? I love Taxco silver, it's the best in the world and would love 5-6 hammered, twisted or plain (or a combination of all three) thin but not too thin bangles that are designed to be layered together. A Seminario as we call it in Panama.

Also, how about a smaller version of J-31081, 1" in total length for us petite gals? I love the design of that ring but it's too long for my fingers.

Merci y muchismas gracias,


BLB1347585508.063178 PostsRegistered 9/20/2007

Dear Dominique,

I ordered your outstanding cuff shown above. The collar is also stunning, and I may try it as well. I would love it if you would make a collar that is all links (spratling style) that does not have a space in the back. For us short hair gals, the space in the back of the collar is not flattering. I look at these full link collars all the time on the mexican jewelry sites and they are stunning. Some of the designs may be interlocking solid swirls or waves, even some geometric designs. QVC had one many years ago I wish I had ordered.

Please see if you can design one for us.

Thank you,


BLB1348496030.08178 PostsRegistered 9/20/2007

I received the edgy cuff and the design is so cool. I love the gentle hammered finish. It looks fluid like water. Please design a cuff or bracelet with the same gentle hammering without any other detail. That finish is stunning and I think a very plain cuff would be very chic. I would also love to see acollar in the same finish.

Your designs are beautiful.

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