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I am really excited about QVC’s Rose of Tralee Celebration tomorrow, September 4th. There will be lots of new items, clearance bargains, and items back in stock. I am delighted to share some news about some brand new items.

We will be adding Prehnite to Connemara marble for the first time ever. Prehnite is a green stone, and it is said to be the stone of unconditional love. It can enhance knowledge, and wearing Prehnite can strengthen your intuition and recognize truths.

We will have a new Connemara Marble Sterling Silver Prehnite Earrings and a matching hearts necklace as well as a new stretch ring with sterling silver beads and a really bold and striking stretch bracelet.

Watch out for these exciting new pieces to add to your collection, and I hope that you enjoy the whole celebration!

And here is a picture of Connemara marble, as we find it in the quarry, waiting to be made into beautiful jewellery...enjoy.

Connemara marble, as we find it in the quarry.

See you soon!



Can’t wait for the celebration? Check out the Rose of Tralee Preview on QVC.com.


Shop Connemara Marble jewelry on QVC.com!

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julidc1346742869.613135 PostsRegistered 9/11/2005

Hi Stephen!

I'm so glad to see you and the rest of the Vendors from Ireland return!!! Love the new jewelry and the Rosary too! As always, your photo of the rough pieces of marble at quarry make me long to see more larger pieces...trivets, cheeseboards, coasters...I've bought 'em! (Actually, I gave the cheeseboard as a gift, so would love to see that come back so that I can keep one for me!) But what I'm still longing for is a real chunk of Connemara marble to use a a paperweight, doorstop, or object d'art! It could be inscribed with a Celtic symbol or a Gaelic word....like Slainte for instance! ;) I keep asking, and I keep watching, knowing that one day you'll make just what I'm looking for! :) Thanks Stephen, it's always a treat to see you on the air!

Lawton4131346867761.2036 PostsRegistered 6/24/2011

Hi Stephen!

I adore you! I wish QVC could have Irish days all throughout the year! There is nothing so wonderful as to listen to the brogue from the Emerald Isle and to see all the gorgeous jewelry and collectables that are offered. You are such a mischievous and fun guy - when you and Jane Treacy get together it is dangerous but oh so much fun! I look forward to every visit you make!

Connemara Marble is so amazing and I absolutely love it! In fact as I'm writing I am sitting here looking down on my beautiful connemara marble gold necklace and smiling. I would ownevery piece if I could and maybe over the years I can certainly try!

The stories you tell and the pictures you bring to share just make me feel homesick and I've never even been to Ireland ... YET! I think I'm afraid that if I ever get there, I'll never want to leave :)

Please keep making more stunning pieces and yes, I too think some larger pieces of just the marble would be awesome! I love the jewelry box you created which has the huge cabachon of marble on top. A paperweight idea is a good one as well. Anything you make is fantastic and a joy to own.

Be safe and please come back and visit again soon! I just so enjoy how you love life and are passionate about Connemara Marble and the way you laugh and joke. It always leaves me smiling and you know what they say about Irish eyes! (by the way, mine are green!!! lol)

All the best!

M shopper1350740820.1116 PostsRegistered 10/20/2012
Hi Stephen! We love seeing you 2x each year on QVC. I have you Irish DVD and enjoy it so much. I also have several items of Connemara marble, the latest of which is the cross pendant and necklace from the Sept 4th show. Can you possibly bring us something in Connemara marble such as Irish Wolfhound bookends or an Irish Wolfhound Christmas tree ornament or maybe some Connemara coasters with an Irish Wolfhound on them? I'm fascinating by this noble dog breed and do not believe anyone has thought of it yet. America is chock full of dog lovers! Also, can you please think about producing more Irish content DVDs - such as Irish Legends or Holiday Traditions in Ireland. Thank you so much for all you do!!

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