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Posted by Irish Insights 1346471523.17

The Rose of Tralee Celebration will take place on Tuesday, the 4th of September, and all the Irish guests are excited about the event.

We have our suitcases packed and are heading off to join our friends at QVC.

Watch this video to see us all...

See you soon!!!



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JLLH3581346631598.2035037 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Looking forward to seeing you (even if it's after the fact because I'm working). Love the Irish Days on the Q!! Safe travel to all!

GammaToot1346815273.6972 PostsRegistered 9/4/2012

I love The Rose of Tralee and I am so put out with QVC. Whoever decided to put most of the hours on in the middle of the night and during the work day? I wait all year for this day and March 17 and I feel robbed of the chance to see all of the products brought by our beautiful Irish friends. Please pass my sentaments on to QVC and I hope they will reconsider the programing next year. And, do not program St Pat's Day the same way.

Now that I have ranted... Stephen, you are great. I love your sense of humor and the beautiful Conamara marble you bring. I have several pieces that I enjoy. thank you

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