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Jewelry for the Ages

Last Reply by waterbaby 1244075999 | in Jewelry Talk

I hope everyone enjoyed Vicenza Style. My good friend, David Markstein, the buyer of 14k and 18k gold, has been on-air several times and his love and passion for jewelry is obvious. Here at QVC, David has really been responsible for the incredible breath of our gold jewelry.While watching the shows, I realized that there is something for every age, taste, and pocketbook. This past weekend, I was in Louisiana with my family and realized we now have four generations of ladies and the broad range of jewelry that I would be buying going forward. I have included a picture of this group which in... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1243019912

Happy Spring!

Last Reply by power QVC shopper 1244576237 | in Jewelry Talk

It seems like forever since we were together for our Sincerely Southwest Anniversary show! I hope you are all enjoying your new pieces. Wow, what fun we had that day!!! Thank you for all of your kind words and suggestions!I have been busy traveling these past two months. I have been to London twice for QVC shows, and for my April visit was joined by Susan, my design partner, right hand, and good friend. We spent a few days trend shopping all over the city. We put quite the miles on our poor feet, but still managed to get up out of our seats to dance during an amazing performance of Mama Ma... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Pollack on 1242910406

Dear RLM Studio enthusiasts!

Last Reply by GDE 1282514429.07 | in Jewelry Talk

Better late than never, getting a blog out before my appearance on Friday, but there are many wonderful surprises coming up and I wanted to make sure I had a handle on them all before I wrote this.I will be on from 1-3am ET early Friday morning, (great time for West coast collectors) introducing a few spectacular new pieces from my new Hummingbird group. There will be things we show on air but also other parts of the same group available only on QVC.com on the RLM Studio shop. This show is with Antonella (whom I adore and can't wait to work with again), and there will be many, many items on EZ... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1242873428

Red, White and Blue for Summer

Last Reply by DW Designs Studio 1242888567 | in Jewelry Talk

Three cheers for the red, white and blue! As we head into the major summer holidays, and break out the red white and blue in our fashions and home decor, think about putting these all-American shades together in your gemstone palette. My first thought was ruby, diamond and sapphire, but that could get a little pricey and a little too dressy for a summer backyard party! So, think outside the box when looking to create this patriotic look. My friend Carolyn Pollack who designs Sincerely Southwest for us, calls turquoise, mother of pearl and carnelian the Southwestern version of red white and... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1242747758

Checking In

Last Reply by marcyrr 1244938415 | in Jewelry Talk

I am glad that you all enjoyed Judith Ripka's Anniversary celebration. I agree with Nutsforhandbags that the magnetic ideas are great and really help make Judith's different components interchangeable and so wearable. Waterbaby and Good Luxe Girl, I don't know the answers but have reached out to those that do. Look for a follow-up soon. I did send all of your good wishes to Judith and her team and passed along the requests for additional specific items to Erin and her team. Kiwi, sorry about the mix up and a belated Happy Birthday! The powers that be are aware of the situation. Carolyn1... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1241792481

Everyone is Going Green

Last Reply by Ball Lover 1269102605.59 | in Jewelry Talk

It seems like everyone is going green, and that's a good thing! The month of May is the perfect time to go green in your jewelry box with green gemstones. We all know that emerald is the classic birthstone for May, and we do have some lovely "emerald pieces at qvc.com. But, let's explore some other exotic gems that can fulfill your love of green, like two of my favorites, tsavorite and diopside. Tsavorite is part of the garnet family. I grew up thinking garnets were red, and of course many of them are in fiery shades of red. But green garnet is so cool! Look for some pieces at qvc.com t... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1241720819

A Note From Ralph

Last Reply by Debbie S CA 1281016511.48 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Everyone,I'm Ralph Rossini, the President of Honora Pearls. The reason most of you don't know me is because I'm the guy who is always locked up in the back room watching all the phone calls come in so I can pretty much gauging what all of you like, and occasionally don't like. While I am doing this Joel is on air enjoying himself with all of the wonderful hosts we get to work with. The reason I know Joel is enjoying himself so much is because once in a while I get to go on-air in the United States as I am the presenter for Honora in the United Kingdom. In fact, I will be leaving for Lond... Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1241705414

Opaque Gemstones - Carnelian

Last Reply by pearllady 1241309400 | in Jewelry Talk

It is so hard to answer this question: "What's your favorite gemstone?" I have so many! But this week I thought we'd talk about one of my favorite opaque gemstones, carnelian. Right now it is hotter than ever, and I love it because you can get big, bold, exciting styles at great prices. I also love the color, it looks like paprika! It is from the chalcedony family and was treasured by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Romans thought that the dark carnelian symbolized the male and the light carnelian symbolized the female. They loved to carve it into intaglios. What I love about it tod... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1240869961


Last Reply by Almost Perfect 2 1354210607.007 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi, I'm Joel Schechter the CEO of Honora. Welcome to our blog, where we will update you on our trips to China, new idea and products, happenings at QVC, and industry news from the pearl markets. I'll be writing this blog along with HONORA's President Ralph Rossini who runs the business with me these days. We travel to China together, go on air for QVC (Ralph does QVC in London as well as some US QVC appearances), manage the business day to day and plot the direction of HONORA for the future.Honora is 62 year old family business, now going into our third generation. A lot of people ask about ou... Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1240518350

QVoyager Jewelry Istanbul, Queen of Cities

Last Reply by kiwi55 1240453564 | in Jewelry Talk

One of the most fascinating cities in the world is Istanbul. Straddling two continents, it is a magical mixture of European traditions and Asian passions. Over the centuries, Istanbul has been called many things including Byzantine and Constantinople, and has been part of the Roman, Latin, and Ottoman Empires. QVoyager, Istanbul takes you on a tour of this mystical city and the surrounding areas and will present beautiful silver and 14k gold jewelry from the new Myras Collection by Atasay. I was amazed at the rich history and the thrill of visiting some of the most historic locations in th... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1240429466


Last Reply by Pat22 1241946477 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Everyone!Its time for my first year ANNIVERSARY FOR RLM HOME show.Being split between two hours, first this Thursday night, at 11pm (April 23) and then in the morning at 9am, (April 24), I will be presenting a new theme, a new concept that flows through all the pieces. This theme is of water, of the single drop of water in a still pond, causing radiating concentric circles to flow outwards. It is such a tranquilizing image, and carries several feelings; the slow expansion of energy, meaning that one single drop can cause effect all around it, and also, the calming movement of being in a low... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1240327403

Hello RLM Studio viewers!!

Last Reply by DM Tiara 1241913671 | in Jewelry Talk

We are approaching my first anniversary show for RLM Home, which is such an exciting extension of who I am as a designer, but beyond the jewelry format, into lifestyle products. My anniversary show will be split between two great hours, April 23rd Thursday, at 11pm EST. and then the next morning Friday, the 24th at 9am EST!!!I feel that these times are very convenient for most of you who are already devoted to my design aesthetic and want to be taken for an exhilarating ride into all brand new products for this event. To help promote and kick this show off, I am going on "At Home with Jill" th... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1239900406

30th Edition Diamonique Day!

Last Reply by kiwi55 1240243597 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Everybody, Thank you once again for writing in. I hope all you Ladies of the Judith Ripka Forum really enjoyed Judith's 11th Anniversary Shows. There were so many new fabulous items to choose from. I wanted to thank Bill Pitchford again for being so proactive about quality issues. WhateverLolaWants, Bill's comments about addressing clasps definitely includes cuff bracelet hinges.Please don't miss our 30th Diamonique Day. There are so many beautiful pieces being featured. The rope texture on the Today's Special Value gives it the look of high end designer jewelry. Verragio will laun... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1239822644

April Birthstone-Diamonds

Last Reply by kathyclaire99 1240512835 | in Jewelry Talk

Hey rock stars! I'm back for April with another entry on our favorite subject: gemstones! Most of us love to collect our own birthstone but we all claim a stake in April's gem, the diamond. Even through the history of diamonds goes back to the ancient people, it wasn't until the 16th century that daimonds began to compete with pearls as the gem of choice amongst royalty. In India, diamonds were believed to have magical powers and were not cut and faceted. When diamonds became popular in Europe, the art of cutting diamonds began, first in Venice and later in Paris. You may be like me, bef... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1239390762

Paola Valentini

Last Reply by shopper7 1238886556 | in Jewelry Talk

Sorry that I haven't written sooner but I have been traveling and just got back to the office. I have read every one of your comments and have already forwarded many of them on to the folks that can make things happen. There are several very important issues to be addressed and in my next blog, specific concerns and questions will be focused on. I also spent time on the Judith Ripka Forum and will be discussing many of your dialogues. Thank you all for continuing to write to me and I feel that I am really getting to know many of you. I also wanted to pass along my gratitude for your best ... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1238505810

Going Green

In Jewelry Talk

Our Rock Stars this week center on the color that has taken on a whole new meaning, green. As we all try to be green, why not discover an exotic new green gemstone? QVC is always pushing the limit in bringing new gems, like our olive apatite. (Gorgeous!) Linked to increasing your self confidence, you'll be proud to show off this rare beauty. I'm thrilled malachite is so popular, because it is so lovely. The ancient Egyptians wore malachite as jewelry to ward off evil. Today we wear it for the range of green in each stone. If you are a January baby like me, we have our own green claim to f... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1238174923

What's your favorite gemstone?

Last Reply by devotedtoqvc 1325642860.31 | in Jewelry Talk

Do you have a favorite gemstone? Maybe it's your birthstone, or a gem you've always loved. I fell in love with my favorite gem after coming to QVC. I had never heard of it before (let alone seen one!) but now I love to share my passion for fire opal. It's hot! Also known as "sun opal" or "Mexican opal," it doesn't show the play of color of traditional opal, but the intense color makes it a stunner. Fire opal is a mesmerizing beauty because you rarely see the reddish-orange color in any other gem. Wear it with summery brights spring into summer, but then watch it pop against rich earth to... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1237521584


Last Reply by AllHeart 1309915414.447 | in Jewelry Talk

Hello all of you who watched and shopped and called and helped make my March 16th such a fun day. Selling out the TSV by noon was such an exciting thing for all of the QVC company and my little staff as well. What was so fascinating to us behind the scenes, was how the heart and the cross were selling equally well all the time, running neck to neck, 50/50 up to the last hour or so. I love all the callers who were able to make it through to me, (I didn't realize it was such a tricky thing to do!!!). We were also pleased to be able to find a US contractor who could make the completed, original... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1237407095

Rainbow of Colors

Last Reply by Lady E 1237248723 | in Jewelry Talk

Since everyone is talking about color in fashion, no wonder gemstone jewelry is so popular! Gems must have three properties; they must be beautiful, durable and rare. That certainly describes the gems we treasure today! Here are colors we are focusing on this week:For smoky brown there is nothing better than smoky quartz. It's a fairly affordable gem you can indulge in larger carat weights. It is also known as the gem of the Scottish Highlands. pretty in pink perfectly describes pink tourmaline, although this gem occurs in many other colors. Its name means "mixed gem" due to all the col... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1236945751

Smashingly Fab TSV !!

Last Reply by Sue~z~que 1237251681 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Everyone,I am so crazy busy designing new jewelry and home products for QVC that I almost forgot to write this blog for my big show day March 16th!!! I know many of you have seen glimpses of my TSV already and the reactions have been very positive. Besides the extreme wearability of this new piece (s) it is drop dead signature RLM Studio, and it will be not only on EZ pay but free shipping and handling as well!In fact I know that there will be lots of EZ pay for my work on Monday, so it should help you make your shopping a lot more fun. Remember, I will be on (EST) from midnight-2am, 10am-... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1236873576

Getting back to you

Last Reply by waterbaby 1238350494 | in Jewelry Talk

I hope you all enjoyed Big Bonanza Silver Day and I forgot to mention that I was going to be on-air five or six times during the day. Did anyone see me? Could you tell I have gained weight? Oh well!Be sure and tune in for Carolyn Pollack's TSV and shows on March 8. It is extremely versatile and will also look great with your existing jewelry. Carolyn is such a good friend and one of the sweetest, talented people I know. She is gorgeous inside and out. PatPrende, Carolyn has a blog and it is terrific.Thank you again for your comments and especially the kind words about the blog. It is r... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1236459496

Gem Gallery Kick Off!

Last Reply by ravenhair 1311832922.6 | in Jewelry Talk

Welcome to my new blog on gems...."Jane's Rock stars!" I love presenting gems on air but never feel we have enough time together, so here we can chat about our favorites and share the stories of gems. "What's your favorite color?" That's a question we can answer from the time we are about two! Now that we are all grown up we can still find our favorite color in this week's Gem Gallery featuring a rainbow of gems! Rainbow designs have always been a classic in gemstone jewelry, but now the rainbow includes exotic hues and unusual combinations. A rainbow has long been a symbol of hope and insp... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1236290397

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Last Reply by MissPammy 1240378077 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Everyone!First, I would like to apologize for not being in touch sooner. The good news is that we have been very busy here at Relios, getting all of our new collections ready for our 6th Anniversary Sincerely Southwest event on March 7th and 8th!!! I am so honored to be a part of QVC's International Women's Day celebration. It will be wonderful to be in the company of so many incredible female entrepreneurs over the two days. We will be introducing 8 new collections in addition to the Today's Special Value and its coordinating pieces! I hope you can join me, beginning at 11:00pm ET on ... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Pollack on 1236262675

Q&A with Carolyn

Last Reply by brcala 1256046063 | in Jewelry Talk

How did you get started? Even as a young teenager, I loved designing my own clothing, especially special occasion dresses. My mother is an incredible seamstress, and she would somehow bring everything to life, with only my rough sketch and description as her pattern. Thank goodness she was amazingly patient! My first involvement with jewelry was just out of college with a large fashion jewelry company. As soon as I moved to New Mexico and met my husband, Bill, I was immersed in our Southwestern culture, natural beauty, and the importance of bold jewelry. I was hooked! What inspires you?The n... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Pollack on 1236024910

Wow wow wow

Last Reply by justyo 1237058942 | in Jewelry Talk

Dear Forum Friends,Wow wow wow, You want to know what I have been doingsince Designer Day? Working my fingers to the bone making jewelry for Donna Karan to use in her fashion show. Donna Karan was featured February 17th on the cover of Women's Wear Daily, a fashion industry newspaper. What is so exciting is that this is the power of influence right here. I have been collaborating with fashion designers for decades, but this DK/RLM team work for fashion week may be one of the most important ever.On another note, my heart goes out to Cachica for the loss of her sister! I will be back on March... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1235683482

Big Bonanza Silver Sale

Last Reply by indy55 1237953200 | in Jewelry Talk

Thank you all very much for the wonderful comments. I really appreciate your sharing the positive and the opportunities. Every comment has been read and actions are in the works. My next blog will address specifics.The upcoming Big Bonanza Silver Sale is going to be fantastic. There are so many fabulous pieces throughout the day. The themes this year are varied and many new looks will be featured. Vibrant colors of silver will be introduced including silver, yellow, rose, chocolate, and two brand new colors, blue and purple. Be sure and tune in for the launch of the Today's Special Valu... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1235588477

OH MY Goodness!!!

Last Reply by wingnut5 1239196316 | in Jewelry Talk

What a crazy rush for the blue topaz ring!!!Be calm, don't worry, there will be enough for all. We hear you and are getting all ready to present that piece as well as some very fun new items, and the big great newsIS that I get an extra hour on the 8th! ((((10am-11am.))))And we have a super TRY ME for that hour. Thanks for all your comments all of you who took the time to do so...I want to acknowledge the beautiful comment under my last post by Endoqueen and how art and beauty can help us in this shifting world. Got to race off before the messenger gets here to take all my new samples up to... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1233865260

Sterling Designer Gallery Event

Last Reply by treddinH2O 1234980226 | in Jewelry Talk

I love all the comments, please keep them coming! Right now I am sitting at my desk with trays of jewelry from the upcoming Sterling Designer Gallery. WOW, what a spread. There is so much to talk about but I have to start with Judith Ripka .Judith's Today's Special Value is stunning. The choice of tiger's eye, Turquoise, and Diamonique or Amethyst, Mother of Pearl, and Diamonique is right on and has the look of high end couture. The 18k gold leaf is gorgeous and resembles, to paraphrase Ella B, an impressionist masterpiece. The gold leaf, used in Judith's pieces is actually a very thin ... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1233850744

Ladies of the Jewelry Forum,

Last Reply by MDK 1241848632 | in Jewelry Talk

Thank you for posting your gut feelings about so many things. I find it so important to listen to your likes and dislikes, what turns you on and off. I understand your objections to any kind of sales pitch that seems less than genuine, Even though we have had a lot of dramatic discussions regarding a certain cuff of mine that seems to have had some lemons in the batch, it is really in the best interests of myself and QVC to make sure you get top quality jewelry. Thank you for your voice. I am sure I will be more on my toes when I speak on air, as what you are saying here is that you want real ... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1233609566

Getting Back to You

Last Reply by IQINREADING 1235787013 | in Jewelry Talk

Did you watch the Golden Globes? WOW, the important necklaces and the large dangle earrings were on almost all of the top stars. The two that really caught my eye were the 200 carat diamond platinum necklace and the fabulous turquoise and diamond bib necklace. Several also had either multiple thin bracelets stacked up or big, bold bangles. The last few blogs have been about the QVoyager and I hope you enjoyed the shows. I want to concentrate now on your comments and questions. Thank you, Usamarsha for the question about chemicals in the jewelry box/storage keepers that we sell here at QV... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1232998180

An Exciting Week

Last Reply by MakeAChange 1239131215 | in Jewelry Talk

The week of January 19 is going to be a giant week for our country and also here at QVC. The historic event will be celebrated live from the Creative coalition Inauguration Ball in Washington DC. I will be watching from my bed in Richmond while recouping from a little minor medical procedure.The week really began here at QVC on January 19 with an adorable Hello Kitty Today's Special Value for Diamonique. I sat with Scott, our buyer, and he showed me some of their new designs. WOW, so cute but with the look of fine jewelry. The Today's Special Value was a Hello Kitty Diamonique Sterling Zodi... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1232347111

Happy New Year!

Last Reply by DEANNA 1240433015 | in Jewelry Talk

I am looking forward to being with you all on January 20th for two shows. We will have 3 hours of fun at 1:00am with Sharon and lots of laughs with Rick for 2 hours at 10:00pm. I plan to pop in on Shawn during QCheck, as well. There will be some exciting new collections to explore, as well as many new pieces to match what you may have picked up in recent shows. I am so proud to bring you jewelry that is made right here in America as part of this special Inauguration Day celebration on QVC! I am thankful that we are all busy here at Relios designing and crafting many new collections for yo... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Pollack on 1232335162

Leaving today for London

Last Reply by deja vu 1233189146 | in Jewelry Talk

Dear Ones, I am leaving today for London to do a QVC show there on the 14th, but wanted to post another note to you, primarily assuring you who are interested, the blue topaz Butterfly ring will be in the next show, Feb. 8. It's so wonderful that a few of you were able to spot it and buy it and get it on your fingers before they made it vanish in thin air, held back for February 's Designer day.One very inspiring note I got from you, which was a letter posted to my blog of Oct 29, ELECTION DAY!! from "reluctant customer". Her entire post is so breathtakingly beautiful it gives me goose bumps.... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1231781290

Hello dear friends

Last Reply by Tiki Mommy 1231724634 | in Jewelry Talk

Hello my dear friends,Pat 22, Merrywood, Swimmom. Miss Lynn, DM Tiara, Sammycat, Elvez 5, Lady CD, Arldeb, Godfreako. MsKringle,luviamese, Texasgirl2, Cachica, Imadancer, Barb 40, Justyo. Lovetosing, Budsmom, TawnyPa, Ginny 11, Lola, Winan, Auers1, AuntVwelladornedwife, Oceanjade, dakotaxcheryl, lovie1, on and on and many many more....I have to get this off for tomorrow early so I just wanted to acknowledge you all , and to tell you that I am doing my best, under the circumstance of having to design nonstop in my studio every day, to stop and read the forum, see what you are saying and need. ... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1231436425

Slinky Cuff Blooper!!!

Last Reply by Charmed~Jenna 1231457580 | in Jewelry Talk

For those of you who were watching my New Years night show, you may have caught the hystericalmoment when I told Lisa Mason that one could spread the hammered wires out a bit (to make it even moreairy) and that it wouldn't harm the cuff, and then the camera zooms in to show her spreading the wires, andBINGO she breaks the thing in half! And she continued without missing a beat to sell the cuff, and I, like Lisawas so stunned that I missed the golden opportunity to say something funny and lighten the moment.Nevertheless, it is live TV, and anything can happen, and NO I do not recommend that you... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1231188591

Gem Gallery

Last Reply by Usamarsha 1231296796 | in Jewelry Talk

Greetings from St Augustine, Florida where I am spending a long New Year's weekend with family and friends. It is 70 degrees today and not a cloud in the sky. Wish you were all here.I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's holiday and were able to tune in for part of the QVoyager live from Vienna. It was quite an extravaganza with Lisa Robertson in a ball gown from the Albertina in the Hofburg Palace.The Gem Gallery launches January 4, and highlights some of the most rare and beautiful gemstones from around the world. Our designers have been working on new ideas to start out your new ye... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1230935964

New Year's Eve and Day

In Jewelry Talk

One of the most famous New Year's celebrations in the world takes place in Vienna. On New Year's Eve royalty and commoners alike gather at the Hofburg Palace for the Imperial Ball. The revelers are treated to a royal banquet and are graced by an appearance by the Empress and Emperor. Throughout the evening waltzes are held throughout the ball rooms and main halls. The Director of the Imperial Ball took me on a private tour of the main ballroom and it is spectacular. At the end of the Imperial Ballroom, is a giant mural of the royal waltz. Our designers have recreated this in a limited ed... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1230687369

Vienna Palaces

In Jewelry Talk

On many summer mornings, Empress Elizabeth could be found having breakfast in the Gloriette on top of Schonbrunn hill overlooking the Great Parterre (or great lawn) and the Palace. Built in 1775, it allows a spectacular view of Schonbrunn Palace and its many imperial buildings. The central section of the Gloriette formed by three triumphant arches and the intricate swag over each arch inspired several exclusive Diamonique QVoyager Vienna designs. Standing at the bottom of the Gloriette, gazing at Schonbrunn, I could imagine the Emperor and Empress walking hand in hand through the beautiful ... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1230325357

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Last Reply by Jersey Born 1231341376 | in Jewelry Talk

And I will be right there, on New Year's Day in prime time to present a fabulous two hour show (9-11pm EST)Yes it is true, the show will have ONLY ALL NEW DESIGNS. This is symbolic of my feelings for going forward into 2009, of re-inventing myself yet again, and the spirit behind QVC with the theme of “New Beginnings”.Even though the times are rough financially for everyone in the world right now, life does go on, and it is my conviction that my work is entirely about making spirits soar, mine as well as all who behold it. We need art to cheer us and help create a feeling of well-being in time... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1230147747

QVoyager Vienna - Empress Elizabeth

In Jewelry Talk

Thank you Pat for sending me the link to the Judith Ripka creative writing dialogue. What a wonderful story and so true. Early next year, I will start addressing your comments and concerns once again. Right now I want to continue on our journey to magical Vienna.QVoyager, live from Vienna, on New Year's Eve and Day will feature exclusive jewelry inspired by architecture, music, nature, and the Austrian Royal Family. Our designers have created a magnificent selection of Diamonique Jewelry that will denote the beauty, history and celebration that has been a part of the culture of Vienna thro... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1230139787

What is the most beautiful city in the world?

Last Reply by fillefroid 1229624531 | in Jewelry Talk

Some may say Paris, others San Francisco; some may even say New York. I just returned from a magical place that is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world but also totally immersed in the holiday spirit whether it is through the thousands of lights cascading through the trees sparkling like jewels, or the Christmas villages scattered about serving punch, playing festive music, and selling local holiday crafts, or the magnificent decorations turning palaces into royal extravaganzas.What city was founded about 500 BC as a Celtic settlement, became part of the Roman Empire in 15BC... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1229547500

A Very Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Last Reply by Sherlock1 1231889965 | in Jewelry Talk

I hope you all have plans to do whatever brings you joy this holiday season! Bill and I will be celebrating Christmas in our favorite traditional New Mexico style. Christmas Eve will take us to Santa Fe, where we will have an early dinner at the romantic Geronimo Restaurant. Then we'll take a stroll along charming Canyon Road, which will be all aglow with luminarias and farolitos where families will gather to warm their hands and spontaneously join in Christmas carols. The galleries open their doors and hearts with warm cider, posole, and bizcochitos for all. It is simply magical.Next, we... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Pollack on 1229360447

Why buy jewelry?

Last Reply by grooviechickie 1229812861 | in Jewelry Talk

Why buy jewelry during the holidays? While the stock market has more ups and downs than the roller coaster (The Griffon) at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg and we are told to tighten our belts tighter than the contestants on the Biggest Loser, why indeed, should we buy jewelry? It's not as if we have to adorn ourselves to keep warm during the winter or that we can run our cars on gold.It really is about the importance of jewelry in our lives. What better way to say I love you than with that special ring or pendant. During tough times it is so important that we reach out to those we love with... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1229017015

My Favorite Gifts

Last Reply by Saint Louis Gal 1228396838 | in Jewelry Talk

My family always has one request-Jewelry! My Mother, two sisters, three nieces, and four great nieces have come to expect jewelry for Christmas. OK, my one year old great niece, and the one to be born in March aren't quite ready yet, but they will learn very quickly. This year my Mother, Sisters, and two of my nieces will receive pieces from Judith Ripka's collection. I can't tell you which pieces, because they read my blogs, but will let you know some of my favorites.One of my favorite rings is J24946, especially in mint or champagne quartz. Another is J38321 because it looks just like p... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1227718792

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Last Reply by MsLynn 1229978522 | in Jewelry Talk

I am so excited about my THIRD show for RLM Home, which is on November 24th at 2pm EST. This is a photo from my last show, Nov. 5th, showing the TSV extra, my rectangular metal platter which is a beautiful center piece for a table by itself, but for the flash of it we showed three end on end just to give ideas as how to dress up a longer table. We had an amazing bamboo cutting board and a whole new color for the dishes: rich chocolate brown. There is also lots of new accessories to go with the "Tablet" flatware, serving pieces, and an elegant flatware chest, among many other new items, cheese... Continue Reading

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Robert Lee Morris on 1227125360

What's Happening Around the Q

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So much has been going on since we last spoke. I hope everyone enjoyed Diamonique Week. Scott and his team out did themselves creating new, hot (one of the young buyers at QVC told me I was out of date and should say fierce instead of hot) items. Did you all have a chance to tune in for the premier of the QVoyager? The footage from Brazil and the spectacular Tourmaline product was not to be missed. Please let me know what you think of the four blogs I wrote on Brazil. A special ola to RGC who is originally from Sao Paulo. I have to tell you how much I love your beautiful, passionate ho... Continue Reading

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Happy Holiday Season!

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We are really getting into the spirit here in New Mexico, as the temperature dropped below freezing last night! It is hard to believe that my last QVC visit for the year is coming up on November 17th! We will have a fun-filled two hour Sincerely Southwest show at 3:00pm. I am really excited about the new collections, as well as some great additions to some of your favorites! And, there is a special surprise twist to our Hot Pick for the day that you won't want to miss! I want to thank you all for a fun Balloon Fiesta celebration on October 23rd! We are busy designing some new pieces to co... Continue Reading

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How did I get to have a two hour show in PRIME TIME, 8-10 pm EST, on Election Day, Nov 4th ????? Dear Viewers,I HOPE SOMEONE will be watching me,(even though I wish I was watching the Election Returns,) but instead, I get to be on live with LISA ROBERTSON!!!YOU get to SWITCH BETWEEN CHANNELS!!!! How dear viewers, did this amazing bit of timing happen? Promise that you will tune in to my new collections, andhelp celebrate the beginning of a new era, A NEW ERA IN AMERICA And so we move towards a new era of change, for everyone, reinvention, rebuilding, reconstruction and new life, join me and ... Continue Reading

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Southwestern Balloon Fiesta

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Hi Everyone!Wow, October has been a wonderfully busy month. It started out in London, where we celebrated the 15th Birthday of QVC UK! When I arrived back in New Mexico I had one day to prepare to host ten of my female relatives from Minnesota in a birthday celebration for my mom in Santa Fe and at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta! We had a blast!! I will never forget the moments we shared and my Aunt Jenny's tears of joy as we watched 700 balloons dancing in a perfect Albuquerque sky, including most of the special shapes....kissing bumble bees, a smiling daisy, the humungous d... Continue Reading

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QVoyager Premier

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I hope you are enjoying QVoyager and our whirlwind trip to Brazil. The most adventurous part of our journey begins today. We are actually traveling deep into the mountains of Minas Gerais, the richest gemstone mining area in the world, to the tourmaline mines. The unpaved road winding through the mountains was very rough and had death defying hairpin curves. More than once, while moving way too fast, I looked over the edge and saw the spectacular, but very deep valley. Whenever we would turn a curve and the sun would come out, the road would sparkle. We finally stopped and walking ... Continue Reading

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