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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Last Reply by Charmed~Jenna 1259596740 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Everyone, When I started to write this week's blog, thoughts of the economy, the situation overseas, American's out of work, H1N1, etc. weighed me down. But I started thinking of all the positive things going on and all the blessings in my life, such as my family, job, friends, home, health, etc. and I decided that overall things were pretty good.I decided it was time to get in the Christmas spirit and, after all, Christmas is only a month or so away. Wow, where did the year go? I looked back at the blog written last year about potential presents and was pleased to see it still rings tr... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1259158310

It's Time For Our Spectacular Holiday Item!

Last Reply by Carolynne 1263331589 | in Jewelry Talk

Here at Honora, we set a challenge for ourselves, to offer you a one of a kind value on QVC for the holiday season. We always do this to ensure that you have the perfect pearl gift or better yet a special treat for yourself. It is always a great opportunity for us to try and push the boundaries of the affordable, yet high quality nature of Freshwater Pearls.We took the idea of value to heart when creating this years holiday Today's Special Value. Our earring set with six pairs of 6-7MM dangle earrings in a choice of our most popular classic colors or a selection of our newest exotic pearl c... Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1258780176

It's a Girl!

Last Reply by Linda in Ohio 1259062504 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Everyone! Our daughter Tiffany gave birth to our first grandchild this past week. Everyone is thrilled and healthy. Being true artists, Tiffany and her husband Andrew named her Easter Lily! Tiffany's favorite holiday is Easter, and Andrew's favorite flower is the lily. I can't wait to hold her; they will be coming to Albuquerque for Christmas. I think I am subconsciously trying to hurry the Christmas season along, I decorated my house this weekend, as well as our store..... tree and all!To add to the excitement Miles, our son, just returned safely to New Mexico after spending the fire... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Pollack on 1258395052

Holiday Season

Last Reply by babcias5 1260301478 | in Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of year. There is nothing better than giving gifts, sharing memories with family and friends, and making new ones. I always find myself spending hours trying to find the perfect gifts, and I am sure that you do, too. Over the years, I have found that one of the best jewelry gifts to give a woman is a pair of earrings - why? One size fits all! I am excited to debut a pair of new gemstone hoop earrings on my upcoming shows on Saturday, November 14 and Sunday, November 15. Every woman loves a classic hoop shape, and the rich colored stones give ... Continue Reading

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Judith Ripka on 1258146867

Great Designers

Last Reply by hav2byit 1298321033.157 | in Jewelry Talk

I hope you all enjoyed the launch of Gregg Ruth Luxe and the fabulous Barbara Bixby. Barbara's initial pendant was so unique and the detail work so beautifully done. Hang on to your hats, the upcoming visit with Judith Ripka is a perfect time to pick up that special item on your wish list or a present for someone very specialThis will be the last time that Judith's gorgeous Sterling Diamonique Heart Enhancer with Leather Cord will be offered at the Introductory Price. It has always been one of my favorites and not only is it reversible but it can be used on many of her other chords.Judith'... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1257966555

Celebrate with Citrine!

In Jewelry Talk

You don't have to be a November baby to be a rock star in your golden citrine! This glowing gem has become the popular choice for the November birthdays. Originally the birthstone was golden topaz, but rarity and price made that one tough to collect so we now go for citrine. Known as the "merchant stone" because it symbolizes prosperity and wealth, people believed citrine could ban negativity and increase self esteem. This precious form of quartz is often mined where amethyst, its sister stone, is found. Today citrine is the color of November. When we think of golden leaves falling from ... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1257964978

Sorry I missed you this morning!

Last Reply by Kitten 08 1259026067 | in Jewelry Talk

Make sure you are washing your hands...A LOT! I thought I was. Unfortunately, I must have missed an opportunity as I have the flu! I was so hoping to be with you this morning but had no voice! But no fear, QVC is taking good care of me. Please join me NEXT MONDAY, November, 16th, same time, same place to celebrate my 8th anniversary.Oh! I have also been invited to join you on Tuesday, December 8th during Gifts of Distinction event.See you then! Continue Reading

13 replies
Ann King on 1257879606

Barbara Bixby Unveils Honora's Newest Pearl Color!

Last Reply by Loyal2Q 1258181212 | in Jewelry Talk

We have created a new color and could not be more excited about it, but we will not be offering it through Honora quite yet. Recently you may have noticed Honora Pearls appearing in some of our favorite designer's jewelry including Judith Ripka and Michael Dawkins. We are also big fans of Barbara Bixby and have been providing the pearls for her intricate and unique designs for several years now. Recently when Barbara was visiting our offices, our new Indigo colored pearls caught her discerning eye and she asked to use these in some of her newest designs.Barbara was so enthusiastic about the... Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1257709003

It's great to be 8..... AGAIN!

Last Reply by sadierose09 1321051649.173 | in Jewelry Talk

As my mom would too often say, “Rise and Shine”! And on Tuesday, November 10th that's what I'll be celebrate my 8th Anniversary on QVC. Let's have breakfast together, shall we, from 5AM - 7AM. I drink my coffee black! How about you?It is great to be 8 again. To celebrate, I've designed EIGHT NEW GORGEOUS STYLES JUST FOR YOU! There are fab gift items to help you with your holiday shopping for those near and dear to you. But, don't worry, I didn't forget you! There are several special styles for you to make your very own! I can't wait for you to see my new exciting silhouet... Continue Reading

7 replies
Ann King on 1257367724

Honora and Bare Escentuals - A Perfect Match

Last Reply by das 1257473427 | in Jewelry Talk

For a while now, those of you who follow us on Facebook or Twitter have heard us hinting about our "Super Secret Project." Thankfully, we can finally spill the beans (although those of you who read the QVC Insider probably know what we are about to say) and tell you that Honora and Bare Escentuals have worked together to create something new and exciting! Leslie and the team at Bare Escentuals have developed an amazing new 10-piece kit called Beautiful in Pearls featuring their 100% pure bareMinerals that have been infused with Honora Freshwater Pearls. When we finally saw what they had crea... Continue Reading

2 replies
Honora Jewelry on 1257348022

Gregg Ruth

Last Reply by Chmiel 1257801684 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi,Hi, sorry but I had the product times backwards. Audrey's ring and the fancy colored earrings will be in the 5:00 pm show with Mary Beth. Please tune in.I am so excited about the launch on QVC of one of the true luxury brands in America. On Friday, November 6, during the Discover Diamonique 22nd Anniversary with Jane Treacy, my good friend, Gregg Ruth, will launch Gregg Ruth Luxe for Diamonique. Gregg has been a personal friend of mine for almost 30 years and I have always admired his talents and magnificent jewelry.Gregg creates jewelry that is both timeless and trendsetting. He has be... Continue Reading

5 replies
Peyton Kelley on 1257344839

Happy Halloween!

Last Reply by mystar 1257222012 | in Jewelry Talk

Thank you all for joining me for our shows on October 20th! Wow, can you believe November is here? It really hit me this morning as I woke up to 15 degree weather and a beautiful blanket of snow! Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me! Here is a photo I took this morning from our living room window. I am on my way to London, so I won't be home to greet the kiddos. I just love Halloween, seeing all the kids out and about rather than in front of their computers or TV's. My mom always made the holiday special, dressing up as a witch to answer the door, and making elaborate costumes for each... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Pollack on 1256841663

New Show! Savor® - 14K Gold-Bonded Jewelry

Last Reply by JayneH 1256939445 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Everybody,Hope you are all enjoying the fall weather. The leaves are so beautiful right now and I hope to drive up through the Shenandoah Mountains this weekend (unless we have another thunderstorm).On Wednesday, October 28 at 8:00 PM a new show will launch that is very cool. The brand name is Savor® and it is a 14k gold bonded jewelry show. As you know, gold has jumped more than 40% in price this year. QVC searched for a way to bring beautiful gold jewelry but at affordable prices. This bonded process is not jewelry that has been dipped in gold or just plated. It is actually a unique... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1256558458

Ear Wire Woes? Let us help!

Last Reply by marion325h 1280600207.727 | in Jewelry Talk

Earrings can be a girl's best friend or biggest fear, especially when it comes to the more delicate ear wire styles that are so popular these days. Oftentimes we hear about women changing these earrings over to a more substantial lever back style or shying away from this style all together. If you love this lighter pearl look, there is no need to be afraid! Especially if you take a few easy steps to ensure that these earrings are secure.Ear wire earrings are a clear favorite of the women in our office, so we decided to ask the true experts on tips for overcoming your ear wire fears! After ... Continue Reading

3 replies
Honora Jewelry on 1256307379

Gem Fest Anniversary!

In Jewelry Talk

We are 21! Do you remmeber how exciting it was to turn 21? Do I have to tell you how many years ago it was for me??!! It is a milestone event, and Thursday evening from 10pm to midnight eastern time we celebrate the 21st anniversary of Gem Fest on QVC. We have special guests dropping by including Joel Schecter of Honora and Michael O'Conner from Affinity Diamond Jewlery. Just about everything in the show has an anniversary special or is new! We will see a stunning new blue tournaline bought just for this show, and the final introductory price on our huge carat weight bracelet. Celebrat... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1256128420

Dear RLM studio enthusiasts,

Last Reply by KnoelBaby 1257754929 | in Jewelry Talk

Here is a photo of Susan and me as we celebrated my award from Stars of Design event held in the penthouse cafe of the D&D building in New York City, a few weeks back. This is an event that honors leaders in the field of art, architecture, interior design, graphics, photography, product development, and the like. It was a real honor for me to be in the company of such major names in the design industry!!I am coming back on air for my next RLM Home show and it is going to be a dilly. (love that word from my childhood). The theme will be the holidays of 2009, with many giftable items that wo... Continue Reading

8 replies
Robert Lee Morris on 1256055672

Looking forward to Tuesday's shows!

Last Reply by mickeysgirl 1255968271 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Friends! I am back in Philadelphia for my 3 Day 60 Mile walk and am happy to report that our team, Elise's Army, is the number one fundraising team in Philadelphia! It is going to be a cold, wet weekend, calling for plenty of layering, rain ponchos, and hand warmers!October has been such a fun month. Of all the seasons, autumn is my favorite. I love the smell of green chiles roasting over a fire, football, sweaters, bonfires, and most of all Balloon Fiesta! It is such a wonderful, happy event that truly brings people together from around the world! The same thing happened in my store!... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Pollack on 1255723827

Silver Marketplace

Last Reply by grooviechickie 1255986601 | in Jewelry Talk

Thank you all so much for the warm thoughts and prayers. Mother is stable but will be in the hospital at least another 30 days or so. The ten days (and nights) that I spent with her in the hospital were so special. She has a long road ahead but I know that she will do it.I have not had time to speak with Erin and her team about Judith's fabulous show on Sunday but will have more to report later in my next blog.If you can, please tune in this afternoon for a two hour Silver Marketplace with Jane Treacy and yours truly. There are some beautiful favorites along with four new items. The ring ... Continue Reading

4 replies
Peyton Kelley on 1255615691

Pretty in Pink!

Last Reply by eschy136 1277530446.63 | in Jewelry Talk

As we recognize breast cancer awareness month - we have Shoes on Sale to benefit breast cancer research and education, along with the shoe of the day and many styles at - I thought it would be fun to think pink when it comes to gemstones! Pink tends to be a rare color in the gem world, and so is often quite pricey. But we have more pink gems at QVC than ever before, and it is thanks to the exotic gems we now have in our assortment. One pale lovely pink gem is morganite. It is part of the beryl family that gives us emeralds and aquamarine, and is a soft delicate shade of pink. Tourm... Continue Reading

4 replies
Jane Treacy on 1255122212

Colors of Fall

Last Reply by donnaluby 1258142231 | in Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka

Like most women, I lean towards grays and blacks as wardrobe staples, because they are classic and easy. But, as most of you know by now, my passion is color, and I always like to add my own modern twist. I love color in my clothing, my art and especially my jewelry. So, yesterday, as I was strolling up Madison Avenue with my girl friends, I felt like a kid in a candy store, because every major luxury brand is now featuring exciting new fall product, all rich in color. I think it took us almost an hour to walk 10-blocks, because we had to stop and discuss our favorites at each window. We ... Continue Reading

28 replies
Judith Ripka on 1255115346

Exceptional Value Meets High Quality

Last Reply by CuriousGeorgetta 1302413913.243 | in Jewelry Talk

As Freshwater Pearls evolve, we continue to see a greater availability of the near round pearls that jewelry lovers covet. The challenge has always been bringing these high quality round pearls to QVC at the right price. After our most recent overseas buying trip, we found that the prices for these near round goods are on the rise. With this in mind, we are thrilled that we were able to collect a large amount of these pearls before the rising prices and offer a value that we just do not think we will see again.We don't often focus on individual designs on this blog, but this Friday we are b... Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1255029470

See you soon

Last Reply by serendipitygirl 1255032014 | in Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka

Hello friends, Last night I saw the movie, The September Issue, the documentary about the making of the ever famous September issue of VOGUE magazine. Year after year, fashion enthusiasts turn to VOGUE to learn about the trends of the season and how they can fuse them with their own personal style. What was most fascinating to me about the movie was how influential VOGUE is in not only setting the pace for America's fashion trends for consumers, but also for designers. So, you can only imagine how exciting it was for me the first time my jewelry graced the pages of this renowned fashion bib... Continue Reading

11 replies
Judith Ripka on 1254868008

Creede Silver Sale

Last Reply by judyakm 1255361214 | in Jewelry Talk

Hello from Louisiana,I am writing this from the hospital where my mother is recovering from major surgery. She is stable but not doing very well. I will keep you posted and hopefully have good news going forward.I was supposed to be part of the big Creede Silver event tomorrow. There are several fabulous Artisan Crafted items that I was going to be on air with to tell their stories and how they were made. Please watch for the magnificent cuff with Lisa Robertson. It is very bold and has a striking combination of coral and black onyx. Rick Domeier also has a gorgeous gemstone necklace in a cho... Continue Reading

17 replies
Peyton Kelley on 1254402867

Creede is coming!

Last Reply by KailaS 1254527542 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi! Even though all day Friday is all about silver, it will also have some awesome gem pieces during the day. I was just chatting with our buyer Aliison who just returned form a whirlwind trip to many countries, and she was saying what an exciting time it is for sterling and gems. Many major gem vendors who only worked in gold and gems are now working in sterling and producing some dazzling pieces. Here's a sneak peek of a couple of gems coming up on Friday during the Creede Silver Sale (I'll be with you from 8 to 11am eastern time):You'll see gems that are deeply saturated in color, like chr... Continue Reading

2 replies
Jane Treacy on 1254340421

There is so much to talk about!!!

Last Reply by k9mama 1254885109 | in Jewelry Talk

I want to thank you all for a wonderful show on Designer Day! I haven't had a chance to catch up with you because Bill and I left immediately for Hilton Head Island, and we had a rule, no computers!! It was wonderful to see Bill relaxing for the first time in months! We played tennis everyday, rode bikes all over the island, were visited by dolphins while we kayaked, and ate fish every day! We are rested, rejuvenated, and excited to get back to work. I returned to many smiling faces at Relios, happy that our new collections; Moondance, Mojave Lily, Sweet Dreams, and Flower Berry were so p... Continue Reading

1 replies
Carolyn Pollack on 1254250518

More Travel News

Last Reply by Charmed~Jenna 1253813160 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi All,We are now in Bangkok, known as the Land of Smiles. Allison, the Gemstone Buyer and would like to share some expieriences from our trip through India.Allison writes:"Hello and greetings from our epic trip across the world. This is my first time to all of the coutries we will be traveling to, and what an exciting and multi-cultural experience it has been so far!My trip started in Jaipur, which has long been a center for gemstone cutting. Many of the gemstones that are mined all over the world are brought to Jaipur to be cut and faceted for jewelry. I was able to see first hand how a rou... Continue Reading

2 replies
Peyton Kelley on 1253623841

More to Come!

Last Reply by AMRC 1254203844 | in Jewelry Talk

Thanks to all of you who tuned into the live premiere of Jane's Rock Stars! I had so much fun, just the energy was different from a usual gem show. We are working towards more Jane's Rock Stars shows for 2010, and our buyer is specifically looking for true rock star gem pieces. We will see bold pieces in opaque jewelry, like agate and carnelian and of course, turquoise. In fact, any category will be represented, from exotics to favorites like garnet and sapphire. Please continue to post your suggestions and requests below, because I read them and our buying team reads them and we want ... Continue Reading

5 replies
Jane Treacy on 1253300407

Getting Back to You

Last Reply by waterbaby 1253991878 | in Jewelry Talk

It seems like I am always passing on information to the buyers, planning, or other big shots and can't usually let you know info right away. Fran (waterbaby), I'm glad that you enjoyed Judith's recent show. The Amethyst/Peridot ring will arrive at QVC in the next six weeks. The turquoise/Diamonique drop earring is also on order and should arrive here in the next 3 months. SaintLouisGal, the Green Goddess Enhancer was cut from the last show because of time. It will be presented in the next show. It was available for purchase on line during the August show but was removed when the presenta... Continue Reading

6 replies
Peyton Kelley on 1253133075

Dear dear RLM Studio friends,

Last Reply by SKT 1285200835.71 | in Jewelry Talk

My 6 year old teacup Boston Terrier Jigs wants to know when she can sit on my lap when I am on air on QVC! Every time I leave for a few days, she suffers, and then follows my every footstep for days after I get back to New York.Thank you all for sticking with me on my 11th Anniversary, a three day blowout. I hope you had the opportunity to catch some of the shows. There were so many wonderful new pieces spread through out the shows. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites, if you missed them on air, check out .com -Mended Heart EnhancerJ141225 - if you love my hearts, here is a new o... Continue Reading

24 replies
Robert Lee Morris on 1253116447

Keep This Private...

Last Reply by Kett 1252952697 | in Jewelry Talk

We cannot wait for our upcoming Today's Special Value, but we have to admit, we are hesitant to even mention it. It is not because we don't think you are going to love the piece, in fact we are particularly proud of this one. We just worry that there will not be enough to go around. This is because on September 14th, we are officially bringing the first Honora Private Reserve TSV to QVC! When it comes to larger orders it can often takes us a very long time to collect enough pearls that meet our quality requirements. This upcoming necklace was no exception as it took us over two years to c... Continue Reading

3 replies
Honora Jewelry on 1252690497

Hello everyone,

Last Reply by msmeow 1252966588 | in Jewelry Talk

Well, Sterling Designer day is over and I am nearly caught up with my sleep and rested.I did not wear my sling on air (when I really should have) as I felt it was too much of a visual distraction. I paid for it each time I reached up with my arm to help with a clasp on my host's jewelry...ouch!It was a bit of a strange day due to the huge swing of viewers over to the Ted Kennedy funeral in Washington that Saturday morning, and much of the energy we thought would be there for the day was a bit diluted. Nevertheless, thank all of you who purchased my Meandering hearts TSV necklace! I ordered 5 o... Continue Reading

20 replies
Robert Lee Morris on 1252515938

Rock Stars go live!

Last Reply by k9mama 1253160861 | in Jewelry Talk

You may wonder how a show gets created on QVC. Jane's Rock Stars is becoming a new show because of you! I started this blog in the spring to keep connected to you and our love of gemstones. I felt we didn't have enough time on air to talk about all the things associated with our gorgeous gemstone jewelry. So, thanks to you the blog as been popular, and when I saw I had a Gemstone Jewelry hour scheduled for September 14 at 4pm eastern I thought "Why don't we change the show to Jane's Rock Stars?"!! Luckily everyone on our team liked the idea too, so Jane's Rock Stars goes live on Monday S... Continue Reading

2 replies
Jane Treacy on 1252380361

Diamonique Day!!

Last Reply by Ga-Sunshine 1255746635 | in Jewelry Talk

I just got back from Santa Fe and have lots to report. I want to say a special big hello to the beautiful ladies from Georgia and Los Angeles that I met. In my next blog I will let you know what we found and what we are working on. Patti, our planner extraordinaire just showed me the gorgeous jewelry for Diamonique Day . WOW, what a selection. This will be the season premier of our latest designs and the last day-long Diamonique event until April 2010. The Today's Special Value is from Verragio, it is truly a beautiful piece. Please tune-in at Midnight, you don't want to miss it. Verragi... Continue Reading

2 replies
Peyton Kelley on 1251834715

New Fall Favorites

Last Reply by silverlady5 1268859178.153 | in Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka

The countdown is here - only 2 more days until my next shows on Saturday, August 29, the first from 11am EST to 12noon EST, and the second from 9pm EST to 12midnight EST. I am very excited about these shows, which will feature brand new designs. My morning show will be 1 hour with Jane Tracey, and my evening show will be 3 hours with Lisa Robertson. Both shows will be filled with great shopping, great friends and great fun!As we all start to look towards fall fashion, one of the pieces that I am most excited about is my new oval multi gemstone bangle featuring large rich colored gemstones i... Continue Reading

13 replies
Judith Ripka on 1251419528

Dear Ones,

Last Reply by skylaranderson 1256153418 | in Jewelry Talk

I am recovering from shoulder surgery (bone spurs that sliced and diced everything in sight!) and will have to wear my sling at the Meet & Greet this Friday at QVC studios, and of course during my TSV launch at be prepared for an unusual show...NEVERTHELESS, I am really excited to present one of the most triumphant heart necklaces of my entire career as my TSV. It is gorgeous, gutsy, weighty, smooth and sensual, drapes perfectly on the neck, and very worth its price but...IT IS LIMITED!!! Only 5895 pieces, so if you like what you see don't hesitate too long.Most of my air time o... Continue Reading

24 replies
Robert Lee Morris on 1251223912

Fall is almost here!

Last Reply by Queen Bee 1252012524 | in Jewelry Talk

It's back to school, back to work, and back to reality! So, I thought it would be fun to escape to the world of gems, because we are working on some amazing things as we head into fall. I read all of your comments and so do our buyers and we love hearing about the gems you love. I think you will adore the styles coming up this fall, the looks are bold and dramatic and the colors are intense. If you are looking for great gemstones to compliment your fall fashions you can't go wrong with amethyst for purple passion, london blue topaz and apatite for rich teal, and smoky quartz , citri... Continue Reading

3 replies
Jane Treacy on 1251221691

Tune-in August 29th for brand new designs!

Last Reply by avamea7 1409338448.757 | in Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka

I can hardly believe that we are already half way through August. I am gearing up for my August 29 show and excited to share my new designs with you. Since my last entry, I received a few emails asking me about how I started my business and knew that I wanted to be a jewelry designer. So, I thought I would use this opportunity to share a little of my story with you.I was born and raised in New York and enjoyed a wonderful childhood. My earliest memories are of playing in my mother's jewelry box and accessorizing my clothing, tying a heart charm to my belt, hanging a pin off a chain draped... Continue Reading

6 replies
Judith Ripka on 1251134051

Catching UP

Last Reply by Birjd 1412265981.19 | in Jewelry Talk

Last week I was in California meeting with Novica, who in association with National Geographic, mission is to give artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to spur their creativity. They have so many wonderful stories about how their efforts have really affected each artist and their families. Please stay tuned for special artisan crafted product from Novica throughout the Fall. I also met with one of the top diamond jewelry designers in the US, who will premier during the fourth quarter. His designs for Diamonique will take us all ... Continue Reading

7 replies
Peyton Kelley on 1251131731

When I sit down to design for you..........

Last Reply by Deweylu 1346112280.1 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi there! I am so excited to be writing my first blog and to be able to chat with you about my jewellery collections. Oh! I'm Ann King, designer, mom, girlfriend (and a woman who loves jewellery), who over the past eight years has been exclusive to QVC! I have enjoyed being the first jewellery designer on QVC to bring you the marvelous mix of 18K gold with sterling silver. I absolutely adore the 2 tone metal combination and especially love the unique qualities of 18K gold. I use an exceptional alloy of 18K gold. Why you ask? My alloy has a wonderful brilliance that brightens your face and... Continue Reading

45 replies
Ann King on 1250803806

August has been an amazing month, and it's not over!!

Last Reply by Loyal2Q 1254562584 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Everyone!I just returned to Albuquerque from a very busy week at QVC! Thank you for joining me for our Sincerely Southwest shows on Wednesday, and our Southwestern Jewelry shows featuring our Native American Designers on Sunday! As you can imagine, I don't have much of a voice today! As your pieces start to arrive, I hope you are all thrilled with the ones you chose! Remember, you are able to flex the leather portion of the Today's special Value Silverado hinge cuff bracelet to contour to your own wrist for a perfect fit. I look forward to hearing what you think about the Arizona Chrys... Continue Reading

13 replies
Carolyn Pollack on 1250801550

Lovely London Blue

Last Reply by nanette 1250953143 | in Jewelry Talk

If I had to pick one must have gemstone for fall that truly spoke to the hottest fashion color, it would be London blue topaz. Every designer is showing some version of teal, and the gem that shows it off the best is the deepest shad of blue topaz. It is a great gem to wear with a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, and takes a stunning polish. Plus, it has a high refractive index so the sparkle out shines many other gems. Mankind has honored topaz for thousands of years, and the cool blue tone was thought to have magical properties that could put out fires! The word topaz comes from a Sanski... Continue Reading

3 replies
Jane Treacy on 1250717790

We Hear What You Are Saying!

Last Reply by meezercats 1294884074.93 | in Jewelry Talk

As you've heard us say on air, we work really hard to bring our top quality of Freshwater Pearls to QVC in our unique colors and designs. One of the things we love about QVC is that it offers its customers several places to connect and talk about their purchases and passions. We are able read the Jewelry Talk Forum as well as your product reviews to get exceptional feedback and learn how many of you feel about the pearl jewelry that we offer in the Honora Collection. Lately we have noticed some exceptionally kind comments in the forums and on our Facebook Fan Page following our Anniversa... Continue Reading

9 replies
Honora Jewelry on 1250533152

Kondike Gold Rush!

Last Reply by windycity1 1250733218 | in Jewelry Talk

Gold was discovered on the Klondike Creek in the Yukon Territory in northwestern Canada on August 17, 1896. It was the richest gold rush in North American history and by 1900, $27Million in gold was extracted from the region every year. George Carmack, along with his brothers-in-law Skookim Jim and Tagish Charley discovered the gold on Bonanza Creek of the Klondike River. By 1899, over 100,000 potential prospectors had traveled to Canada. These travelers were the principal factor in the settlement of Alaska. On August 17, here at QVC, you can stake your own claim during our 22nd Annual K... Continue Reading

3 replies
Peyton Kelley on 1250271043

Vacation Gems

Last Reply by reel1 1250705916 | in Jewelry Talk

Have you ever taken a gem of a vacation? Well, not just a great vacation that was wonderful, but a trip to discover more about beautiful gemstones. You don't have to travel far and wide to experience gemstones. If you live near a city that has a natural history museum, chances are they have a gem collection. We have one here in Philadelphia and I remember going there years ago with my Mom and Dad and marveling at the tiny colored diamonds that glittered behind glass in a display case. Of course, my favorite spot is the gem gallery at The National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsoni... Continue Reading

3 replies
Jane Treacy on 1250027932

I am so excited about August 12th!!

Last Reply by deja vu 1250787151 | in Jewelry Talk

Hi Everyone,This summer has been tremendously busy for us at Relios. We had so much fun designing and creating the QVoyager Arizona Turquoise items. The shows were a fantastic celebration of American mined turquoise in American made jewelry! Thank you for making them such a great success and for all of your positive feedback. As you know, all of our jewelry is crafted right under our roof here in Albuquerque, New Mexico by an amazingly dedicated group of Relios associates. Bill likes to remind me that with each new Sincerely Southwest collection we design, our craftspeople are increasingly ... Continue Reading

11 replies
Carolyn Pollack on 1249663667

Thank You!

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Hi everyone,Joel and I are still recovering from a very long and tiring weekend but I just had to take a second to say thank you, thank you, thank you. It truly was one of the most exciting times we have ever had on QVC...and after 12 years that is saying quite a lot.We are so overwhelmed by the response to the shows and all of our new product. The comments we have received on the Honora Facebook Page as well as here on the Forums and Blog have meant so much to the both of us. We just can't stop smiling.We all take a lot of pride in what we do at Honora. You have heard Joel and I say many ti... Continue Reading

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Artisan-Crafted Silver Jewelry Celebration

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This week there is a special celebration of Artisan Crafted Jewelry from around the world. Many of you know that this is my special passion and project. Over the last 11 years, I have been privileged to be able to work closely with artisans from many different countries to create unique, exclusive designs. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to see how, over the years, the artisans and craftsmen (and craftswomen) have been able to better their lives because of our relationship. I have been in most of our workshops in every country and see first hand the pride and talents of the ... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1249418000

Happy Summer/Crazy Weather?

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Hello everyone,I can imagine all your wild stories from all over the U.S.A. about the weather in your area, (its horrendously storming here in New York City today.) We here at the Silver Designer Jewelry planet, are planning a spectacular end of summer 24 hour event...I've got the TSV starting midnight the 29th, as well as a meet and greet the night before at the QVC studios in West Chester, Pa. The Q is on has its sights set on all the leading brands in all of its many categories, such as fashion, (Isaac!) and I know that we jewelry designers are preparing sharpened, signature and i... Continue Reading

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Celebrate Our 12th Anniversary on QVC, August 1st & 2nd!

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It is hard for us to believe, but it has been 12 exciting years since we first brought The HONORA Collection to QVC. As we celebrate the occasion it occurs to us how dramatically freshwater pearls have changed since we first brought our collection to QVC.At the time of our first show, we mostly offered 5-6MM near round pearls and occasionally had a few 7MM pieces, but these were almost impossible to find in our quality. We offered pearls in traditional white and black as well as the newest additions to the pearl world, peach and plum. While these traditional shapes sizes and colors are stil... Continue Reading

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Catching Up

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It is hard to believe that summer is two thirds gone. Growing up in the south, during these long, hot, hazy days everything moved slower and days were spent trying to stay cool. Today, everything moves at such a fast pace and there is so much going on. I hope you all watched QVoyager from Arizona. Jane Treacy is such a pleasure to spend time with and is so knowledgeable. The Kingman and Sleeping Beauty Mines bring us such a beautiful variety of turquoise and Caroline and Bill Pollock did a great job designing and manufacturing the jewelry right here in America. Thank you Chmiel, for your ... Continue Reading

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