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Big Bonanza Silver Sale... and a very big announcement!

Posted by Peyton Kelley 1361842817.223

I just saw the entire layout of merchandise for the 25th Annual Big Bonanza Silver Sale happening on Friday, March 1st, and WOW, what an incredible selection!  I couldn’t decide if it was like standing on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence looking at the fine Italian craftsmanship, walking by the windows in New York City at the fine store on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, or standing at the counter of one of the most prestigious jewelry stores in the world.

Many of the hottest things happening in jewelry will be featured throughout the day.  There will be lots of focus on the wrist with amazing cuffs and bangles.  Status links in bracelets and necklaces are right on trend.  Other key directions include Tubogas, hoops and dangles, colors of metal, cabochons, lace cut outs, and pave-set gemstones.

I wanted to let you know the history behind Bonanza.  This year marks the 156th anniversary of the discovery of the richest silver strike in North America, the Comstock Lode.  It was found in Virginia City, Nevada, and produced over $400 million of gold and silver.  The Lode was named after T P Comstock who bluffed his way into a partnership with the two Irishmen who actually discovered the claim.  His nickname was “Old Pancake” because he was too lazy to even make bread.

I have to mention a few of my favorite items from the day.  The VicenzaSilver Sterling Triple Tubogas Bracelet (J277764) is spectacular!  This item is produced in Italy and is made by a difficult and time consuming process.  Tubogas is flexible and some of the top jewelry designers in the world use this technique.  This gorgeous bracelet will be offered in all sterling silver or 14K gold plated in either yellow- or rose-tone.  The tricolor look is amazing!

Also from Italy is a magnificent VicenzaSilver Braided Diamond Cut Necklace (J278877).  It is an updated herringbone-style chain that shimmers and glistens.  Each necklace has six woven strands that are braided to form a single masterpiece.  I tried to decide which was the most beautiful:  sterling silver, 14K yellow gold plated, or 14K rose gold plated.  I’ll let you decide.

What could be better than a dome of pave-set diamonds?  Especially if they come in a choice of Blue, Green, Yellow, or Red and weigh a total of 1 carat?  Please watch out for this incredible ring (J278981)!  I had a hard time deciding my favorite, but I had go with blue.

Please tune in on March 1st at midnight when Rick will not only launch the TSV, but will have one of the coolest pieces I have ever seen in personalized jewelry (J279770).  It is right on what is happening in high end designer jewelry and under $30!!!!!!

And finally,  a very big announcement.  We would love to get your feedback.  Please tell us, what is your favorite piece of silver jewelry from the past 25 years and why?  If you share your story with us, three lucky winners will be randomly selected to win an UltraFine Silver Bracelet.  Good luck!!!

Revenhair, thank you for the kind words and your suggestion.  Stay tuned, you will be seeing more blue lace agate this Spring and Summer.

Bk, thanks for your comments on the Estate Jewelry Collection; it is really exciting.  The bell is one of my all-time favorite pieces.  It is made by Zahd Makarim from Bali and we have several other pieces by Zahd.  These include J157156, J109378, and J109376.  Click on one of these and go to the “About the Designer” tab; it will tell you his story.

Take care,


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rustic1366935301.4532 PostsRegistered 4/25/2013

I have a question about a ring I bought several years ago. It was silver, about 1/4 inch in back which gradually got larger in the front, to about 1and 1/2 inches in the front. It had small swarovski crystals that went from side to side, black which faded into clear. It was also offered in other colors that faded into cler. I believe it cost about $70.00. Do you know if you'll be featuring that ring ever again? I want to buy it for my daughter.

Peyton Kel­ley1404841675.553188 PostsRegistered 4/25/2013

Hi Rustic, Sorry for the very late reply but I just saw your question. I know the line you are talking about and unfortunately, it is no longer available. The colors were beautiful.

Take care, Peyton

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