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A Visit to The Honora Pearl Team in NYC

Last Reply by Lisavan 1413647270.83 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora, Hosts & Personalities

Every time there's an Honora TSV it brings back memories of my very first TSV kickoff! I wrote this blog back in June, and it's so fun to look back and read it again :)   It's a big milestone for me...my first TSV kickoff! As we greet a new day at QVC, we usher in an exciting new item and spo... Continue Reading

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Jennifer Coffey on 1403323200

Where Our Ideas for Pearl Jewelry Come From + Blog Chat at 10:00 am ET!

Last Reply by J from Connecticut 1370635566.88 | in Honora, TSV Talk

At Honora, we're often asked how we come up with all of the ideas for our pearl jewelry. At many companies there’s a single designer or design team. We're fortunate to be blessed with both, but one of the best things about Honora is that anyone and everyone at the company is encouraged to share his or her ideas. Many of our most popular designs come from Joel, Ralph, Jennie, Julie and the rest of our design team, but there isn't a day that goes by where an inspired idea comes from an unexpected member of the Honora family. We're surrounded by pearls at all times and that tends to get th... Continue Reading

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Join Us For Joy To the Pearl! Watch a Sneak Peek Video

Last Reply by BikerGirl 1369849544.56 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora, TSV Talk

Watch Joel and Ralph discuss the upcoming Honora TSV and tune in at midnight tonight to get this great holiday offer!     Shop a sneak peek of new Honora online now! Also, enter our Joy to the Pearl Sweepstakes for your chance to win! Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1354078800

Share Your Honora Story!

Last Reply by soandsew 1385490297.013 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora

  Tell us what brings you Joy to the Pearl by simply replying to this blog.   Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1354078800

Rediscover Pearl Passion

Last Reply by goldreich27 1380574205.597 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora, TSV Talk

So much of what we do here at Honora is to try and rethink tradition. When someone thinks about pearls, it's hard not to see a traditional white strand that is often at being worn at a family obligation. We love turning that idea on its head. We want pearls, and women who wear them, to have fun. We want you to find the unexpected in what was once conventional.  Chances are that even if you've never tried Honora Pearls, you already have a strand of pearls. They were something your mother or grandmother handed down to you. They're a family heirloom and only ever come out on truly special o... Continue Reading

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What a Girl Wants: Honora! Watch a Video of Joel & Ralph

Last Reply by Jackie Lynch 1343499592.233 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora, Hosts & Personalities

Joel and Ralph discuss Honora in What a Girl Wants weekend and a brand new show for Honora Heavy Metal Collection- tune in starting July 26th at 10:00PM ET Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1343229524.263

Watch Joel & Ralph Discuss a Very Special Value For Honora- Tune In at Midnight!

Last Reply by mrssoup 1361549421.557 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora, TSV Talk

Get the inside scoop on Honora's latest TSV from Joel and Ralph! And don't forget to tune in at midnight to get this special value Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1339041600

Lets Talk About Pearls!

Last Reply by jetts_mom 1339248693.97 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora, Hosts & Personalities

It’s 6:15am, & I just jumped on the train headed for New York City.  It’s a big day today.  I get to visit the Honora Pearl office & spend time with Joel & Ralph.  I wonder what it will be like.  Will there be pearls everywhere or will it look like a normal office?  Who are the people that work behind the scenes?  Will the women all be dripping with pearls? What stories will I learn about the oh-so-precious pearl?   I’ll share those pictures and stories via my Nancy Hornback, QVC Facebook Page & during the Honora Pearl J... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hornback on 1338827928.657

Join Honora for Destination Gold- May is Gold Month!

Last Reply by Will9a7Bee 1337869799.32 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora, Hosts & Personalities

Our friends at Honora share what to look forward from them during May is Gold Month!     Continue Reading

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Sneak Peak: Watch Joel and Ralph Discuss Saturday's Honora TSV

Last Reply by Kaylie23 1335537930.413 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora, TSV Talk

Learn all about Happy Backs in this video from Joel & Ralph from Honora Cultured Freshwater Pearls Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1334894400

Strike Gold With Honora!

Last Reply by jetts_mom 1327283561.773 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora

Back in 1848, prospectors raced to California in hopes of finding something precious after James W. Marshall struck gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. Over 300,000 people raced to stake their claim and seek out their fortune. While many went looking for the gold that proved to be worth tens of billions of today's dollars,  few returned home with more than they set out with.  Thankfully, QVC makes things quite a bit easier these days. as the World Gold Council has now named them as the home of the largest assortment of gold jewelry. This makes life it just a little bit easi... Continue Reading

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Get A Big Start On 2012 With Honora's Today's Special Value!

Last Reply by jetts_mom 1326720964.993 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora, TSV Talk

We at Honora always try to kick the new year off with something special, but as you can imagine after 14 years on QVC it's getting harder and harder. We had to think bigger than ever before to make this a special first Today's Special Value of the year. In fact, it's so big that it is easily the largest pearl box set in Honora's history so tune in starting tomorrow, January 14th for this special offer. The necklace is an eye-opening 9-11MM graduated rondelle cultured pearl necklace. Because of it's size ever pearl is individually knotted (something you don't usually see with rondelles) and th... Continue Reading

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Vote For Your Favorite In The First QVC Customer Choice Award

Last Reply by Tigger Lyon 1326385121.69 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora

Thank you so much for helping Honora to become the first jewelry company nominated for the new inaugural QVC QStar Customer Choice Award. We are so excited by this honor and encourage you to vote for your favorite! The QVC QStar Customer Choice Award looks to honor the vendors who set high standards for excellence & go the extra mile for their customers. We are honored to be considered alongside several other incredible companies and great friends to receive this award. The power is entirely in your hands, so please take a moment to go and vote for your favorite brand.   Sincerely... Continue Reading

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Thank You for All of Your Feedback!

Last Reply by grann 1384097899.56 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora

Hi everyone, Joel here! I know Michael usually writes our blog, but I wanted to stop by and take a moment to thank all of you who added your thoughts on QVC's new Honora Forum. We really love hearing from you and now that we have our own home on the forum, it has become so much easier to get a wealth of feedback. So much of what you have to say is both positive and informative, even during the times where you are letting us know how we could have done a better job.  For those of you that write in, I want you to know that your comments do not fall on deaf ears. They are read and absorbed ... Continue Reading

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Honora Jewelry on 1321541039.103

Your Pearl Story and Our Today's Special Value Preview

Last Reply by jetts_mom 1328061660.353 | in Jewelry Talk, Honora, TSV Talk

It’s our favorite day of the year.  Not only are we bringing you our annual holiday Today’s Special Value but we have partnered with our friends at QVC to mark the occasion with a unique sweepstakes.  HERE COMES OUR HOLIDAY TODAY’S SPECIAL VALUE Every year we challenge ourselves to bring you the perfect holiday gift.  To help everyone get the most out of this gift giving season, we are introducing our individually boxed set of four freshwater cultured pearl earrings.  This brand new set of 8.5-9.5mm button stud earrings set in sterling silver will be ava... Continue Reading

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