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Calling All Gamers!

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We need your help! We are intrigued by the dedication of the Gamers in the Forums. We’ve noticed how the top played games have been around for several years. You all have inspired us to create a new type of Game for you. Could you help us? We want your help to better understand what you love about playing Games in the Forums. Do you like a challenge? What’s your favorite type of Game to play? Do you like teaching others how to play the Games? Don’t worry, we are not ending games in the Forums. With your help we want to create a game that your friends and you will enjoy! We ... Continue Reading

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Last Reply by SummrLuv 1335054283.817 | in Electronics Talk, Gamers, TSV Talk

Every now and then something comes along that changes the way we live: the automobile, the color television, the commercial airplane, the personal computer, and now the iPad. Yes, Apple’s tablet computer has had that big of an impact. In fact, there are some who say the term “iPad” is so popular that it may soon become the generic term used to refer to all tablets on the market (think Kleenex for tissues or Xerox for copy machines). But why? Why do so many people love this device so much that they not only use it every day but also take it everywhere they go? The answer is p... Continue Reading

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Important note about Forum access on December 25

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Please read the important note about Forum access on December 25. Click here to read announcement Continue Reading

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Community Update – August 30, 2011

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Today we redesigned the left navigation to improve how you browse from one category to another. Click here to learn more about the recent change and provide us with feedback.   Community Update – August 30, 2011 Continue Reading

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The New QVC Community Page

In Among Friends, Gamers, Viewpoints

We're excited to announce the launch of a "new home" for the QVC Community on QVC.com! On Monday, March 28, we're debuting a new-and-improved page where you can explore the many places and features that make up our interactive community.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE NEW COMMUNITY HOME PAGE Continue Reading

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Netflix Streaming through the Wii

Last Reply by izzy 1272991838.557 | in Electronics Talk, Gamers

"FINALLY!" Is the word I said out loud when I heard the announcement from netflix.com. Netflix will now provide it's movie service to be streamed through the Nintendo Wii system. I have been waiting for this opportunity. First, I love the Netflix service. If you have never checked it out let me describe it for you briefly. You sign up on their website. You put movies in a queue to be mailed to you. Then you watch the DVD at your leisure and mail it back when you want. Then a few years ago they started offering a limited choice of movies to be watched on your computer. So various home video g... Continue Reading

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