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Diamonds and Gold

In Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka, Hosts & Personalities

Hi everyone!  I hope that your April has been lovely so far and that you’ve made time to get outside, see the flowers that are starting to bloom, and enjoy the warmer temperatures.   After my recent trip to the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show, Beth and I headed directly ... Continue Reading

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Judith Ripka on 1429329600

The One and Only

Last Reply by Annie Bananie 1429397910.76 | in Hosts & Personalities, Clarks, TSV Talk

My family and I just returned from a fabulous trip to Aruba, where I grew a whole new appreciation for my Clarks Taline Pop slides. I brought five additional Clarks sandals with me, but I ended up ONLY wearing these cool and comfortable slip-ons. On the first night, we enjoyed a family dinner at a... Continue Reading

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Clarks on 1429243200

Remembering my Aunt Joan Marie---

Last Reply by Sue47 1429362760.26 | in Fashion Talk, Quacker Factory, Hosts & Personalities

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my post a few weeks ago about my Aunt’s passing. I wanted to take a moment to remember her and share these memories with you. Joan Marie was giving, caring, funny & quirky.  She was ever dedicated to her family—her siblings, he... Continue Reading

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Quacker Factory on 1429243200

Chicken Patty Melt Sliders & A Tour of UNC Chapel Hill!

Last Reply by topaunt 1429374926.253 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… Meet Sunday’s recipe, my Chicken Patty Melt Sliders. A few weeks ago I was feeling creative, went to the kitchen, and thought…what if I make an old-fashioned hamburger patty…with chicken. The result was something like the recipe we’re making this S... Continue Reading

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David Venable on 1429243200

365 Days of Bree!

Last Reply by Neighborhood Mom 1429363183 | in Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

Monday is Bree's 1st birthday and while we are planning our small birthday bash for our gal, I wanted to share some photos from the last year! I remember the first time she picked up her bottle on her own (she dropped it shortly after) and I finally understood what so many of you have been saying --... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1429243200

I'm a Huge Country Music Fan!

In Hosts & Personalities, Music

Q is going to the American Country Music Awards this year! I am so psyched because I’m a HUGE country music fan!! Many of you know I’ve been singing my whole life.  In fact I was 19 when I landed my first professional gig at Opryland USA in Nashville, TN, no less.  It was awe... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hornback on 1429243200

Photo Outtakes – Some of My Favorites

Last Reply by peggy9cats 1429407639.567 | in The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

I love outtakes. I love them at the end of movies, I love them at the end of a photo shoot… I just love all things from slightly to extremely funny. While thinking of photos that I could share with you that might make you smile, I thought, “I have a PHONE-LOAD of outtakes… Why no... Continue Reading

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Mary DeAngelis on 1429212673.203

Life's Always a Beach with the New D&Co Beach Cover-Up

Last Reply by Paytons Grandma 1429383227.517 | in Denim & Co, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Hello Denim Diva’s, Summer is almost here and have we got the most perfect item for all of your warm weather activities. The Today's Special Value is the DENIM & COMPANY BEACH zip front cover-up with patch pockets and hood. This is an easy to wear look that is both colorful and functional... Continue Reading

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Gary- QVC Design Team on 1429156800

Happy Anniversary, Mary Beth and Mark Roe From All of Your QVC Friends!

Last Reply by ladylynnell 1429305479.353 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Dear Mary Beth and Mark, Happy anniversary from everyone here at QVC ....... especially, me! We wish you many, many more years of love, happiness, good health and laughter together!!  Mary Beth, I have been honored to work closely with you over the last three years and it makes me happy to ca... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1429156800

My Tropical Vacation -- A Chance to Unplug and Unwind

Last Reply by adnils 1429382337.777 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Nothing recharges the batteries like a relaxing vacation. Getting away to someplace beautiful, calming and restorative can do wonders for your spirit. My recent trip to St. Lucia was just that -- a much needed “time out”. The beautiful scenery, friendly people, and laid-back atmosphere w... Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1429156800

Let’s Celebrate Spring As Long As We Can!

In For the Home Talk, In the Garden, The Q We Love

Spring Bulbs have been a personal favorite of mine. Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils and blooming branches bring back so many memories for me. These beauties bring me to the New York Flower Market with my grandfather, Easter celebrations with my family, and like I’m 8 years old again I get so exci... Continue Reading

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Barbara King on 1429156800

QVC Welcomes Tiffany Kay for Scott Kay Jewelry

Last Reply by FanciJean 1429401411.69 | in Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hi Everyone!   It’s CRAZY how quickly time has flown by since my first QVC show back in February. Being in front of the camera was absolutely terrifying (even for a ham like myself) but I couldn’t have gotten through it without all the support from everyone. THANK YOU, THANK YOU t... Continue Reading

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Scott Kay Jewelry Blog on 1429156800

Backstage Pass to Beauty With Benefits

Last Reply by journeygirl 1429235010.573 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Beauty With Benefits

Last night marks the 3rd year of QVC’s partnership with the CEW, in presenting our Beauty with Benefits event. This is one of the biggest shows of the year and certainly one that I take deep pride in being a part of. The theme of our event is “better together,” which encompasses so... Continue Reading

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Sandra Bennett on 1429156800

Here's to More GHD's! (Good Hair Days)

Last Reply by jwee 1429412133.717 | in WEN, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hi PM Stylers…this week, let’s talk hair. Isn’t it a bear? Wouldn’t it be great if you could freeze in time your best haircut ever, never to regrow again, so you always had the 'do' you loved? I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out, and every time I do it just doesn&r... Continue Reading

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Shawn Killinger on 1429156800

How Do You Celebrate Your Creativity?

Last Reply by journeygirl 1429236066.903 | in The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

Happy World Art Day! Since 2012, this international celebration on April 15 (Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday) has promoted the importance and value of the fine arts and creativity around the world.   As some of you know, I love to paint and draw. (I’ve shared some of my work in past ... Continue Reading

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Jayne Brown on 1429117531.303

QVC Welcomes Tim Mendelson for the Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection

Last Reply by geezo 1429116870.647 | in Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities

It is an absolute pleasure to join the QVC family with The Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection.  I have truly enjoyed my first few shows and greatly look forward to many more.  Among the reasons that I am thrilled to be here is to carry out Elizabeth’s wishes as she left me in a pe... Continue Reading

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Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection Blog on 1429114505.263

Life List: Go Treasure Hunting!

Last Reply by journeygirl 1429236400.043 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

One of the biggest challenges in my life is finding quality time to spend with my friends. I'm sure you can relate…you get so focused on what you need to do…you end up procrastinating what you want to do! Life's short, ladies. Go out and play! For some weekend fun, I decided to spen... Continue Reading

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Pat James Dementri on 1429109828.577

Tax Day Treats -- You Deserve This!

Last Reply by journeygirl 1429236922.787 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies... You worked hard to get your tax dollars in to Uncle Sam by today's deadline. So, you should celebrate with a treat! Maybe two treats!   Banana Split Milk Shake   Cannoli Cups   Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Blondies   Chocolate Cream Cheese Brown... Continue Reading

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David Venable on 1429070400

My Road Trip Playlist

Last Reply by journeygirl 1429238456.997 | in Hosts & Personalities, Music

There's something about Country Music that takes you straight home to Heartland. As we're getting ready to travel to Arlington for the Academy of Country Music's 50th Award Celebration, I though to myself... "Let's make a playlist." Let's pretend we're in a Ford Mustang convertible, driving the dust... Continue Reading

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Courtney Cason on 1429070400

Beauty With Benefits: How Love, Hugs and Lip Gloss Can Change Someone’s Life

Last Reply by journeygirl 1429238915.333 | in Hosts & Personalities, Beauty With Benefits

I know what you’re thinking – “Lip Gloss can’t change your life!” – well stick around with me for the next minute or so and I’ll tell you just how impactful it can be! About three years ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the first ever Beauty with... Continue Reading

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Alberti Popaj on 1429022236.62

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden - Day 1 of 12 Refresh & Renew Tips!

Last Reply by journeygirl 1429239112.407 | in For the Home Talk, In the Garden, Hosts & Personalities

Hi, everyone! Since so many of you loved the tips I shared in January for our 31 Days of Organization project, we wanted to give this kind of thing another go. Since it's already the middle of April, we're not doing 31. Instead, we’re doing 12 straight days of tips on how to refresh and renew... Continue Reading

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Jill Bauer on 1428984000

It's about time!

Last Reply by Angie127 1429352294.693 | in Fashion Talk, Liz Claiborne New York, The Q We Love

Hello my LCNY FASHIONISTAS...Welcome to April and spring cleaning. I have decided to take inventory of my house.... my personal house that is...I woke up this weekend and realized that time is flying by….and fast! Wasn’t it just the middle of January?! I made a MUST DO list and here it ... Continue Reading

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Linda Davies on 1428984000

An Inspiring Adventure in Israel

Last Reply by Judyjudyjudy 1429112479.48 | in Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello All, Just spent the most magical days in the beautiful northern region of Israel and I could not wait to share my adventures with you. Starting with the spectacular region of the Jordan Valley that opens towards the Sea of Galilee now all in full bloom and filled with every color of green im... Continue Reading

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Hagit Gorali on 1428984000

Does QVC “walk the talk”?

Last Reply by journeygirl 1429240614.193 | in Q Did What?, Hosts & Personalities, Beauty With Benefits

There are many things I appreciate about QVC.  But, at top of my list is their dedication & support of our viewers through FFANY Shoes on Sale (breast cancer), Super Saturday (ovarian cancer) and Beauty with Benefits (Cancer and Careers).  (FYI - “Cancer and Careers empowers, edu... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hornback on 1428959605.297

It's All Greek to Me: Adventures in Homemade Yogurt

Last Reply by duclane 1429010860.64 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Mom to Mom Blogs

I was skeptical at first. Yogurt making was not something I thought I could do in my kitchen. It seemed complicated.  Completely unfamiliar territory. What's even in yogurt? Isn't it just…yogurt? As I've learned, there are a lot of great reasons to make your own yogurt. Not only can it ... Continue Reading

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QVC Foodie Friends on 1428958772.05

Your Paw-Parazzi Showcase: Pets in the Bed!

Last Reply by caa48 1429405561.687 | in Pet Lovers, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

Hello fellow pet-lovers!! I was so excited to put this blog together this week...in honor of our Serta TSV last week, I received SO many adorable pictures on my Facebook page of your fur babies snuggling up in your beds, taking up MORE than a little space! But it's true, we love it don't we!? Here ... Continue Reading

5 replies
Carolyn Gracie on 1428946179.95

Meal Make-over Monday - Eggplant Pizzas

Last Reply by mj50 1429375898.823 | in Recipe Swap, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

In my never-ending quest to get the Littles to eat more veggies, this is one of my favorites!  What kid doesn't like Pizza?!?!?  Plus, they can add different toppings to "customize" the pizza bar.  This is the perfect Do-It-yourself meal for a Family Fun Friday or Rainy Day activity.&... Continue Reading

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Albany Irvin on 1428897600

Super-Sized Superstars TSV!

Last Reply by JoJo Brooks 1429194685.367 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

It’s TSV time and I am especially excited this time around. I pulled together some of my customer favorites to create a kit that contains an entire skin care routine or you can incorporated it into yours and then I said SUPER SIZE it! My Anti-Aging Super-Sized Superstars have yo... Continue Reading

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Peter Thomas Roth on 1428897600

Caprese Panini - Tell Me How You Make the Ultimate Grilled Cheese...

Last Reply by topaunt 1429107899.91 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… We couldn’t very well “reinvent classic sandwiches” without doing a grilled cheese! So Wednesday’s recipe is what I like to call a grown-up grilled cheese: a Caprese Panini. Caprese PaniniServes 4 This recipe is prepared with the DeLonghi Retro Pa... Continue Reading

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David Venable on 1428897600

Which shoes would you choose?

Last Reply by icezeus 1429399343.277 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

So close to Eric's wedding and I'm still not 100% certain which dress I will wear. I'm leaning more toward the light blush pink dress on the left. It looks more champagne in the photo, but it really is a very, very light pink. I think I will pack and take both and see how I feel the morning of the b... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1428724800

A Kerr Family Update

Last Reply by JCF 1429060619.697 | in Hosts & Personalities

Everyone is asking how my family is doing and I’m so excited to share our update with you! Jericho (now 2 ½) is a fantastic big sister & her personality is starting to really shine! She started taking swim lessons and loves jumping on the trampoline at gymnastics. Our little b... Continue Reading

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Gabrielle Kerr on 1428724800

Laura Geller: Life in Rose TSV

Last Reply by Konacoffeegirl 1428866381.923 | in Laura Geller, TSV Talk

Hello Girlfriends! My Today’s Special Value has everything coming up roses! It contains some truly beautiful make-up must-haves that I am so excited to share with you! My Life in Rose collection is a celebration of feminine beauty! Life in Rose (La Vie en Rose) captures a romantic color co... Continue Reading

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Laura Geller on 1428638400

Happy Birthday Winston!

Last Reply by Krissyo 1429310939.563 | in Pet Lovers, Hosts & Personalities

At the end of 2013 I didn't think my life could get any better. The man of my dreams had asked me to marry him and all seemed right in my world. It was the beginning of December when Aaron took me out to a nice dinner and told me that he'd be giving me one of my Christmas presents early. At first I ... Continue Reading

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Courtney Cason on 1428638400

Laura & Lisa: Better Together

Last Reply by dancinshooz 1429247867.197 | in Beauty Banter, Laura Geller, Hosts & Personalities

I have known Laura Geller for more than a decade. What a remarkable friend she has become!  So, it is not surprising that our friendship has extended past a host/guest relationship on QVC. Extended well past!!! The more I got to know Laura over the years, the more I saw her absolute passion fo... Continue Reading

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Lisa Mason on 1428638400

Sunday Style: What's in My Bag?

In Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Dooney & Bourke

I need to make a confession: my name is Tori and my Dooney bag is my BFF. It goes absolutely everywhere with me, holds all my essentials, and  even gives me a bit of a fashion boost when I’m running errands in my yoga pants and flip flops (it’s magical that way). As an Associate Pr... Continue Reading

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QVC Plus on 1428638400

Chocolate PB&B Sandwich - What Was Your Favorite Childhood Sandwich?

Last Reply by linDMN 1428859818.18 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, foodies… I just left an In the Kitchen with David recipe development meeting for June! (I can hardly believe we’re talking about June recipes already!) But, we work ahead a bit on the show so we have time to create how-to videos, shoot really nice photos, and most importantly of... Continue Reading

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David Venable on 1428638400

What is Your Moment? Marie Osmond shares her Nutrisystem story here!

Last Reply by desertsb 1428601684.247 | in TSV Talk

My whole life was changing; I was getting divorced after 20 years of marriage, looking for happiness, trying to get my life back and I was so overwhelmed with everything. The last thing I needed to be overwhelmed with was getting off 50lbs of weight.  My whole life I tried dieting. I was so afraid. I am not kidding, I tried everything – the cookie diet to the drinking liquid diet, the weigh yourself and be humiliated in front of everyone diet. I didn’t want any of them. I remember my moment and I was watching QVC, sitting there so overwhelmed when Nutrisystem came on. They we... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1428552000

PM Style Blog 04/09 - What's in my wardrobe for summer 2015?

Last Reply by gmkb 1429298087.413 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Shoes

Hey PMStylers, I had so much fun with all of you last Monday night with our PM Style chat question, “What’s your fav toenail color for summer pedi season?” I love how crazy opinionated and passionate gals are about something as innocuous as toe polish. So it got me to thinking abo... Continue Reading

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Shawn Killinger on 1428552000

Shepherd's Pie with Veggies Recipe

In Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

From my kitchen, to yours...here is my Shepherd's Pie with Veggies Recipe.  For this recipe I make mine with sweet potatoes and coconut milk as part of a Paleo Diet.  You can simply substitute white potatoes and heavy cream for regular version :)  And I made it one of my favorite temp... Continue Reading

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Stacey Stauffer on 1428552000

Dancing for Charity

Last Reply by moveitgirl 1428794175.45 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Kate, our resident chatter for AM Style, had the day off last Saturday. Read her blog below to learn how she helped others and had fun while doing so: "Last Last Saturday I had the day off to participate in a charity dancing event called, "Dancing for Our Future Stars". It's similar to the real "Da... Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1428552000

Seems like yesterday!

Last Reply by Channiebaby6 1429415379.397 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Wow!  Has it really been 20 years since I was first on the air at QVC?    Yes!  It has been 20 years!  Hard for me to believe.  But, in April 1995, exactly 20 years ago,  I had my first show with Mary Beth Roe. I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was... Continue Reading

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Lisa Mason on 1428465600

My Friend Laura!!

In Laura Geller, Hosts & Personalities

I felt like Laura Geller was  my friend even before I met her.  My Dad got a magazine that profiled celebrities and their style evolution.  The article also commented on their makeup by expert artist Laura Geller.  I looked forward to reading it every month, not knowing some... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1428465600

Models/Stylists Luncheon!

Last Reply by mashie 1429270793.757 | in Fashion Talk, Susan Graver, Hosts & Personalities

I recently hosted a luncheon to thank the models and stylists who work relentlessly to bring my designs to life on air.   After all the designing, manufacturing, buying, and planning, it's the stylists and the models in the end, that matter most.  With the talented stylists. With the ... Continue Reading

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Susan Graver on 1428465600

Share Your Favorite Cocktail Recipe!

Last Reply by BluII 1428768217.403 | in Fashion Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Time for picnics, barbecues, trips to the beach, and of course, fun and delicious cocktails. What’s better than sitting on the porch (or poolside, lakeside, on the beach or in front of the TV watching Fashionably Late J) with a freshly shake... Continue Reading

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Jayne Brown on 1428465600

Gluten Free Power Pressure Cooker Chicken Broccoli Mac & Cheese

Last Reply by hopi 1428938159.18 | in Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

I have never used a pressure cooker before. I have seen them A LOT on In the Kitchen with David, but I have never actually done it myself. I just used the Power Pressure Cooker and it’s EXCELLENT. Pressure cookers of today are NOT the pressure cookers we grew up with in our mom’s kitchen... Continue Reading

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Mary DeAngelis on 1428455968.35

Beauty with Benefits: Better Together

Last Reply by splashley 1428443500.34 | in Hosts & Personalities, Beauty With Benefits

Love & friendship are powerful things! This year we're kicking off Beauty with Benefits with a celebration of those people who make our lives better—whether it be a spouse, parent, friend, teacher, etc!  We've asked a few of our hosts to share who they turn to when they need support. ... Continue Reading

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On The Scene on 1428416785.287

London Calling

Last Reply by peachypie 1429415617.833 | in For the Home Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

  Hi friends~ My family and I have returned from our wonderful vacation to London and I wanted to share some of our trip with all of you.  This was such a special journey for all of us….me returning to London after almost 19 years, a first trip overseas for the kids, Doug’s ... Continue Reading

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Jill Bauer on 1428379200

Joan Rivers’ Famous “Blank Canvas”

Last Reply by Bhappy 1429317701.83 | in Fashion Talk, Joan Rivers Classics Collection, Hosts & Personalities

Joan was, without a doubt, the best dressed woman I’ve ever known. I want you to look closely at the photos of Joan below. Other than looking fabulous (as Joan always did!) what else do you see?  Did you guess it right? There is a style trick that Joan taught me years ago; you might ha... Continue Reading

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David Dangle on 1428379200

Eat More Veggies – Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Last Reply by hopi 1429115860.79 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

It’s warming up outside. For real this time, I can feel it! It’s inspiring our house to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. It does NOT, however, squelch our deep, unwavering love for pizza. I mean, we love pizza. When you’re trying to eat a little smarter AND you're gluten free, i... Continue Reading

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Mary DeAngelis on 1428338752.143

LCNY and Spring is in the Air!

In Fashion Talk, Liz Claiborne New York, The Q We Love

Hello my LCNY fashionistas....happy April..today in the West Chester, Pa area sunny,warm around 65. I got inspired! I did my two mile walk, opened the windows, set out the deck furniture and cleaned up the golf clubs. I am also getting my tennis racquet restrung. There is something about spring...t... Continue Reading

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Linda Davies on 1428292800
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