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You Look Marvelush!!


I LOVE my Marvelush scarf! It is soft and cozy, and I have a lot of fun deciding how to wear it. Sometimes I wear it wrapped tightly around my neck with my winter coat -- other times I wear it draped loosely over a sweater or shirt to add a pop of color. I’ve done the “euro-knot” and the “ascot”, and the simple “loop” is often my go-to style. The Marvelush scarf really is one of my all-time favorite items ever from QVC.

So I was thrilled when Beth Terrell, owner and designer for Marvelush, invited me to join her for a Scarf Seminar that she presented recently here at QVC. We were joined by a special group of QVC customers who had a chance to try the Marvelush scarves for themselves, and learn from Beth about how to style and wear them.

It was a fun afternoon. We asked for volunteers from the audience to be our models and our willing participants did a great job. There were terrific questions from the group too. One woman wanted to know, “What is the best way to tie a scarf?” Another said, “I have thick curly hair, is a scarf at my neck too much?” Beth had great answers and demonstrations. It was easy to understand why she’s so good at designing scarves -- because she wants to make it easy and fun for us to wear them.

I’ll be giving Marvelush scarves to a few of my friends this holiday season. I think they’ll love them as much as I do. And Beth tells me there are new scarves coming next year. I can’t wait -- if I’m lucky, she’ll add yellow to the mix!

"See" you tomorrow for AM Style!




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Fancy11355540073.1132 PostsRegistered 11/18/2007

I love my Marvelush scarves too - thanks to you, singing their praises. I got the aqua, to wear with my Bradley Bayou dark brown suede coat; next, I HAD to have the creamsicle one to go with all my fall pieces; and now, I've gotten the red for the holiday wear. Is the cobalt callin' my name? Well, maybe... They are so-o-o soft, and so snuggley.

Danni6141355577381.7711 PostsRegistered 9/26/2010

I am IN LOVE with the Marvelush scarves. Super soft and cozy. I own 9 of the 13 colors!! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

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