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Are You Scarf-a-Phobic?

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When I was asked to host a customer Accessories Styling Clinic at QVC last week I was thrilled and so excited to meet our customers in person.  Leah Williams, the first host to introduce Marvelush on QVC and an avid accessories fan, joined me and together we met over 90 accessory lovers in the QVC Event Room.  It was marvelous to see the diversity of our audience...some old friends, many new and from 3 generations of Q shoppers, to 70ish twins, to moms out for the day with their teenage daughters. 

Marvelush newbie’s asked “What is Marvelush?”  Once they touched it, they understood how...soft, cozy + cashmere like these scarfs are.  They loved the variety of shapes, styles, colors and versatility we offer in the Layers By Lizden brand, and the fact that we offer washable suede gloves to match! 

Then the fun began as Leah and I styled members of the audience.  Some were scarf-phobic, and we showed them how easy it was to change your look, be it casual, at your desk or out to dinner.  I had also styled a number of mannequins with a range of QVC apparel brands and finished each look off with a different scarf. 

To end the event we took a color poll, asking everyone to rank their favorite new colors.  They selected; Green as number 1, Peacock as number 2, and Magenta as number 3.  I’ve always known that Q shoppers are smart, and savvy.  How smart????  This Thursday the press announced that the BIG color for next fall is...Green! I say VERY smart!

And, as this is the season of giving, we got a wonderful gift.  We were a Daily Candy pick this week.  How awesome is that?  However you celebrate this holiday season I wish you joy + good health surrounded by those who are special in your life!

Here are some photos from the event. Enjoy!

meeting some fans of the brand

so much fun!

what's your favroite color?

giving styling tips



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drexel-nav­ymom1355452105.373550 PostsRegistered 6/27/2008

HI Beth!

I so enjoyed the workshop!! It was fun learning the many ways to wear the different styles of Lizden/Marvelush!!

I so enjoy all my Marvelushes!!!!!



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