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Baby Preparations and Holiday Splurges

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Last week someone on Facebook asked me if I had prepared my toy poodle Bella for the arrival of the baby. The short answer would be "no," however I can tell she knows a change is coming. It’s amazing how in-tune to us our pets are. For instance, I think Bella was the first to know I was pregnant. About a week before we learned that I was, Bella became super affectionate and lovey-dovey. She wanted to lay in my lap and snuggle, which is very unlike her. Bella is no lapdog, she is very independent and likes to play, play, play. When she does sit still for a moment, she likes to be near us but not on us. So when she kept crawling into my lap, I knew something was up! Eventually Bella started acting like herself again, but in the past week or two that behavior has returned and she is stuck to me like glue. She has become a bit needy for attention and when I look in her eyes, I swear I see a little worry or confusion in her little fuzzy face. My Aunt Chita sent me a great book titled, “And Baby Makes Four,” which gives advice on preparing a “first-born” dog for a new baby. I’ve just started reading it but so far I’ve learned that Bella is probably concerned about her place in our “wolf pack." It looks like I have some work to do with her before the baby arrives, but I have no concerns that my furry baby will get along with our little bundle of joy.

my latest read


Yesterday I dragged Bella shopping for a few last minute nursery items. With only five weeks before my due date, I still needed a glider chair, ottoman, and accessories for the nursery. I love to decorate and this nursery was the perfect excuse for me to go nuts. I just recently learned of a gorgeous line of nursery furniture from a company called Bratt Décor. They are known for creating the most luscious celebrity nurseries (I’m talking J.Lo, Mario Lopez, and Jewel!). Their pieces are only available through decorators, high-end baby boutiques, and online. So imagine how excited I was to learn that their one and only outlet store is located in Baltimore! It’s probably a good thing I just discovered Bratt Décor because I would have bought out the entire store! Everything is soooo beautiful and ornate, fit for any little princess. I walked out with my chair and ottoman, along with a chandelier, a changing topper, and several pictures and paintings. Needless to say my husband was not exactly thrilled with my splurges, but he gave me a pass considering I am carrying his baby!

my new favorite store!

my new favorite store!

nursery chandelier

one of the wall hangings I purchased

If you haven’t splurged on yourself in awhile, make sure to tune in this Monday to PM Style.  We will feature some affordable luxuries from fashion expert Joan Rivers and designer Bradley Bayou. Also my Perfect Pair is the most comfortable dress pump from Earthies that will finish off your holiday party outfits in style (A325336)!

Earthies Monza Platform Pumps


I hope you can join us starting at 7pm ET, and don’t forget about our live Facebook chat during the show. Program host Courtney Cason will be taking over Facebook duties while I’m away on maternity leave, so she will also be stopping by to learn the ropes. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!


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kittymomNC1354841113.8677392 PostsRegistered 8/9/2012

Gabrielle, the picture of your first-born furry baby is adorable! When I was pregnant with my son (many, many years ago!), I had a little miniature poodle named Missy that I loved dearly. I was told by an in-law that I would have to get rid of the dog, and I thought "oh, I don't think so!" When that in-law came to see the baby, I thought she would have a stroke when she saw my little poodle lying quietly on the bed near my 3-day old son! I never did anything in particular to get Missy ready for the new little person, she just seemed to know that he belonged there too. Sometimes nature just takes its course, and things work out the way they should. Congratulations to you and I hope all goes well with your TWO babies!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

koscar1355187517.7832 PostsRegistered 12/10/2012


You made me laff "after all, I am carrying his baby!" funny stuff. You look wonderful and I'm sure that your first baby and your new baby will do just fine. Love the stuff you picked out for the nursery!

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