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Posted by Leah Williams 1354308688.34

There’s just something about bowling. It’s one of the few sports that you can participate in almost your entire life -- from toddler to senior -- and it’s fun!


Me with my bowling ball--Lucky Fuchsia

There are a lot of things to like about bowling. The game itself is simple. You roll the ball toward the pins and try to knock them all down. You can compete against others or simply challenge yourself. Aside from the shoes and the ball, you don’t need any special equipment. And much like riding a bike, once you learn to bowl, you never forget.


My bowling technique...don’t break a nail

I realized that fact when my family and friends decided to go bowling after Thanksgiving dinner last week.

I’ve bowled here and there over the years. But never with any great skill or regularity. It had been years since I handed over my stilettos for a pair of bowling shoes. But that’s exactly what I did. I laced up those shoes, selected my 10-pound ball and hit the lanes. First bowl -- SPARE. Next bowl -- SPLIT. I even managed a STRIKE there among my ten frames.

These days there are all sorts of clever twists at the bowling alley like Cosmic Bowling with darkened alleys and neon balls and pins; Rock n Bowl with head-banging music; Bumper Bowling with bumpers over the gutter so little kids don’t suffer the agony of the gutter ball.

For me, the the trickiest part about bowling was always scoring. That whole spare and strike, and X and slash, and adding from your next frame thing took some learning. But now that they have electronic auto-scoring -- bowling’s a breeze!

I can proudly say my return to the bowling alley was a triumph. I was the winner with a score of 155! Maybe the AM Style gang could create a team and join a league. We could call ourselves the Breakfast Bowls!


Winning Score -- LeeLee (that’s what my 6 year old nephew calls me)


See you Saturday!



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cookieQ1354368402.5754 PostsRegistered 1/23/2011

HA! "Breakfast Bowls"! Good one, Leah!!

How about:

Leah's Q Crew?

Leah's Q-ute [cute] Crew?

Leah's Early Birds?

Anyway, it's fun to think about and a good reminder to get some exercise with friends and have fun doing it! Happy Holidays everybody! Joan

MamaTene1354369692.583 PostsRegistered 12/1/2012

LeeLee's Q team!!!

Andys gran­ny1354371731.952 PostsRegistered 12/1/2012

Spare Me!

TheBod1354372885.87724 PostsRegistered 7/27/2010


LadyRosa1354373810.37314 PostsRegistered 9/22/2007

Goodmorning Leah..................I think your League should be called the GlamRollers !:) have a Blessed day

patintc1354374474.47572 PostsRegistered 3/3/2006TC Michigan

Hey Leah, good game. My vote for your team is AM Bowlerinas. Have fun bowling, it's a great sport. I've met so many great friends through bowling and I'm sure you will too. Maybe I'll see you at the USBC Women's Championships sometime. All women are welcome and you don't have to be a pro to bowl in this tournament.

lynnsy1354974254.911077 PostsRegistered 8/29/2010

Style Strikers


lynnsy1354974286.4571077 PostsRegistered 8/29/2010


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