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A November Update: Thanksgiving, 5 Year Anniversary & The Nieces Come to Town

Posted by Amy Stran 1354139820.12

Starting with our first holiday mantle! Can't wait to hang the stockings soon.

Hi ladies! Happy holidays to you! One of my favorite times of the year (first love is summer) and I'm already enjoying every minute of it.  Hope you are too! I sure have been missing you on our Inspired Style Thursday nights but having Qcheck on Monday and some late night shows has still kept me slightly in touch with you.  Thought I would take a minute and fill you in on what I've been up to this past month.  I'm going to start backwards, it will be easier to remember what has happened, lol.

Thanksgiving! It's officially the Saturday after the big day so that is fresh in my mind and still fresh in my belly since we have plenty of left overs still.  It was a wonderful holiday and was filled with much traveling but worth it all. I usually work Thanksgiving night so we go to MD but just leave right after dessert to get me back to PA in time.  It can be a little hectic but I wouldn't change it for a thing as I always feel the holidays are meant to be spent with family.  My older sister is the one who cooks for Thanksgiving and this year we did things a little different as I had the two days off before the big day.  I met her at my parents and picked up my nieces for a two night sleep over at Uncle Steve and Aunt Amy's! We had so much fun! Book stores, toy stores, sitting on Santa's lap, playgrounds, and of course lots of imagination here at the house.  We have an empty guest room and that room was turned into a dance studio, a school, a daycare, a pet supply store (interesting), and a restaurant that seemed to only want to bring me chicken fingers, french fries, and ketchup, lol.  It was a blast and I hope I get to do it again next year.

Steve and the nieces watching the Thanksgiving parade. That is an imaginary cupcake bakery layers out all over the coffee table.

The big turkey meal

Our (qvc) tree decorated by the nieces or are less than 5.

On Friday after I woke up from some late night shopping at the Q I headed to Hershey, PA for Candy Cane Lane at Hershey Park.  It's a spectacular holiday event for the younger crowd where the park is all decked out in lights, the smaller size rides are operating, there are holiday shows, and my favorite part the hot chocolate and homemade s'mores. We were there all day and by the end of the night there were some tears because Abby and Reese didn't want to go home.  I can't blame them if I had the stomach to go on the swings three times in a row I might not have wanted to leave either, lol.

some lights at the park

Santa's reindeer at Hershey Park

The S'mores guy!

Tomorrow we have one more holiday event where we  do the whole meal again at Steve's parents house.  I'm in charge of the stuffing and I make a dessert, this year I'll be using my new Kitchen Aid for the first time, exciting.  Since it's hard to split our time between both families that day Steve's mom started hosting a Sunday Thanksgiving so we could all be together too.  No complaints from me because we get to see everybody and eat twice!

Also this month Steve and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! Five years went by quickly and we loved every minute of it.  We both said we feel so much older and wiser then we did on our wedding day but becoming more mature has only made our realize even more how much we love each other.  I know it sounds cheesy but our wedding song is More Today.  The chorus is, "I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow." Perfect sentence to describe us!

Before the anniversary it was the horrible no good downright terrible super Sandy storm.  I hesitated to even go into this topic as for many it was worse than imaginable.  Steve and I had no damage but that night wasn't so kind to my parents.  They had built an unattached garage last year, double story, my dad's dream, a man who worked body and fender all his life and still has the stained hands to prove it. Well unfortunately a tree decided the garage was in its way that night and decided to push the first story into the second story destroying all that was inside including the car.  My parents were obviously very upset but when you woke in the morning to the news and saw that a garage was nothing compared to life, power, heat, and homes you realize how lucky you are.  Hope that if any of you or any one you know suffered loss they are doing better.

Let's cheer things up now! How about we end with my random thoughts and I'll send you some photos too.  Please have a wonderful, beautiful, memory filled Christmas.  I hope you and your family are blessed with being together and that Santa treats you well.  Merry Christams, Happy Hanukah, Feliz Navidad, Happy New Year, and so much more!

Random thoughts from Amy: bought the new Rod Stewart Christams CD, love it. Had my Kitchen Aid for a month, thank you ez pay but still haven't used it yet. I will today, cookies!

Isn't she a beauty?

Have I told you my Diamonique ring I wear is officially coming back? Scored a great rug from Pottery Barn at the outlets. Turning everyone I know onto Candle Impressions and the C Wonder initial bangle.  Yes, two opposites but that is what trending when shopping with Amy, lol. On the hunt for a classic black pointy toe pump as the the toe shape is changing back from round to point. Steve and I are officially going to Williamsburg, VA for a day during Christmas, can't wait. I've been living in the same turtleneck sweater all fall.  The host team is sponsoring a bingo night at the local VA hospital and I for one am pumped.  Don't enjoy my pumpkin spice latte's as much as I use too, they are getting to sweet or it's me, who knows.

Much love,


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ROMARY 11354242950.59320064 PostsRegistered 4/28/2010

You two are adorable!

Yellow Rose

Reva1354306886.777922 PostsRegistered 6/9/2005

Hi Amy - When is your diamonique ring going to be available? I love that ring and emailed you about it but at that time it had been discontinued. Can't believe it's coming back! If you can share, please let us know when it will be back. I will definitely be purchasing it! Happy holidays to you and yours! Reva

puncka151354307450.0431 PostsRegistered 8/14/2010

Hi Amy-You are apsoluteley adorable a are my favorite host on QVC.

such classy Lady..

Have a wonderfull Holiday w You Husband an all of You Family...


shiangel1354315527.39720 PostsRegistered 11/8/2007
Hey Amy, I enjoy your Blog postings. What lovely home you have and "Inspired Style" is just great. You are just wonderful.

ROMARY 11354337157.120064 PostsRegistered 4/28/2010

The reindeer seem so comfortable!

Yellow Rose

baby burns1354503089.4738793 PostsRegistered 12/9/2007

loved hearing about all you ventures over the holiday, except your dads garage, well he can build a new one, stronger one too!!! now that your and that sweet husband of yours, are married five years, do i hear, time for baby? get started so you can have plenty, you have to fill your darling house up, food for thought!!! merry christmast to you and your family, and nieces and newphews? not sue if there are boys. again happy holidays, and will forward to hear, about your christmas holiday also.

Sunshine671354695026.96314 PostsRegistered 1/24/2012
On 11/29/2012 ROMARY said:

You two are adorable!

I cant wait to see the ring and finally order one myself!!! I've asked and asked to please bring it back just like Shawn's ring.... I love QVC and have been a happy shopper for over 20 years.... You are such a beautiful persona and enjoy reading and viewing your pictures that you share with your viewers.... Many blessings to you and your family.

ronnielyn1354848828.2373 PostsRegistered 7/28/2010


Hi! What a lovely family you have. I really enjoy reading your post and seeing your pics. I feel as if I know alot about you. I was wondering if you have finished your shopping yet????? Anyway, can't wait until Inspired Sytly returns in January(getting excited). I hope you and your entire family have a very blessed Christmas holiday and a Bright New Year. Merry Christmas 2012!{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

847Diane1354872369.2432 PostsRegistered 12/7/2012

Hi Amy, Stayed up late to catch your 12/7 show. You had on a beautiful Turquois necklace . Is it a QVC necklace ? If it is could you give me the order number ? If not thank you anyways . 847Diane {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

847Diane1354872370.6872 PostsRegistered 12/7/2012

Hi Amy, Stayed up late to catch your 12/7 show. You had on a beautiful Turquois necklace . Is it a QVC necklace ? If it is could you give me the order number ? If not thank you anyways . 847Diane {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

shopper181356300103.10316 PostsRegistered 5/30/2011

Hi Amy,

You are so sweet. Out of all the "new hosts" they have hired in the past few years, "you are my favorite". Positive, upbeat and knowledgable, as well as personable with each and every person representing his/her company. I do wish they would give you more prime time when the rest of us are able to watch you more frequently.

Sorry about your parents house, but in the scheme of life, especially in the past few months , you are right, "we should all be thankful", no matter what faith or nationality we are.

I wish you , Steve and your families, " a healthy , happy and wonderful new year"! Smile{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

kelbri1357753435.671 PostsRegistered 3/11/2011

Amy Love watching you. Your smile and enthusiasm light up the air. What nail polish do you have on today, 1/9/13. Its kind of a purplish gray and I love it

roseskihopp1357755454.1171 PostsRegistered 1/9/2013


Hi! I noticed today your cute boots that you were wearing. Did you get them at QVC? Thanks alot! Take care!

kstarr1358189263.0079 PostsRegistered 7/8/2012

Amy's haircut. I would love to get that haircut. Amy, could you post pictures of it from all angles, front, side and back?

ROMARY 11358523792.10720064 PostsRegistered 4/28/2010

Steve has very kind eyes. Cute couple!

Yellow Rose

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