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Tricks, Tips, & Secret Weapons for Gift Giving

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At this stage of the game, having gone through season after season of gift giving, why is it that shopping for gifts is still such a daunting task? For the past two decades, since we started Visual Therapy, our clients have turned to us for the best gift ideas for their children, grandchildren, friends and colleagues. One of the reasons that we all find holiday shopping so intimidating is that deep down we know (or fear) that what we give is a reflection of how much we care. Since we are still slightly ahead of the holiday madness, we thought that now would the perfect time to share some of our tricks, tips and secret weapons. Find out what they are in our post on Huff/Post50 and check out VT Luxe pieces that make our favorite gifts below!




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Remember that you can now ask us you style questions on our VT Luxe for QVC Facebook page. Happy Holidays and happy shopping!



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