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Excuse Me Miss... I Mean Ma’am

Started 1353096760.21 in Fashion Talk, All About Accessories | Last reply 1353359048.667 by scotlassie

I occasionally do a double-take when someone calls me ma’am. “Me? I know I’m no spring chicken, but ma’am -- really?” Still, the fact that I use a phrase like “spring chicken” probably solidifies my status as a ma’am. And that’s just fine!

Some of my girlfriends and I were laughing over lunch recently about the transition to ma’am. At our age, who we’re talking to determines our station. To the nice kid who bags my groceries, I’m a “ma’am”. To the white-haired man who’s owned the shoe repair shop for nearly 40 years, I’m a “miss”.

The transformation from miss to ma’am happens over time. The same is true of an evolving style. I did a recent video talking about fashion for the “ages”--literally. I hope you enjoy it whether you’re a miss, Mrs., or a ma’am!

See you Saturday!


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Bookbabe1353109717.247385 PostsRegistered 2/26/2007

Hi Leah,

I enjoyed your video as I am in the "something" age also. I so look forward to Saturday mornings with AM Style.


lOVETOSHOP1353159639.24388 PostsRegistered 10/26/2010


I know what you mean about the "Miss" vs. "Ma'am"...I've been called both and I much prefer the "Miss"...but hey, I guess I should just be happy to be alive to be called either!

I'm 49 and find it a difficult age to even know how to dress. I don't want to feel matronly yet at the same time, don't want to look like I'm trying to hard to look young by wearing something not appropriate for my age!

I guess next time I'm called "Ma'am" instead of cringing I'll think to myself, "I could have been called something worse"...so I'll take the "Ma'am" and be thankful for it!

Love you on AM style, Leah. You have a smile that could light up a city!

By the way, you look like a "Miss" to me!

Donna in Upstate NY

memasam1353348644.7371 PostsRegistered 11/19/2012

Could you tell me the name of your favorite OPI color that you were showing the other day when you were featuring the OPI collection?

scotlassie1353359048.65287 PostsRegistered 10/3/2007
On 11/19/2012 memasam said:

Could you tell me the name of your favorite OPI color that you were showing the other day when you were featuring the OPI collection?

Leah Hi1

You are a very beautiful woman. A woman of class. Please tell me the name of your nail polish you are wearing today Monday 11/19. You are hosting for Joan Rivers and earlier with Dennis Basso. I.m going overseas in two weeks and would like to wear this polish. Your nails are so beautiful. Thanks.Leah !

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