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A Little ‘Pick-Me-Up’

Posted by Bob Mackie 1352153840.003

It’s been a momentous week for many of us. Aside from the tricks and treats of Halloween, the East Coast was hit hard by Sandy. I live in Pennsylvania near QVC, and I am pleased to report that we were spared, thankfully. My family in New Jersey is recovering from a bit more damage. Our thoughts are with all those folks who got hit harder and are still recovering. 

These are the times when a little ‘pick-me-up’ can help out, something to put a smile on your face and pep in your step. I recommend Bob Mackie's Renaissance Print Pullover with Sequin Detail (A229277):

Bob Mackie's Renaissance Print Pullover with Sequin Detail

It’s made of 100% soft, breathable cotton and has a gorgeous one-of-a-kind masterpiece print done by the master himself – Bob Mackie.

The color choices are dynamite, and it’s almost hard to choose just one. For those of you that want a full-length sleeve, this top has it with a ribbed detail at the cuff. If also features a boat neckline, which is a stunning compliment to the design and is on the front and the back. You know what Bob says: “It’s just as important to make a statement leaving the room as it is entering the room.”

If you’re looking for something festive to brighten up the Thanksgiving dinner table, this would be a super choice. If you have a black pant or skirt, you are good to go!

Also, be sure to check out Bob Mackie’s entire Wearable Art collection on QVC.com. I love to get your comments and questions here and on Bob’s Facebook page. Be sure to share your thoughts with us. You can also follow Bob on Twitter (@bobmackie) and on Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/bobmackie.

Again, we wish the best to everyone who is still recovering from Sandy. 



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kliszka1352610037.26313 PostsRegistered 8/22/2011

Bob 4x we would like nice tops also boo hoo boo hoo

Lynn at Hy­co Lake1352858418.3532 PostsRegistered 11/13/2012

Bob love your clothes. The artful designs are awesome. Bob please!!!!!!!!!!!! bring back the Embroidered Stretch Pique Jacket & Crop Pants (A56165). I have lost so much weight I need a smaller size. This outfit is so pretty. The colors, design and material is so elegant. I truely love this outfit. Thank you Lynn

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