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New Guest Blogger & Shopping with Amy Stran

Posted by QVC Editor 1351786861.877

Hi there,

For this blog post, I have turned the reins over to our intern, Diane. Among other things, Diane works with the InsideQ team to procure the products you see in the magazine. She comes to us as a Liberal Studies major, graduating in December, and is having a great time working with us at the Q. Take it away, Diane!


InsideQ Editor

My Wednesday started out as they all do: Glare at alarm clock with one eye still shut, make coffee, get into work, check email. But by 10:30 in the morning, I was shopping in the QVC Studio Store with host Amy Stran of Inspired Style (Fridays at 1 AM EST). Wait…what?!

That’s right; before Amy’s meet-and-greet with studio guests, she and I set up a time to chat and get a head start on our holiday wishlists. We especially bonded over shoes and accessories (I’m guessing most of you can relate!) and the fresh philosophy fragrances in the back of the store.


Amy flaunts her current B. Makowsky Satchel (A226649) and tries on Diamonique® rings and Amrita Singh jewelry.

As a fan of Inspired Style and someone who’s always looking for new ways to experiment with fashion, I had a few questions for Miss Stran. Amy’s a bit like me: When it comes to errands and running around on the weekends, flats are her favorite way to go: “That’s what I love about the boots this season,” she told me. “They don’t even need a heel.” As for her favorite accessories, Amy prefers to complement her petite stature with simple, sparkly Diamonique studs and one of her two favorite bargain-find watches (“I actually use my watch to tell the time!” she laughed).

We got to talking about “Sunday Funday,” Amy’s weekly date with her husband. Between her big smile and affectionate, I felt the appreciation Amy has for the time she and Steve spend together. “I just think about how blessed we are to be happy and healthy, with jobs and families we love,” she shared. After breakfast (Amy’s quite a fan of apple cider doughnuts—and now I’m craving one), they’ll simply get in the car and explore. “Before you know it, it’s three in the afternoon and we’re in a whole new part of Chester County, wondering where to go next.” I won’t spill all of the details, though—check out Amy’s blog for more!

Here’s Amy trying on her favorite pick, Susan Graver Multi-Chain Necklace (J270101).

But back to other fun stuff…shopping. When we walked into the store, we had an unspoken agreement: jewelry first. I had my eye on an Amrita Singh Statement Necklace (J267190),* previously worn by Amy on Inspired Style, whereas a stunning Susan Graver Multi-Chain Necklace (J270101)* in gray had Amy doing quadruple takes. “That’s what I love about QVC,” she giggled, picking it up. “You have no idea if this will be $100 or $25.” She flipped over the price tag: $24.32. Clearly, this girl knows her Q.

It was a great morning with fabulous company. Anytime I’ve racked up a few style ideas before noon is a successful day in my book.




InsideQ Guest Blogger

*Available as of October 26, 2012. Subject to change without notice.

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Casinocrazy1355165624.61715 PostsRegistered 10/19/2010

who has not really intrested in k-Dash fashions. They are not made very well. There more for someone in not in the real world. Not someone that needs things to last, they feel cheap and and not going to last past one season.

Casinocrazy1355166076.4315 PostsRegistered 10/19/2010

You should have a contest designing with susan graver and a member.Because I would love to try something and any profit goes to the members charity of choice. I would love the experience, and I think susan g. gets us.

springers1355173445.2376910 PostsRegistered 8/27/2008so cal

I was wondering what LBD is? Realized, Little black Dress (for anyone else in the dark{#emotions_dlg.laugh})

Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy-think on these things.

barbieqvc1355185977.2831 PostsRegistered 12/10/2012

Amy, where have you been? Miss u.

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