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Did You Say Dungarees?

Posted by Leah Williams 1351280240.81

When I met my friend Allison my first day at college, I was fascinated by her big city wardrobe, and her vocabulary. She was from New York city and I was from central California, and words that we used were definitely different. I’m not talking about words that any good college freshman should know in order to successfully matriculate. I’m talking about terms that we used for everyday things like jeans. I thought she was kidding when she asked if I was wearing “dungarees” to a party. Did this girl really just say “dungarees?” To me, they were “jeans” -- “designer jeans” if you spent the extra money for Jordache or Calvins (it was the late 70s early 80s) , but “jeans” nonetheless.

Rockin' the Dungarees

Me rocking high-waist jeans rolled with a cuff in 1979

I thought about that when Allison told me about new jeans that she bought not long ago. She raved about how well they fit, and about how good they made her look. And the jeans she was raving about, she bought from ME! She had been watching me present Denim & Co jeans and decided to order. I was thrilled that my friend of 30 years shopped with me and loved what she got. But what was really funny... when she told me that story, she didn’t say “dungarees”.

Coming Soon!

Denim & Co. is our most popular apparel brand on QVC with a wide variety of denim and casual clothes and outerwear. Look for a VERY SPECIAL item from Denim & Co this Monday at MIDNIGHT! And don’t forget to join me Saturday for AM Style.

See you Saturday!


This week’s "AM Style Either/Or" Poll Question: Denim?

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Rhinomom1351294942.254 PostsRegistered 7/20/2010

Smile Leah,

Loved the picture of you in the jeans! You had a great ivory turtleneck on this morning with really interesting sleeves. Would you be willing to share where you got it? I am searching for a perfect one that is slightly different from the traditional plain style. I live in the Bay Area (make you homesick?) and enjoy watching you host. Judy

ROMARY 11351434538.43320099 PostsRegistered 4/28/2010

You know, I like the high-waist, cuffed jeans look! Can't help myself, but whenever I see a high-waist pant worn in a fashion photo or high-end fashion show, I say: "Yes"!!

Yellow Rose

Bubbles D1351447440.26334 PostsRegistered 10/17/2010

Hi Leah, I could not wear dungarees to school, doing my time...we always had to dress and look like little ladies in high school. Doing the weekends, we could not wait to put our dungarees on with a crisp white shirt and "black & white" shoes or a pull over sweater with a pair of brown "buck" shoes, always with a small purse and light jewely....love...love- they were the Saturday. ( In, Maryland we call them"dungarees" too{#emotions_dlg.wub}) I be 60 next month, and wear my jeans with the same style tops, but with a jacket, little kitten heels. bigger handbags and jewerly. When I was working we always wore dress black suits, with different color tops and accessories,so when I retire, the first thing I bought was 5 pair of jeans, two pair was your jeans Leah.....love,love...they can be dress up beautifully. Diane in Maryland

Spunkyspou­ts1351829667.7677307 PostsRegistered 11/19/2008miami

Thats cute! So when is your next dungaree show??

vabreeze1351959161.643990 PostsRegistered 7/1/2008

Leah, I've chuckled when I have heard you refer to them as 'blue jeans' in presenting jeans. Strange word 'dungarees'-- I wonder what is its origin.

Go Bisons!!!

kathyqvc1352690248.665 PostsRegistered 1/26/2012

You are so nice Leah! I don't know anyone that is as pleasant as you! I love watching you. God bless you for being so nice and having a great personality and being soooooooooo classy!!!!

LAGinLAE1353266513.382 PostsRegistered 11/18/2012
Hi Leah! Yup, I totally called jeans "dungarees" when I was I high school in the early 70s!

Lilland1353941514.845 PostsRegistered 11/26/2012

What's the 2013 length for my jeans? I'm incredibly short-legged in proportion to my height. 5'2" until I started shrinking at the same time I became eligible for Medicare. It is a decade later...I'm probably 5' 1.5"

Always wore my trousers/jeans/more as long as possible without touching the ground. When the 70s came and women wore pants into the office, I also stopped wearing high heels. Maybe an inch" After retirement, it was Birkenstocks 24/7. Still, pants were long as possible.

Now the legs of pants are narrower and narrower. If I hem them to just above the ground in back, they "break" in front and especially with the heavier cotton jeans the "break" looks new to me. Is a break on a skinny jean OK in 2013?

My style excludes anything with sequins, seed beads, what you QVC hosts call embellishment. Plain Jane, please.

I am new to narrow leg pants as I just lost 55 lbs.and down to size 10 from a 1X.

Kay Lilland, Lake Havasu City AZ

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