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Graver Velvet & FFANY Shoes on Sale!

Posted by Susan Graver 1351264127.193

This past Monday night was the 19th annual FFANY Shoes on Sale hosted by QVC in New York City.  I donate and look forward to this event each year, but unfortunately was unable to attend this week. I asked my son, Michael and his fiancé Alli if they would like to go in my place and they thrillingly accepted the invitation.

Alli & Michael

This year shoe designers donated over 120,000 pairs of shoes for QVC to sell with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer research.  At the event, they have shoes to purchase before the dinner and award ceremony.   Here is a pic of a beautiful velvet platform shoe Alli tried on. Velvet is such a huge fashion trend... Everyone must have something velvet this year!



Susan Graver Stretch Velvet V-neck 3/4 Sleeve Tunic

Susan Graver Stretch Velvet Pull-on 6 Gored Long Skirt

Shop more velvet & Must-Have Holiday pieces here!

Nicole Richie, the 2012 spokesperson (wearing a stunning orange lace dress) gave an introductory speech along with additional celebrity appearances by Kristin Cavallari and fashion designer, Tory Burch.

Nicole Richie

It's always such an uplifting experience when people come together for a cause near and dear to their heart.  Although I was unable to attend this year, it makes me so happy to be involved with this great program working hard to find a cure.

I hope you can join me Thursday, October 31st at 6pm ET and November 1st at 1am, 9am, and 1pm ET.



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ROMARY 11351433878.7120011 PostsRegistered 4/28/2010

I've always loved velvet. Thank goodness that now many items are washable!

Yellow Rose

bbehr1351489796.4031 PostsRegistered 10/28/2012

Hello: I have never done this before, but I want to BEG Susan Graver to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the peachskin shells. I have so many from when I was much younger and I now need some bigger sizes. Those shells were always a big hit with all of the customer reviews that I read. They washed and dried like a dream. I cannot understand why you stopped making them. I checked online and the fabric is still available. I hope you will PLEASE consider selling them again.

Thanks for listening

moped1351748555.50717 PostsRegistered 3/8/2012

{#emotions_dlg.biggrin} So glad you help with the Breast Cancer with donations. I have had Breast Cancer and a 3 year survivor and I appreciate it.

I do like your liquid knit mock necks but you put something in the seams that feels and looks like plastic and rubs my neck raw. Could you possible do something different with that. I haven't tried your velvets but they look lovely. Soon maybe I can. I would like more in the Queen Ann neckline I think that is what it is. Keeps your neck warm in the back yet open in the front. I do like most all of your clothes. Keep them coming.

Deb5181351816555.9532 PostsRegistered 11/1/2012

Susan, My son was married in June '12 and my other son is to be married in Jan. '13. I want to wear the shell and palazzo lavender crepe pant suit to the 2nd wedding and put a printeddressy jacket with it. I sm 5'1" so I need at least a 28" jacket. So far I found A90146 and am trying to determine if the print has some lavender in it. What do you thinik? I think I need a 3x and there isn't much available. I have lost weight and a 2x might do it. I have a lot of your jackets especially. I wore them to work everyday, but now I'm retired.

I wore your purple windowpane jacket to their shower and several of your other purpleish clothes. Thank you for the amazing products you create.

15161352213203.3630 PostsRegistered 4/14/2010

Dear Susan, wishing God's blessing on your family as your sons marry this spring! One of my three sons is getting married in about 40 days now (Dec. 15) this will leave just my 23 year old single and he is not interested in marriage as he going to start working on his pHd in genetics, or neurology/oncology, I really am not sure which way he will turn when he starts but it will be in a way to help solve some of these huge health problems. My oldest son had a malignant brain tumor 2 1/2 yrs ago and thank God he is cancer free now.

You have definitely done wonderful things at QVC, My closet as I look is full of your clothes. I have velvet pants from about 15 years ago! Anyway, just one thought as I look at the shape of the country, I was looking at a beautiful set of jewelry that would go possibly with my dress for wedding, the second pic of it had hang tag that said,"MADE IN CHINA" you know Susan, that just does not seem like you. The first review said, I wore it once and something fell off of it,and I have read the same over and over again, of course, not always, but, consider that in China the enormous amount of work they put our in one day, the quality control cannot be that strict.I know about cost containment,etc. But please look around you ,because so many talented people are out of work in the USA, and would adore to work for you in any capacity. I am just begging you, please consider, do not send China any more work. They are I am sure, tickled pink at how dependent the USA has become on them. At one time, yes, they needed us to survive and work, they do not need us anymore, they are surpassing us. We need to become self reliant in a BIG way...... You may be the spark that starts the fire with all your designer friends that stops that sort of behavior. I love you all the same..... as my Mom said... I just do not like that behavior.

God bless your family and keep you in His Love,

Kathy B

ROMARY 11352759681.0920011 PostsRegistered 4/28/2010

Hey, Susan..........Love the photo of two pumpkins.........I had a sweet cat (21 yrs) whose name was "Pumpkin". She would sit at the bottom of an upstairs window, and as we stood outside, all we could see was her head! Exactly the same coloring/face as your precious cat, too! Blessings to your kitty and your sweet dogs, too.

Yellow Rose

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