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QVC Presents FFANY Shoes on Sale Wednesday October 24

Posted by QVC Community Team 1350924917.927

Shop for a cause on Wednesday October 24 from 5pm to 8pm ET!



Shop now designer shoes for less and support breast cancer research.


Learn more about this special event.



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NJ TomKat1351095640.87723 PostsRegistered 4/27/2012

QVC, I'm more than a bit disappointed in this selection of shoes, yikes!! The styles leave a lot to be desired.. I surely would have supported FFANY if there was a pair that I liked! Where's Clarks? Where's Aerosoles? Ryka? Sketchers? And the rest of the "comfort" brands that I've come to know and love?

Sagal1351098586.7972232 PostsRegistered 8/25/2007

I agree - I haven't seen a pair of shoes yet that I wanted to buy - hope they have a better selection tonite!

Nature is the art of God.

Tina W1351104076.791835 PostsRegistered 4/2/2009
On 10/24/2012 SAgal said:

I agree - I haven't seen a pair of shoes yet that I wanted to buy - hope they have a better selection tonite!


SPea1351117292.181 PostsRegistered 10/24/2012

i agree. you cant even order a pair that hasnt been presented. How can they show something on the set (frye boot) and it is already sold out). They used to have high end designer shoes and now it is every day brands, or less than.

winocat1351117815.849135 PostsRegistered 4/24/2008No. California

Thank you QVC for doing FFANY shoes - it's great. I saw the info in the Insider and bought one pair ahead of the sale so thanks for that info, too.

However. I know Jane T is the "shoe expert" but either replace her next year or ask her to kindly stick to the shoe presentation because the shoes sell out super fast and there isn't time to hear any of her long stories. Please! I would have bought more shoes if I knew more about them before they sold out.

mzlg1351119421.92905 PostsRegistered 6/25/2006

Wide widths ...... Where are the wide widths among the over 100,000 pairs that were donated? Women with wide widths do like to wear "fashion" shoes to work, weddings, special events and to go out to dinner & dancing. Wide widths seem to always come in "casual styles". I was able to purchase only 1 pair of casual shoes, however I was hoping to purchase something more fashionable. May be next year more of the donations will include some W widths fashion shoes.


vickie001351119987.7031397 PostsRegistered 8/11/2012

Shopping the FFANY event is challenging. I personally am glad the "normal" QVC brands - Clarks, Ryka, etc do not dominate the selections. This is my chance to shop for different manufacturers that QVC doesn't normally feature. And support a worthwhile cause. That being said, I have found the styles in this years show a bit lacking compared to last year. Last year I bought 4 pairs. Today I have purchased the UGG slippers. Will be back for next year's event.

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Roni1351121074.4679 PostsRegistered 2/9/2007Fort Lauderdale

Wish you had not started at 5pm... JUST got freed up and able to watch. Doesn't look like I missed much though... What groups are the funds supporting this year, I don't see any specifics as in years past.... What happened to Susan G Komen????

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grammyx31351121348.8171 PostsRegistered 10/24/2012

The 30th of this month I will be a 4yr. SURVIVOR. I love this show because the money goes to a cause very dear to my heart. For the last 2 years in my hometown of 750 people I have organized a walk for breast cancer and the money goes to an organization that helps women and men locally that are going through treatments or people that can't afford mammograms. They are called Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks and our little town has raised almost $4,000.00 in the last 2 yrs. for them. I can't say enough about QVC for doing this because breast cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence anymore. Mine was detected early and that is so important to get yourself checked. To the woman that was seeking advice, please just keep going forward with tests to make sure you are ok. Get an MRI if you aren't convinced everything is ok. That will tell you. Keep up the great work QVC. Love the shoes.

Kathy Johnson

cjc191351122296.217282 PostsRegistered 5/24/2009

Great cause...Jane looks so pretty...Nancy looks so pretty...shoes do not look so pretty. Maybe the left-over styles were donated? I love the NAOT brand, and I own one of the styles in the FFANY sale--but I purchased them 3 years ago. Seems like the newest and cutest styles from manufacturers are not in this show. Think I'll just send my check directly to cancer research and skip the shoe part. Maybe next year's show will have more attractive styles.

StylishLady1351122496.394337 PostsRegistered 11/25/2009Florida

Love Jane's dress. Some nice looking shoes and boots are being presented. Too bad I do not have the resources right now to make any purchases.

elated1351141395.647788 PostsRegistered 12/12/2004

I used to watch this show religiously. I bought some nice shoes at half price. But now that QVC has increased the shipping and handling so high I find that buying shoes is not really half price by the time you add shipping and handling plus tax---you are almost at the retail price. Also, how much money is really donated to cancer? If I want to donate money to breast cancer, I will do it on my own. This way they will get 100%. The shoes are really not in style that you present. It looks like these are the shoes the manufacturers could not sell. Please be honest on your presentations and don't tell people to keep the shoes or give them away if they do not fit. I find this type of selling is ignorant. If I wanted to buy shoes as a gift, I would do just that.

MartyJ1351179188.5175 PostsRegistered 10/25/2012

I have watched FFANY throughout the years and I have bought many products. Watched last night and found it very interesting that I saw NO B. Makowsky products. For all the women that support his products, he didn't feel it appropriate to donate shoes or purses for our cause....shame on you Bruce and Kathy. I also agree with others that the S&H has gone over the top and I seriously consider before I buy anything now. I didn't think the choices last night were very good and I agree with others why buy just because....send your check to the charity direct.

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Roni1351265630.473679 PostsRegistered 2/9/2007Fort Lauderdale

This year the entire FFANY event was not even a hint of what it had been....and I think that part of the reason may be that Susan G Komen was not involved this year. Apparently it became a political thing and manufacturers did not participate??? That is how it appears to an outsider looking in.... The show was bad, the shoes were bad...and it is a real shame. What happened???

booboo2luv1412629004.8671 PostsRegistered 10/6/2014

Re: the FFANY Event

Wow, QVC and FFANY designers, I don't know whether I'm amazed and disappointed or amazingly disappointed. Spoiler alert: this is not a positive post.
Apparently, the designers/manufacturers who donate shoes for the FFANY event think only women with medium width feet need to participate in this event, as if women with wide/narrow width sizes do not count or do not need to participate, almost as if breast cancer means nothing to those who wear wide/narrow widths.
I realize that QVC may have very little control in the designers/manufacturers who choose to donate the shoes, so this exclusion may not be completely on QVC.
In this way, it becomes an exclusive event for a select group of people. Well, in case you weren't aware, breast cancer does not exclusively target a select group of people who wear a certain width shoe.
According to the QVC filter for available sizes:
Number of wide/narrow versus:
Women's Shoes 5-6 1/2 Wide (6)
Women's Shoes 7-8 1/2 Wide (1) - my size
Women's Shoes 7-8 1/2 Narrow (1)
Women's Shoes 9-10 1/2 Narrow (1)
Women's Shoes 11-12 1/2 XN (3)
Women's Shoes 5-6 1/2 Medium (49)
<label id="yiv2859705108yui_3_16_0_1_1412598576397_3500" for="cbPopup2">Women's Shoes 7-8 1/2 Medium (48)</label>
<label id="yui_3_16_0_6_1412624764100_18" for="cbPopup2"></label><label id="yiv2859705108yui_3_16_0_1_1412598576397_3846" for="cbPopup3">Women's Shoes 9-10 1/2 Medium (36)</label>
<label id="yui_3_16_0_6_1412624764100_23" for="cbPopup3"></label><label id="yiv2859705108yui_3_16_0_6_1412598576397_97" for="cbPopup4">Women's Shoes 11-12 1/2 Medium (14)</label>
I wear wide width shoes. And, you know what? There are thousands of women like me who wear wide width shoes. This does not mean we are less than human, that we have feet wider than we are tall, but I cannot help but wonder that you seem to think so because of the embarrassingly meager selection in our sizes.
When you exclude wide/narrow width shoes in an event such as this, you are missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars toward breast cancer research by hundreds of women who wear wide/narrow width shoes.
I can only question how much money you do wish to see raised for breast cancer research and education.
Maybe next year will be better for us wide/narrow width ladies.
My thoughts and prayers to all those who have lost someone to this horrible disease. I miss my Mom everyday since she passed away due to this disease nearly 20 yrs ago.

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