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A Star Studded Evening…

Last Reply by dardon 1363290897.137 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory

I am so excited to be invited to appear on PM Style this coming Monday, August 29th. Also scheduled to appear are my friends Clinton Kelly, Isaac Mizrahi, Kathy Gendel, Dean Banowetz, Doris Dalton, Karen Greene, Dennis Basso, Barry Ort, Schuyler Morris, the ever-funny Joan Rivers, and, of course the gorgeous Lisa Robertson! What an incredible group of people to be working with! I am so honored to be a part of this show! LADIES---We will have the fall order of DreamJeannes™ to show. I am so excited to tell you that we will have the color CHOCOLATE for the first time, AND we will now car... Continue Reading

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Quacker Factory on 1314386023

My Top 5 Beauty Tips

Last Reply by jojo6969 1324634006.25 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

I’m not one to put on a full-face of makeup to go the grocery store - I’m perfectly happy going plain-faced on a day off. But I love the “full-blown” transformation that happens when I’m all made up with the smoky eyes, lengthy lashes, glossy lips, and big hair! I think about makeup the way I think about fashion. Makeup should have different looks just like a good wardrobe - some casual and some dressy. And if you’ve taken good care of your skin, “au naturel” is a look that’s just fine. People often ask me about my beauty routine. It&rsqu... Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1314370542.86

The “Bootique” Is Coming!

Last Reply by bajalover 1316642736.807 | in Fashion Talk, All About Accessories

I love boots; they are one of my favorite accessories and a great tool to help transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. So, I was super excited to be given the opportunity to sneak a peek at our upcoming “Bootique,” and as you can see, we have an amazing selection of boots arriving for fall. This fall we are seeing the addition of details like buckles, laces, studs, and equestrian-inspired hardware. Texture is also key; faux fur, shearling linings, and suede or fabric outers are playing a big role in footwear in general. These accents were seen on boots all over the runways... Continue Reading

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QVC Accessories on 1314370141.053

Happy Friday!

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Happy Friday, everyone. This week has been a bittersweet one. The passing of Nick Ashford has me very sad. He and his wife’s song, “Solid As A Rock,” is our theme song for Women With Control. It’s the perfect song for us because it reminds us of how graceful, powerful, and, of course, in control women can be in the toughest moment of their lives.  I’ve been playing this song almost every day this week, thinking about the tough moments this song has gotten me through. Why don’t you share some moments that Ashford and Simpson’s music have gotten you... Continue Reading

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Renee Greenstein on 1314367067.52

Effortless Purging

Last Reply by Rhinomom 1314987269.093 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Get ready, get set…..purge!!  Now's the time, girls; take a rainy day - this weekend will probably work thanks to Irene -  roll up your sensible sleeves and begin a thorough closet clean out.  I cannot tell you what therapy this is for any woman I've ever worked with.   Here's a few tips on getting started: 1.  Decide if you want to focus on organizing your spring/summer or fall/winter wardrobe.  Some women keep most of their things together, but either way, decide where your focus will be unless you have a manageable wardrobe and/or lots of time. 2... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hicks on 1314304182.577

Perfect Pairings for the B. Makowsky Fall Boot Today's Special Value

Last Reply by mostwanted 1314328097.01 | in Fashion Talk, All About Accessories, TSV Talk

Equestrian details have been showing up all over the runways for fall 2011, and I think that this Friday’s B. Makowsky Today's Special Value is a great, wearable translation of this runway trend. I was given a chance to see these boots in person, at our fall Bootique preview, and I was really impressed by its design. This boot has a removable harness — giving you two looks in one — essentially allowing you to customizeb.  your boot to every outfit. This is perfect for me because I often have a hard time deciding which new boot to buy each fall to update my shoe wardrobe.... Continue Reading

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QVC Accessories on 1314220513.157

QVC Fashion Models Have the Right Stuff

Last Reply by malimali 1372385514.44 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Hi, there! Anyone who thinks modeling is easy should try it sometime. Sure, it looks like all models have to do is pose and look pretty, but it’s not as easy as they make it seem. I’m not a model (obviously!), but many years ago as a tall, slim youth with a 27-inch waist, everyone used to tell me I could be one. So I trekked to Philadelphia with a friend for an “interview” at a well-known modeling school. During this interview my fingernails were inspected (and deemed “needs help”) and I was asked to walk up and down a hall. What could be easier than walkin... Continue Reading

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QVC Editor on 1314196420.467

Faux Leather Forecast!

Last Reply by jeezjeezjeez 1346035621 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

My Faux Leather returns in multiple guises for the fall season! From  my trendy trench coat that can be worn come rain or shine, with or  without a fun, shabby-chic, faux fur, shawl collar A209614, to a  sporty faux leather and stretch knit jacket A209695. Faux leather will  give you a sporty edge while still being feminine and ladylike!Have you ever indulged yourself in my faux leather? What are your  favorite faux leather pieces? Please send-in pictures via Facebook... Love to hear and see!!XO, ~Susan Continue Reading

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Susan Graver on 1314128787.707

I'd like to "SPRING" a Question on you!

Last Reply by turnwood 1319593984.46 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Denim & Co

Dear Denim and Co Gals, I know that we've barely begun to "Fall into Fashion" , and summer IS actually still here for alittle while. But, as you know, here at the Q we are always planning ahead to the next fashion season or two, especially with our number one brand, Denim and Company! So, before you begin putting your summer fashions away for few months, I wanted to ask your opinion on BOTTOMS for next Spring and Summer, 2012.    What is your favorite spring and summer pant length?   NOW ABOUT FABRICS AND COLORS:   Do you like our current cotton twill fabric wit... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Gracie on 1314028999.707

Back at the Q

Last Reply by FlossyFlossy 1315568415.49 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hi Everyone! After enjoying some time-off from the Q, I'm back and ready for an exciting AM Style. Among the goodies coming your way is a great Dooney & Bourke pebble leather bag and a cozy Hot Pick from Denim & Co. Check back here early next week to see some vacation pictures and to get the scoop on an upcoming all beauty AM Style. I'll see you all on Saturday! ~Leah Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1313787936.727

How to Win the Fight Against Wrinkles - InStyle Magazine Tells All

Last Reply by Svetochka 1314049991.293 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, All About Accessories

They say beauty knows no age, but apparently wrinkles didn’t get the memo. There is no miracle product that prevents those inevitable lines from forming and multiplying year after year. But, with proper preventative care and a little help from your dermatologist, you can keep wrinkles at bay. In this video, InStyle Magazine’s National Correspondent Tai Beauchamp and I lay it all out on the table and discuss which products and treatments are right for 20-somethings, 30-somethings, 40-somethings, and beyond.       I’m excited about my ... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1313782989.983

The Dooney & Bourke Today's Special Value is Here!

Last Reply by gigot 1313875723.217 | in Fashion Talk, All About Accessories, TSV Talk

When I had the opportunity to see this Dooney & Bourke Bag (Pebble Leather Convertible Shopper with Accessories) up close and personal, I put myself in your shoes. What information would you, the shopper, want me to relay? I basically lived with this bag for a half an hour just so I could give you all the “411” you want and need to know.    First, I want to talk about the design — 2 looks in 1 bag, both a shopper and a tote. What stands out for me is that either look maintains the high standard of excellence, sophistication... Continue Reading

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QVC Accessories on 1313781196.203

We're Back...Tune In Monday, August 22nd!

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Is summer really almost over? As we pack away our capris and pedal pushers, what are you thinking about wearing for fall? Join me Monday August 22nd as we continue to bring you exciting items from Women with Control during QVC This Morning Fashion Forum at 6AM and PM Style at 7 PM. Don’t forget to friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. I love hearing from you! Also, you can shop the entire Women with Control collection anytime on QVC.com. With control, Renee Continue Reading

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Renee Greenstein on 1313777913.773

Back from Vacation with Some Big News to Share!

Last Reply by ShariC 1315871283.787 | in Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, All About Accessories

Hi PM Style ladies!    Yay, together again! We had a fabulous time on vacation (Steve and I and my parents), but it was nice to return to PM Style. Always been a fan of routine and find it difficult to break sometimes, so back in the usual works for me. I do miss the pool, hot tub, the ocean, food, and frozen drinks that went along with them, but I think I picked a good night to come back to work. I had fun getting caught up with everyone on Facebook and watching Lisa do what she does best. Plus, Joan Rivers was there, and Mally and I loved some of our... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1313609399.42

This TSV Will Transform Your Wardrobe!

Last Reply by Seamusbug 1322707677.127 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Susan Graver

Imagine one item that will transform your outfit into a new, updated, on trend look. It's all about the eternity scarf... One item, one accessory that will totally update your wardrobe and transform something "ho hum" into something new and sensational. Not to mention it's paired with the most comfortable, stylish, Liquid Knit tunic top... "bingo", you win! Don't miss my newest Today's Special Value, A217831, and watch as we demonstrate numerous ways to style the "must have" eternity scarf! Please join me this Thursday, August 18th at Midnight, 3AM, 9-11AM, 3PM, and 7PM ET. Wat... Continue Reading

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Susan Graver on 1313600627.74

What Did You Get?

Last Reply by yoQuacker 1314062377.79 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share with you what a great time I had chatting with you online during Bob Mackie’s last visit.  It was the first time that I joined Bob on air as his Social Media Host, and you made me feel so welcome.  I was really glad to hear all of your comments about the things that you loved during the show, as well as the questions and advice that you give each other.  It felt like a group of girlfriends having a ball, shopping together.  And just as a girlfriend would ask, I’d love to know… “What did you buy?”  Ther... Continue Reading

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Bob Mackie on 1313446460.493

One Birthday at the VT Office: Feelin’ It!

In Fashion Talk, All About Accessories

In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Ksenia and I am fortunate enough to be working at what might be the most fun company to work for: Visual Therapy! Being surrounded by people who truly believe in the magic of transformations that begin from the inside is very inspiring. Audrey Hepburn once said, “Happy girls are pretty girls.” No dress, designer bag, or fancy shoes will make you look beautiful unless you’re — here comes Jesse’s signature phrase, which pretty much explains what we do here at VT — FEELIN’ IT! This morning, I stepped into the ... Continue Reading

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VT Luxe on 1313428142.793

Behind the Scenes at Basso Boutique

Last Reply by FashionJunkie 1315532186.79 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello!  As I write this, I’m on my way home from my trip to QVC Germany and QVC UK!  This past Wednesday was a very exciting day at my boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City.  Courtney Cason came into town to do an interview with me about Fashion’s Night Out and Fashion Week.  It’s always fun to have a video shoot in the store with all the lighting and cameras because it always causes an air of excitement!  Before you knew it, we had a large group of onlookers standing in front of the store’s floor to ceiling windows.  In the... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1313421972.293

My First Fall Crush

In Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, All About Accessories

Do you remember your first crush? Remember the sheer excitement of seeing that person? Or going out of your way just to walk by them to catch a small glimpse? Or my favorite — calling your crush and then when they answer the phone, you hang up? I have my first fall crush on the upcoming Joan Rivers woven jacket TSV. This jacket reminds me of my favorite French designer, but at $55.81, I can get about 44 Joan Rivers jackets for the price of one French designer’s jacket. (What’s that all about?)   My favorite thing about my jewel-... Continue Reading

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QVC Accessories on 1313334327.943

Every Woman Needs a Great Leather Jacket

Last Reply by anntiger 1323188923.663 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, All About Accessories

We've shown you some prints and we've suggested some jeans, but Lori Goldstein and I also talked about one other wardrobe-defining piece on our L.A. shopping trip — jackets. A great leather jacket can literally transform your entire wardrobe and help you define your individual style. Belt them, cinch them, let your creativity flow — leather jackets aren’t what they used to be, as you’ll see here.     My “Style File” image this week showcases the Liz Claiborne New York Ponte Pencil Skirt (A216414). It’s versatile and prac... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1313180433.257

QVC is heading to NYC for Fashion’s Night Out---Want to “be our guest”?

Last Reply by Skyqueen 1315615978.04 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

We are getting so excited for QVC’s celebration of Fashion's Night Out. Want to be in the middle of the fashion & excitement with us? Enter our sweepstakes for a VIP experience: Enter the sweepstakes on qvc.com   You have two chances to win! Enter sweepstakes on Facebook also!   Do you consider yourself a fashionista?       Continue Reading

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QVC Fashion on 1313159288.78

Response to Cody

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

And so have I!!!  I will make sure our fabulous buying team sees your request!! Don’t forget to friend me on facebook. I love hearing from you! Also, you can shop the entire Women with Control collection anytime on QVC.com, Renee Continue Reading

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Renee Greenstein on 1313084075.15

Response to RaRa

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

I am so happy that you are as excited as I am about my new “addition” to the Women with Control collection. We have made sure that all of our ladies regular, tall and petite lengths have been covered. Tune in at midnight on August 12 (Thursday night) to see the live presentation. Call in to say hi ~ I love to speak to all of my ladies in control! Don’t forget to friend me on facebook. I love hearing from you! Don’t forget, you can shop the entire Women with Control collection anytime on QVC.com. Renee Continue Reading

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Renee Greenstein on 1313083927.89

The Wait is Almost Over...Tune in at Midnight!

Last Reply by Swaybee 1313682259.473 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello to all of my ladies With Control!  Since sunrise I’ve been full of excitement over what I’ll be sharing with you at midnight tonight! I’m on my way to QVC today, and I can’t wait to get this show on the road. Our baby is a new and exciting piece that has been requested by many of you and, as always, I am happy to oblige. We’re dealing with a new fabric tonight, but don’t worry. This collection is sized from 2 through 28 and comes in Petite, Regular and Tall lengths so we’ll be giving a new type of control – one that complements our cl... Continue Reading

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Renee Greenstein on 1313082917.803

Special Moments….

Last Reply by dustangel 1314680810.137 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory

Do you have certain memories from your life that you would consider Red Carpet moments?  Now I am sure that lots of us have imagined being on the Red Carpet for the Oscars, or the Grammys in a beautiful one-of-a-kind gown.  If you haven’t, perhaps you know someone who has dreamed of this moment, maybe even someone who has actually experienced this. But what about the everyday moments in your life?  You know, those extra special moments that you pull from your memory, and you just smile.  Maybe it is your wedding day, maybe it is your promotion celebration at work, ma... Continue Reading

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Quacker Factory on 1313073206.647

Joan Knocks One Out of the Park!!

Last Reply by PAMIAM 1315611511.93 | in Fashion Talk, All About Accessories

JOAN: Calling all chic, well dressed women!! My Today’s Special Value on August 15th is a knock-out!!! DAVID: Hands down the most exciting apparel item we have done to date, and that says a lot! JOAN: Inspired by all of the gorgeous jackets you’ve seen me wear through the years from a certain French designer who shall remain nameless… A216365 Parisian Chic Woven Jacket with Ruffle Detail I’ve taken real couture details like shirred chiffon ruffle trim, luxurious woven tweed fabric, amazing golden buttons and whipped up a runway worthy jacket that is to-die-for... Continue Reading

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Joan Rivers & David Dangle on 1313006727.8


In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

I'm at that inevitable point in the season where I'm stuck between the now and the not yet.  On the one hand, I'm having to plan to take our son, David, back up to college next week.  So we're making sure he's got all he'll need for those cold New England winters, and yet….I'm trying to live in the moment and enjoy each and every chance summer has to offer with him. On the one hand, I'm tired of the gardening and even want to ditch some of my plant flunkies from this year….on the other hand, I want to keep the water, fertilizer and love coming to see if I can coax ano... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hicks on 1312991863.227

"Wonder" What's Coming...

Last Reply by AdrienneD 1313691859.89 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

“Fall is coming and I Wonder, What classic bottom can be updated With Control?” Tune in on Friday, August 12th at midnight to find out! Don’t forget to friend me on facebook. I love hearing from you! Don’t forget, you can shop the entire Women with Control collection anytime on QVC.com. Renee Continue Reading

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Renee Greenstein on 1312984270.667

Jaclyn's Picks

Last Reply by momfillis 1314548016.35 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

Hi Graver fans! Thank you all so much for tuning in for Fashion Day last week, we had a great time. If you missed any of the action, you can still see the Fall Must Haves and build your autumn wardrobe on QVC.com. Here are a few of my favorites for the season! Join us this Thursday, August 11th at 9 AM & 5 PM ET, and start getting excited for a very special item coming next week! See you all soon! ~Jaclyn Shop Susan Graver on QVC.com! Continue Reading

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Susan Graver on 1312921691.39

Shoe Shopping with Jane — The Stylist’s Pick

Last Reply by justme9 1353184520.097 | in Fashion Talk, All About Accessories

I can describe what I love about Shoe Shopping with Jane in one word: personalization. This is not a show thrown together haphazardly. Jane puts a lot of time, care, and effort in each one of her shows. Her goal is not only showcasing her favorite shoes, but also shoes she thinks you'll love too! Several days ago, I took a break from all the Fashion Day craziness and took a look at the August 9th show. While I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite, there's one pair that immediately caught my attention: Kathy Van Zeeland Ballerina Flats with Charm Detail. First, let me say that I need anoth... Continue Reading

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QVC Accessories on 1312912543.217

Exciting New Goodies This Week!

Last Reply by babs21 1314878102.963 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hi my dear friends. I hope you all are having a lovely summer so far. I can't believe it is coming to an end. I have been so busy, time flies too quickly! I am very excited to be appearing on QVC again this week. I have two great hours coming up on Wednesday, August 10th. The first show is 1PM, and the second show is 8PM in the evening. I have two great hosts. Jacque and Jill will be hosting with me. I hope you enjoy all the goodies! Love, George Continue Reading

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George Simonton on 1312903198.14

New from Women with Control

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall I WONDER what is new for Fall? Wonder, Wonder, Wonder…” Tune in on Friday, August 12th at midnight to find out. Don’t forget to friend me on facebook. I love hearing from you! Don’t forget, you can shop the entire Women with Control collection anytime on QVC.com.   Renee    “Mirror, mirror, on the wall I WONDER what is new for Fall? Wonder, Wonder, Wonder…”   Tune in on Friday, August 12th at midnight to find out. Don’t forget to friend me on facebook. I love hearing from you! D... Continue Reading

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Renee Greenstein on 1312835264.067

New to PM Style®! Lisa’s Style File

Last Reply by shopsmart 1365217461.34 | in Fashion Talk, All About Accessories

Working as the lead stylist on a show like PM Style every week can be very exciting! Meeting guests, making last-minute changes to the lineup, and waiting on new products to arrive in time for the live show are some of the challenges that we encounter on a weekly basis. I’ve been part of the PM Style production team for almost two years now, and I’m always looking for ways to keep the show fresh and entertaining for our loyal viewers. Lisa receives many questions from all of you regarding the styling of the show; and “Lisa’s Style File” was developed as a way for ... Continue Reading

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QVC Accessories on 1312820917.12

QVC at the CFDA Awards! Plus, Don't Miss Tomorrow's InStyle Must-Haves

Last Reply by Suzzeee 1312995262.333 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, All About Accessories

Last month, QVC sponsored the prestigious CFDA awards in New York City and the adorable Courtney Cason went on our behalf (thanks to her sponsor, HP!). In a single night, Courtney had the pleasure of meeting many of the fashion industry’s leading designers (many of whom are my personal favorites), as well as some up-and-coming names who, no doubt, you’re curious about.   I really wanted you to see what these designers had to say. So enjoy this video, and the videos to come all this month. You’ll get to meet these influential designers first-hand, and you&rs... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1312569216.017

Fashion Day Fever

Last Reply by Quilting Lady 1316060090.253 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

First of all, a quick note about something you’ve been waiting and waiting for... and it’s finally here! The Genie Bra! A221336 - GenieBra Set of 6 Seamless Bras Incl. 6 Sets of Modesty Pads I got a sample to try, and all I can say is, you will never feel so comfortable in a bra. You’ll see it first in AM Style… I’m telling all my friends to order early. Now who says there are no holidays between the Fourth of July and Labor Day - for the “Fashionistas” among us, Fashion Day on QVC is a definite holiday! This Saturday, we’ll celebrate wi... Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1312566979.347

Fashion Day is coming...

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

"Happy Friday!”  Although summer is still going strong, I've got Fall on my mind and so should you! Fashion Day is upon us and it is time to start strategizing your wardrobe. It's time to start hunting for those Fall pieces that are practical, timeless, and flattering. And on Saturday at 10:00 PM it will be time for you to tune in to PM Style where I'll be sharing my Women with Control Slim Leg Pant A213527. This is a pant that will be your go-to bottom for Fall whether you're wearing your riding boots or flats. I can't wait to see how you use your Control when in these pants, so wh... Continue Reading

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Renee Greenstein on 1312516823.583

Countdown to Vacation!

Last Reply by speedyindisguise 1313335028.62 | in Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, All About Accessories

Hi PM Style Ladies,   I’m sitting here in the host lounge late on Wednesday as I’m getting ready to kick off the Today’s Special Value. I’m so excited because it’s a handbag and you know how I feel about handbags. By the time you read this, you might even be waiting for this one in the mail because when you see it, wow. From Tignanello, done in suede, and just darn good looking. I need to microwave my leftovers (homemade stir-fry) before midnight, but I thought I would write to you first.   How are you?  Did you have fun with... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1312489535.93

The Art of Murano

Last Reply by elegantprofile 1312563813.007 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

I visited the island of Murano today! What a spectacular treat.  This Island is well known for and actually thrives on the craft of glass blowing and glass forming.  From this craft comes some of the most beautiful works of Art. I was lucky enough to attend the private workspace in a glass factory and watch a 5-man artisan team.  It was just an ordinary day for them.  Friends, I must say, this was fascinating.  They worked together in perfect harmony, each with their own job in the creation of a glass horse.  We were in awe of the talent.  As you walk arou... Continue Reading

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Bob Mackie on 1312486440.427

Through the eyes of a child….

Last Reply by Aunt Mare 1312942630.65 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory

This past weekend I babysat my 2½-year-old nephew, Ben, for the entire weekend.  Now, I LOVE kids, I don’t have any of my own, but I love them.  All three of my sisters have kids, their kids have kids, and all of my girlfriends have kids—they all lovingly call me "Aunt Angel."  As I was going through the day with Ben, I could not help but to smile regarding his total enthusiasm for everyday things that we “adults” take for granted.  When I picked him up, he got so excited about trees and more trees!!  I took video on of him jumping ... Continue Reading

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Quacker Factory on 1312474023.003

Summer Celebs & Fall Must-Haves

Last Reply by 333lisa 1314193431.457 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello Fashion Lovers, I'm excited to be back on the Q this week - Wednesday August 3rd @ 7 PM ET. It’s been a pretty busy summer so far. I've been working with Beyonce for the opening of her new world tour (she also got her hands on one of my QVC bags, so watch the magazines for that!), worked on a photo shoot for Oprah for an upcoming issue (I'll keep you all updated on that), dressed Emily Blunt as well as Marlee Matlin, Paula Abdul, Mary J. Blige, and everyone’s guilty pleasure, the Real Housewives have kept me real busy!   During my show this Wednesday I will... Continue Reading

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Marc Bouwer on 1312397579.543


Last Reply by Stromsliz 1358740086.423 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

  Fashion Day is approaching!! I love fall fashion, don't you? There are so many beautiful options this fall, and it gives me a reason to spruce up my wardrobe! A huge fashion must-have is the animal print top. While the animal print trend never goes out of style, this year the trend is bigger then ever, in hot new colors. Animal print has become the new basic! Next up: Ruffles and lace!! Ruffle front tops and lace detailing adds femininity to any outfit. This fall, one of the staples in my wardrobe is the boyfriend jacket. It's classic, sophisticated, and the perfect item to transitio... Continue Reading

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Susan Graver on 1312382691.64

Hi PM Style ladies!

Last Reply by rocker chick 1312675541.957 | in Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, All About Accessories

Hi PM Style ladies!   How are you?  I had a great time with you Monday night during the show. I had been looking forward to that specific show because I couldn't wait to introduce you to Maria and Embellish. Some of the girls on Facebook have asked what I use on my hair so I was thrilled that there was a chance to show you in person. I was happy, too, that you got to meet Maria McCool because she really is one of my favorite people. She's smart and wise about all things beauty and fashion and a joy to be around.    What d... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1312228263.92

Fall into Fashion....Fall Fashion Day and a New TSV from Denim and Co!

Last Reply by Lehighvalley 1314052130.553 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Denim & Co

Can you believe QVC Fall Fashion Day is only a week way!?!? That's right, it's coming up on Saturday, August 6th, and it's the official launch of Fall Fashion 2011 on QVC!!  I know, I know...we've still got a month of Summer to go and believe me, I'm stretching it out as LONG as I can....but there's something about corduroy and plaid and soft yummy sweaters and wearing layers and those NEW Fall Shoes, that gets me sort of dreaming about Fall.  I love how Fall clothing looks, feels, and fits! Especially when it's Denim and Company! So, you'll soon be seeing "Fall into Fashion" ap... Continue Reading

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Carolyn Gracie on 1312213703.087

Get the 4-1-1 on InsideQ Member Benefits

Last Reply by shopperwoman 1381365433.947 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk

Hi, there! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Troy, editor of QVC’s InsideQ magazine. Just to give you a little background, our publication celebrated its 21st birthday in April. Woo hoo! Over the years, it’s had many names, from the Insider Bargain Bulletin in 1990 to the Insider Magazine in 2001 and changing to InsideQ in 2010 (some of you out there may remember these, if so, I’d love to hear from you). Each month, InsideQ magazine features a first look at five or more Today’s Special Value® products; previews of upcoming fashions, accessories an... Continue Reading

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Super Saturday LIVE from the Hamptons

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I am so honored to be attending Super Saturday in the Hamptons benefiting Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Check out the Women with Control first ever tummy control short – S5573 (perfect for summer)!   We have all been touched by brave women who either gone thru this or helped others gone through it.  This Saturday gives us a chance to celebrate and support them! Please give a shout out to these wonderful women so we can all cheer with you!!   Don’t forget to friend me on facebook. I love hearing from you! In control, Renee Don’t forget, you can shop the e... Continue Reading

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Bob Mackie on Facebook!

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Are you friends with  Bob Mackie on Facebook?  If you are reading the QVC community blogs than you‘re on the computer.  You are just a couple of clicks away from being more in touch with the world of Bob Mackie via his fan page on Facebook. I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that if you are at all concerned about how to or security or anything uncomfortable in joining Facebook, fear not.  I know that the computer can be a crazy place.  Even my husband turns to me once and a while and says… “Honey, are you on Facebook again?”, but ser... Continue Reading

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The Dream Catcher!

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Hello there.  Thanks for all the great feedback about what you enjoyed during Bob Mackie’s recent visit.  I got so many comments about the Indian Beaded Cardigan.  It was popular again as this is such a customer favorite.  I have decided that I would like to do a weekly blog called “Inspiration Fridays”.  What do you think?  Based on your requests, I am going to share what inspired Bob about your favorite pieces of Wearable Art. So, without further ado:  The Indian Beaded Cardigan.  This was a big favorite from Bob’s last visit a... Continue Reading

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Interview with Chaz Dean Part Three & Don't Miss Super Saturday Tomorrow!

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Chaz Dean’s joining us for PM Style on Monday. Thus, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring you part three in the interview series with Chaz. In this segment, we talk confidence and beauty, and how women can find both within themselves.     My “Style File” for this week is a great blazer from Denim & Co. (A216561). It has just enough stretch to keep you comfortable, but it won’t lose its shape.     I'm very excited about my jewelry pick for the show. It's a bracelet I've been getting a lot of requests for rece... Continue Reading

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Body Image

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Let me tell you why I LOVE my job here at the Q.  I was in for a meeting this week that would set the tone for our Fall Fashion Day unveiling (stay tuned, it's coming very soon!!) and bring clarity on all the hottest trends coming out of the Fashion meccas around the world....you know: Paris, London, Milan and actually, Amsterdam btw.....we really do stay on top of the trends to always bring you the very best.  Now, for years I've been very much about being inclusive in my approach to Fashion/Image/Styling.  I don't know, maybe somewhere in my background I felt EXcluded a time o... Continue Reading

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Wardrobe Re-run: How Often Do You Repeat an Outfit?

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Sitting in a waiting room earlier this week, I scanned several dog-eared magazines on a table in front of me. One of them caught my eye, so I picked it up and began to read. It was obviously a couple of weeks old because the cover story heralded the arrival of the royal newlyweds in North America; page after page of outings and outfits. There was much attention paid to the new Duchess and her sense of style. And it was all pretty routine until I flipped to the page with the headline: “Kate wears same jeans 3 days in a row”. She had worn the jeans different ways each day, and that w... Continue Reading

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