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PM Style Blog 04/09 - What's in my wardrobe for summer 2015?

Last Reply by QVCCUTIE 1430945623.633 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Shoes

Hey PMStylers, I had so much fun with all of you last Monday night with our PM Style chat question, “What’s your fav toenail color for summer pedi season?” I love how crazy opinionated and passionate gals are about something as innocuous as toe polish. So it got me to thinking abo... Continue Reading

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Shawn Killinger on 1428552000

Dancing for Charity

Last Reply by moveitgirl 1428794175.45 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Kate, our resident chatter for AM Style, had the day off last Saturday. Read her blog below to learn how she helped others and had fun while doing so: "Last Last Saturday I had the day off to participate in a charity dancing event called, "Dancing for Our Future Stars". It's similar to the real "Da... Continue Reading

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Leah Williams on 1428552000

Seems like yesterday!

Last Reply by Sue89113 1431895065.693 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Wow!  Has it really been 20 years since I was first on the air at QVC?    Yes!  It has been 20 years!  Hard for me to believe.  But, in April 1995, exactly 20 years ago,  I had my first show with Mary Beth Roe. I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was... Continue Reading

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Lisa Mason on 1428465600

Models/Stylists Luncheon!

Last Reply by JCF 1432562435.723 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Susan Graver

I recently hosted a luncheon to thank the models and stylists who work relentlessly to bring my designs to life on air.   After all the designing, manufacturing, buying, and planning, it's the stylists and the models in the end, that matter most.  With the talented stylists. With the ... Continue Reading

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Susan Graver on 1428465600

Share Your Favorite Cocktail Recipe!

Last Reply by BluII 1428768217.403 | in Fashion Talk, Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Time for picnics, barbecues, trips to the beach, and of course, fun and delicious cocktails. What’s better than sitting on the porch (or poolside, lakeside, on the beach or in front of the TV watching Fashionably Late J) with a freshly shake... Continue Reading

5 replies
Jayne Brown on 1428465600

Joan Rivers’ Famous “Blank Canvas”

Last Reply by Bhappy 1429317701.83 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Joan Rivers Classics Collection

Joan was, without a doubt, the best dressed woman I’ve ever known. I want you to look closely at the photos of Joan below. Other than looking fabulous (as Joan always did!) what else do you see?  Did you guess it right? There is a style trick that Joan taught me years ago; you might ha... Continue Reading

3 replies
David Dangle on 1428379200

A Gorgeous April!

Last Reply by savories 1428932994.76 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Isaac Mizrahi Live!

Hi kids! Happy Spring! There are SO many fun things happening this month. This weekend is the Annual Good Shepherd’s Services Spring Party. Good Shepherd helps inner city kids get the resources they need to brighten their futures through some wonderful programs. I love GSS and the party is a ... Continue Reading

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Inside Mizrahi on 1428292800

LCNY and Spring is in the Air!

In Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Liz Claiborne New York

Hello my LCNY fashionistas....happy April..today in the West Chester, Pa area sunny,warm around 65. I got inspired! I did my two mile walk, opened the windows, set out the deck furniture and cleaned up the golf clubs. I am also getting my tennis racquet restrung. There is something about spring...t... Continue Reading

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Linda Davies on 1428292800

And the top two dresses are ........................

Last Reply by blueangel1532 1431304556.573 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Dear friends, Thank you so very much for taking your time to share your opinions with me on which dress I should wear to Eric and Alice's wedding. And with your kind help, I have narrowed it down to the following two. Number one is really a very light blush pink, but appears more of a champagne co... Continue Reading

1169 replies
Mary Beth Roe on 1428120000

You will not believe what fits in this bag!

Last Reply by BluII 1430794270.253 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Handbags

Hi all! I have gotten to meet so many of you over social media and I am so appreciative of all of your comments/suggestions. Keep ‘em coming. I am new to your family and loving every minute of getting to know everybody! So…onto this magic leather bag that is about as big as my hand&he... Continue Reading

8 replies
Jill Martin on 1428120000

My Happy Easter Memories & Traditions

Last Reply by Delanne 1428408317.717 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

The start of spring has always meant Easter in my world. It was a time to make memories and enjoy fun times with my family. Growing up, I remember one of my favorite things was receiving new Easter outfits. They were complete with Easter hats, a purse, and patent shoes for church…I felt so st... Continue Reading

2 replies
Pat James Dementri on 1427903836.457

Treasured Easter Traditions

Last Reply by KingCharlesSpanielMom 1428072392.83 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs

When I was a child, Easter was a very exciting time. We went out and got new dresses and new shoes (usually white patent leather).  On Easter Sunday, our family went to church in the morning, then we participated in the fun Easter egg hunt in the church courtyard afterwards. Lauren at the East... Continue Reading

4 replies
Jayne Brown on 1427903146.187

A Very ‘Special’ ‘DreamLook’ with Patrick’s Pick(s) Of The Month – April 2015!

Last Reply by sue52 1428923685.297 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory

It is so good to be back with my new ‘Patrick’s Pick Of the Month!  And this one is extra special because it’s our first Today’s Special Value DreamLook!!!! What Is A ‘DreamLook’?! DreamLook is our exciting new concept in ensemble fashion design.  We... Continue Reading

7 replies
Quacker Factory on 1427860800

I'm Back!

Last Reply by Shnan 1432650311.61 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hello, my Dear Friends! I am so very excited to share with you that I am returning to QVC as Host.  It has been almost 4 1/2 years since I was a part of the QVC family and and I have missed you terribly! I have received the most amazing, warm welcome from the host team and everyone at QVC. Gi... Continue Reading

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On The Scene on 1427860800

PM Style Blog Week of 4/1: Old friends, why can’t they live closer!?!

Last Reply by peachypie 1429501995.477 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

I’m still reflecting on my week off which had me visiting “my besties". I just can’t tell you how treasured and priceless they are to me ... how seeing them refueled me. They see the best in me, are endlessly proud of me, they want me to succeed, they want me to fly, they want me t... Continue Reading

12 replies
Shawn Killinger on 1427860800

A Sneak Peak and Our Teams Trip to Europe!

Last Reply by alioop 1430352133.327 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Denim & Co

Hello Denim Diva’s , Can you believe it is almost April? Time really does fly!!! I wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of the new items coming in for April. Do you see something you like?   The design team and I just returned from a trend and research shopping trip in Europe. It w... Continue Reading

21 replies
Gary- QVC Design Team on 1427774400

Which dress gets your "yes"?!

Last Reply by season2010 1429796052.107 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

I NEVER thought it would be so difficult to find a dress for my first wedding as mother-of-the-groom! I have tried on more than 40 dresses! Most were either too low in the front or too low in the back. Someseemed too matronly and a few others were practically see-through. It's not easy finding a be... Continue Reading

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Mary Beth Roe on 1427601600

Join us for 'Sunday Style'!

Last Reply by iscys2 1431314105.523 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Susan Graver

Before you pick out your outfit for Monday morning, try kicking back and joining us for Sunday Style on QVC Plus.  Just because the weekend is wrapping up, it doesn’t mean that the fun is over!  Join us as we go LIVE every Sunday night for a whole block of fashion favorites and beau... Continue Reading

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QVC Plus on 1427601600

Spring ahead for LOGO Fashion!

Last Reply by BevG 1431446870.743 | in Fashion Talk, Lori Goldstein, TSV Talk

Wow has it been a long and harsh winter…BEYOND ready for spring. I’m ready for the flowers to bloom, ready for the mounds of snow to melt and most importantly…READY FOR SPRING FASHION! I love seeing the changing landscape of nature when spring rolls around. It is just so beautif... Continue Reading

13 replies
Lori Goldstein on 1427515200


Last Reply by Miss Louise 1430596129.22 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

I belong to an organization of women who volunteer their time and talents for charitable efforts. Each year we hold an annual luncheon to raise scholarship funds for deserving college-bound students. The event is called “Hattitude for Education”. It’s an afternoon of fun culminati... Continue Reading

14 replies
Leah Williams on 1427428800

An Interview with our resident PM Style Chatter, Erin

Last Reply by Up and Onward 1427463536.97 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, The Q We Love

Hey lay-dees! Time for another PM Style blog. This week, Erin, our adorbs associate Producer who handles our live chat on my Fb page during the show. Coolest fun fact: Erin's twin sis does the same thing for AM Style. So who is Erin, and what makes her tick? Warning. Prepare to fall in love. She's l... Continue Reading

2 replies
Shawn Killinger on 1427342400

Life is Half Full

Last Reply by Leiloni 1431095109.31 | in Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Jewelry means many things to many people. It can be just an accessory, a celebration of an accomplishment, or it can symbolize a milestone. It can also be a reminder of those who mean so much to us; those who have been an endless source of support and who have helped us through times we’d thou... Continue Reading

2 replies
Renee Greenstein on 1427342400

A Gorgeous Wig: Your Newest Accessory!

Last Reply by Nardyann 1427755030.83 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

I know we usually think of shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories as those little extras that make an outfit, but a fresh way to accent your style is with a wig. I always thought of a wig as something that lets you do something flirty, like trying out a shorter hairstyle without actually gettin... Continue Reading

12 replies
Jayne Brown on 1427303032.57

My Vacation Week in the Sun!

Last Reply by DRH48 1429540564.45 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Joan Rivers Classics Collection

The temp at my place in Pennsylvania was 11 degrees the morning I left for my vacation on the island of Vieques. If you are not familiar with Vieques, it’s a tiny island (8 square miles!) right off the coast of San Juan, PR. A rustic, tropic paradise with stunning beaches and wild horses that ... Continue Reading

5 replies
David Dangle on 1427169600

Designer vs. Diva: All About That (Springtime) Bass!!

Last Reply by CTglam 1428549648.567 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Denim & Co

Hello Fellow Denim Divas!! With spring just around the corner, it's about time for a new Denim and Company Designer vs. Diva viewer poll!! This time, Designer Gary and yours truly, the resident Denim Diva, are getting to the "bottom" of it and have each chosen our favorite D&Co crop pant for th... Continue Reading

37 replies
Carolyn Gracie on 1427083200

My gal pal, Kalina

Last Reply by Sandra1946 1432318608.097 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Hello Lovelies, Every Sunday I will be blogging for PM Style, and today it seemed fitting to blog about friendship. Tomorrow is a big day for my QVC gal pal, Kalina from Breezies. She has a Today Special Value (whoop! whoop!), so no doubt the happy nerves are building as we speak for her. Kalina w... Continue Reading

24 replies
Shawn Killinger on 1426996800

My New York City Trip: Beauty, Fashion, Makeup and CAKE!

Last Reply by darcy3 1426970051.06 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Last week I went to New York to visit with some of our vendor partners. I always love going to New York, and this time, once I hit the city I headed straight for my hotel, dropped my bags, and went to Magnolia Bakery to get my favorite German Chocolate cake (three pieces, I cannot tell a lie!!!). ... Continue Reading

2 replies
Rachel Boesing on 1426879885.943

3 of My Favorite Things

Last Reply by redthunder 1431259714.01 | in Fashion Talk, Isaac Mizrahi Live!, TSV Talk

Hi Kids! It’s TSV time and I know that you are going to adore my new Knit Lace Dress. It. Is. MAJOR! This dress is a combination of three things I love - t-shirts, dresses, and lace. As I mention all the time, I have an obsession with t-shirts. I wear them everyday and I think t-shirts ... Continue Reading

23 replies
Inside Mizrahi on 1426824000

I'm a Wardrobe Warrior Traveler

Last Reply by duclane 1426885420.277 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

OK, my Wardrobe Warriors. I’m currently traveling through Asia with my partners visiting fabric mills and print design houses. It’s a busy trip filled with meetings and shopping, but I have to stop and take a moment to tell you how this trip almost didn't happen. After spending Friday w... Continue Reading

1 replies
Renee Greenstein on 1426824000

Angel said, "Yes to the Dress!"

Last Reply by shopmaven 1432262722.617 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory

Last week I had the pleasure to travel to New York City with my sister Vickie & my very good friends Dan & Susan for my appointment at Kleinfelds!!!!  If you are not familiar with this wedding gown mecca, it is where the show “Say Yes to The Dress” is filmed & Kleinfelds... Continue Reading

32 replies
Quacker Factory on 1426737600

Get Inspired! Spring Cleaning & Decorating

Last Reply by ACK Lady 1427749402.267 | in Fashion Talk, For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities

I remember when I lived at home, spring was always a time when my mother made us do the real deep-down house cleaning.  I’m talking everything—we scrubbed the baseboards and walls, moved the furniture to vacuum underneath—the whole nine yards. That house sparkled by the time... Continue Reading

6 replies
Jayne Brown on 1426693791.78

The Philadelphia Flower Show Preview Gala

Last Reply by Irish1210 1426894498.41 | in Fashion Talk, In the Garden, Hosts & Personalities

A few weeks ago I was delighted to attend the preview gala for the Philadelphia Flower Show. Friday marks the first day of spring, but back then in the middle of winter…believe me when I tell you that there was nothing better than stopping to smell the tulips! :) In case you didn't know,... Continue Reading

1 replies
Pat James Dementri on 1426651200

Best Irish Party Around!

Last Reply by lOVETOSHOP 1426990397.19 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Our 26th annual St. Patrick's Day celebration was the best Irish party around! We were lucky to have a studio audience, dressed in forty shades of green, to help us celebrate.  The "pipes were calling" as Katie our talented QVC production expert entertained us on the bagpipes. We laughed, ... Continue Reading

5 replies
Jane Treacy on 1426651200

Touring Ireland with Mary Beth McRoe

Last Reply by sunfloweryellow 1427984888.977 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Every St. Patrick’s Day, it is a kind of ‘family reunion’ at QVC, because over the past 25 years, I have come to know and love the Irish guests that have visited QVC year after year, such as Matt Doolan, Stephen Walsh, Sinead Flood, John Cullen, Barbara Campbell, Eve Harbourne, Phi... Continue Reading

5 replies
Mary Beth Roe on 1426564800

Live Chat with Irish Insights: Join us tonight from 5pm-7pm ET!

Last Reply by Rockin Robin 1426633419.26 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

We've all arrived at QVC and we are excited to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with you all!  Join us tonight, during our Finale Show, with our dear friend Jane Treacy. Plus, join us right here, for a live Blog Chat, from 5pm-7pm ET!  We would love to hear from all of you! Talk to yo... Continue Reading

38 replies
Irish Insights on 1426564800

The Evolution of the Irish TSV!!

Last Reply by irish grn 1426974081.367 | in Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, TSV Talk

Many months ago Siobain, our buyer, called me into her office to look at the potential Today Special Value sweaters for St. Patrick's Day, 2015.  The candidate at that time was a lovely Aran Craft cape.  We all thought it was, and is, a beautiful item. But we started brainstorming ... Continue Reading

4 replies
Jane Treacy on 1426564800

John's Story & Inspiration behind the Aran Craft Irish TSV Sweater

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

A very happy St Patrick's Day to all my friends and colleagues at QVC and throughout the USA.  The wonderful 17th of March rolls round again! Working on this year's TSV has been something of a spiritual journey for me.  Together with colleagues at Aran Crafts and QVC we have and dare I sa... Continue Reading

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Irish Insights on 1426564800

What's in Linda's Suitcase??

Last Reply by peng 1427827967.78 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Liz Claiborne New York

Hello my LCNY fashionistas!  Spring is around the corner; hang in there.  recently took a quick vacation to Florida with my gang. I needed a little quality time with team Davies and some vitamin D from the sunshine. We had a wonderful vacation and an even better visit. Time marches on my ... Continue Reading

6 replies
Linda Davies on 1426564800

The Irish are coming!

In Fashion Talk, Q Did What?, Hosts & Personalities

{The whole gang}   {Myself (Stephen) from Connemara Marble , John and Barry from Aran Craft enjoying a little shopping at the QVC outlet in Lancaster PA !  We are looking forward to Tuesday , and see you soon} {I'm Anita Warren from Killarney Crystal and that's my husband ... Continue Reading

0 replies
Irish Insights on 1426478400

Got Time?!

Last Reply by sls2564 1427161188.043 | in Beauty Banter, Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities

Hey PM-Stylers, Every Sunday (that's my goal) I will be blogging here, sometimes about fashion, sometimes about life, sometimes it will be what I call, the Seinfeld blog, aka, the blog about nothing (Remember how Jerry used to say the show was a show about nothing?) This week it strikes me that one... Continue Reading

15 replies
Shawn Killinger on 1426392000

Seven for Sunday - 3/15/15 Edition

In Fashion Talk, Q Did What?, The Q We Love

It was another Fun week here on QVC Plus! As always, our Seven for Sunday blog is here to recap some of the best moments of the week, let you know what’s coming up on QVC Plus (hint: there’s a party this week, and you’re invited!) and give you a peek into our world backstage. ... Continue Reading

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QVC Plus on 1426392000

My Fall 2015 Runway Show + My March TSV 'Basso' Jacket

Last Reply by sfnative 1431030761.093 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, TSV Talk

Hi Everyone! This has been a hectic last few weeks. I showed my Dennis Basso Fall/Winter 2015 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion week at Lincoln Center to close to 1,200 people. Editors of all the major fashion magazines were in attendance including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and Town & ... Continue Reading

6 replies
Dennis Basso on 1426219200

My first memory of Jeanne & The Quacker Factory

Last Reply by joyce43 1429878585.15 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Quacker Factory

For The Quacker Factory’s 20th anniversary year at QVC, our team will be writing some blogs that discuss how we first were introduced to Jeanne & The Quacker Factory!  Here is my story…….  Back in 2005, while I was modelling at QVC.  Jeanne Bice & the Quac... Continue Reading

13 replies
Quacker Factory on 1426219200

Irish Ambassador Award

Last Reply by aroc34 1426258880.47 | in Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities

QVC received a great honor, the Irish Ambassador Award from Ambassador Anne Anderson, the first woman Ambassador to the United States from Ireland. I was asked to accept the award on behalf of QVC, and when I spoke I dedicated the award to you, our passionate Irish customers! The way we ... Continue Reading

3 replies
Jane Treacy on 1426132800

Friendship Is Everything

Last Reply by Sea Ariel 1427130531.267 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends

Good friends are such a gift…They're like the extra family we get to choose!   Do you have a friend that has always been there for you? One who has rooted for you, laughed with you, listened when you needed to vent…and journeyed through the best and most challenging parts of lif... Continue Reading

1 replies
Pat James Dementri on 1426091936.883

March into Spring!

Last Reply by STICKERS 1432223901.017 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Denim & Co

Hey y’all!  My name is Jennifer, and I’m the newest member of the Denim & Co design team designing the knits and sweaters.  I don’t know about you, but this Texas girl has had about enough of this ice and snow!  I’m taking my mind to a warmer place, and get... Continue Reading

27 replies
Gary- QVC Design Team on 1425960000

My first day with G.I.L.I.

Last Reply by mother of 3 boys 1429495667.38 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

Hi there! I am smiling as I write this, as I am so thrilled to begin this new chapter in my life…and am thrilled to be beginning it with you.     Let me start by saying…I am beyond honored to be welcomed into the G.I.L.I. family.  This is a brand I know you have come t... Continue Reading

41 replies
Jill Martin on 1425960000

Happy International Day of Awesomeness!

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories

Happy International Day of Awesomeness! Yes, it’s a real thing! Today is for celebrating everything and everyone that is awesome in your life, and I’m celebrating my awesome friends and all the joy and love they bring me every day.  I don’t know what I’d do without my... Continue Reading

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Jayne Brown on 1425960000

A Fabulous March!

Last Reply by wsnezzy 1429020141.92 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Isaac Mizrahi Live!

Hi darlings! How are you? I am DIVINE and I have lots of updates for you.  We just had a gorgeous launch event for my new beauty line, True Isaac Mizrahi! It was a great evening with True Isaac Mizrahi makeovers, a fun photo booth, cake pops and delicious True Beauty cocktails.   Ther... Continue Reading

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Inside Mizrahi on 1425873600


Last Reply by kimber6 1426194813.51 | in Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities

For this week's blog, I thought I would introduce you to our adorable PMS stylist Amanda. She just joined the team. Since my secret dream is to be Barbara Walters and interview people for a living, I decided to sit down w Amanda and probe "Our Girl Monday" (get it, "Our Girl Friday"?! :) about we... Continue Reading

6 replies
Shawn Killinger on 1425790800
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