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Put a Ring On It!

Last Reply by CholeinCali 1427739368.6 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

Here I am again this week writing a blog to brag about how amazing my Facebook gals are. You continue to support me, inspire me, laugh with me, and I appreciate your love and kind words more than you could know!! You know what else I love? How amazingly stylish you are when it comes it to your ring ... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1427601600

A Piece That Inspires

Last Reply by kbcr 1419905550.203 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to sleeping in, wrapping a few last-minute gifts, staying in my PJ's all day and cooking up a storm before opening up pajama gifts with Gabby and going to late-night services. However you're planning on spending your holidays, I hop... Continue Reading

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Jennifer Coffey on 1419397200

Jewelry on QStreet

In Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

Here is my next installment of my jewelry blog Jewelry on QStreet. See which piece my boss doesn’t like. Sorry the Carolyn Pollack piece is not available until next year. Items in my tray: J149478: Stainless Steel Silk Fit "Our Father" Prayer Ring J292482: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Sterling... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hornback on 1415682000

Everything Glitters in Vegas!

Last Reply by Slimjenkins 1425031283.323 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

Vegas baby! Earlier this month I attended JCK, the leading jewelry event in North America. Our jewelry team attends each year to see what’s hot, what’s new, and what’s next (and to place orders for our QVC selection). I spent time with each buyer to learn about jewelry, and how we ... Continue Reading

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Rachel Boesing on 1403668800

Jewelry by Tova Returns During Discover Diamonique®

In Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, All About Accessories

  Hi there, I’m very excited to bring you a sneak peek of the jewelry Tova will present during Discover Diamonique® on Tuesday, December 10 at 3pm ET. If you read some of the reviews at QVC.com for Tova’s jewelry , you’ll see it described as “stunning,&rdqu... Continue Reading

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QVC Editor on 1385874000

September is Diamonique Month #QVCarmparty Instagram Sweepstakes

In Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Q News

OFFICIAL RULES  QVC, Inc. (“Sponsor”) is sponsoring the SEPTEMBER IS DIAMONIQUE MONTH #ARMPARTY INSTAGRAM SWEEPSTAKES ("Sweepstakes"). This Sweepstakes is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO ENTER. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. By entering this Sweepstakes, entrants agree to abide by all terms of these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor whose decisions shall be final and binding. 1.  &... Continue Reading

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QVC Community Team on 1380081600

Diamonique and Epiphany Q & A!

Last Reply by Kay72 1380399754.363 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique

Hi everyone!  My name is Laura and I am on the buying team for diamonds & Diamonique.  September is Diamonique month so be sure to check out our selection of new items as well as special offers on QVC.com, including our beautiful Diamonique Design of the Month.  Below are some qu... Continue Reading

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QVC Community Team on 1379995200

Have Questions about QVC's Jewelry Brands? Ask Them Here and Our Experts Will Answer!

Last Reply by Dafie 1420782707.2 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Vicenza Style

Bronzo Italia, Diamonique, Vicenza Style, and Ultrafine Silver, are among the premium collections that set QVC apart from any other retailer in the world.  Discover QVC Jewelry (on April 25th) will showcase some of the finest that QVC has to offer from classic to iconic, essentials to statement... Continue Reading

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Peyton Kelley on 1366776000

Wedding Photos and Exciting News About a Ring

Last Reply by italian woman 1375713543.66 | in Fashion Talk, Diamonique, All About Accessories

Hi ladies! Haven't caught up in awhile in the form of a blog and since I have somethings to tell you thought this would be a good spot to spread the news. Before we start talking shopping just wanted to see if you had a nice holiday.  Did Santa bring you what you asked for? Steve and I had a te... Continue Reading

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Amy Stran on 1358543880.68

July Diamonique Design of the Month

Last Reply by Red_Sox_Fan 1342297562.343 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

As summer heats up hotter than ever - I've been enjoying time inside where it's cool - and browsing all the beautiful jewelry on QVC.com. One of my favorite jewelry collections - our Epiphany Platinum Clad Diamonique Jewelry - is featuring the NEW Diamonique Design of the Month for July! J271068 - Epiphany Diamonique 100 Facet 5 Stone Ring     When I got a chance to see this beautiful ring in person, it took my breath away!  I love how it's classic design will be timeless for anyone who wears it.  It's sleek and sparkles as if it's lit from within with it's 100 hand c... Continue Reading

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Jacque Gonzales on 1341940811.6

I Remember Diamonique...

Last Reply by linda from mich 1337178829.51 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique

The year: 1987. I was a "baby" host who still got terribly nervous every time I went on air! We started a new line of jewelry called Diamonique, and the original pieces were diamond classic designs with simulated stones.  Everything was set in 14k gold, and I decided that even though I had never owned simulated diamonds, this Diamonique thing looked amazing and I should buy something!  So I started with a two carat total weight set of Diamonique studs set in 14k gold.  I remember wearing them and a friend of my Mom went crazy over them.  And, her family ... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1336064227.91

Diamonique Design of the Month for May

Last Reply by meldil 1357873190.39 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique

ARE YOU SITTING DOWN??? If not, take a seat before you look at this month's featured design because it'll make you weak in the knees. Ready for these earrings? They have EVERYTHING YOU COULD DREAM OF: gold, sparkle, size, brilliance, and elegance. These 2-carat earrings are fierce. J268410 are 100-facets, so they have twice the sparkle of standard-cut stones. Sooooo glamorous. Hey, why not? If you're going to do it, go ALL THE WAY, right?? Oh, and by the way, they're set in GOLD and you have the choice of yellow, rose, or white. Now hold on, because if ... Continue Reading

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Antonella Nester on 1335538892.87

April's Diamonique Design of the Month

Last Reply by squawpeakhiker 1350931543.983 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique

Blooming just in time for spring is April’s design of the month from Tacori. With three center stone simulated diamonds each set within unique hexagon shaped baskets, this ‘big looks’ Tacori IV ring is absolutely flawless. A 1 ½ carat center stone and 2 half carat sides stones make a bold statement, for a total carat of almost 3 carats. Unique Tacori crescent silhouettes create open windows allowing light to shine through and reflect off each facet within the stones. Let this vintage Tacori IV design represent all the amazing memories from your past, the moments tha... Continue Reading

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Tacori IV on 1333297081.69

March Diamonique Design of the Month

Last Reply by felicia1 1334163165.923 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique

Hmmmmm, I'm feeling the end of "The Winter Dull-Drums”. When I saw the March Diamonique Design of the Month, it ignited a fire and light that I SOOOOO needed! TALK ABOUT MARCH COMING IN LIKE A LION, THIS THING ROARS!! They are going to have it available in Princess cut or Round. J266267 is a full on Eternity band ring, so it's always going to sit "face pretty ". All channel set, so easy to wear everyday, and with no prong interference. I can use it all by itself, or stack it with other pieces I already own to "wow them up a notch"...and it's a SILK FIT. It’s going to feel like butt... Continue Reading

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Antonella Nester on 1330704551.607

Join Tacori as We Celebrate 5 Years at QVC!

Last Reply by Yaya 1330490732.943 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique

Celebrating five years of amazing jewelry designs with QVC, Tacori IV is proud to introduce a beautiful new 5.00 carat center stone ring, inspired by, and designed to celebrate, five years of partnership with QVC.  “I am so excited to unveil this brand new ring in celebration of our fifth year with QVC!,”  says designer Paul Tacorian.  “This incredible ring features a 5.00 carat center stone, designed to commemorate five successful years with QVC.  Our design team is so passionate about creating intricate special designs for the QVC community, and we are ... Continue Reading

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Tacori IV on 1329859322.26

February Diamonique Design of the Month

Last Reply by Yaya 1330491716.797 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

When we first started presenting Diamonique on air about 24 years ago, we had J591 (ok reality check number one, an item with three digits because we didn't have thousands of products), which was a one carat Diamonique solitaire.  We ran a promotion with a real diamond ring right next to the Diamonique, as the announcer asked "Is it real...or is it Diamonique?"  Then we had the bright idea of showing the two on air, until one day our "PC" (reality check number two, there wasn't a computer term "PC" it stood for product coordinator) got the rings mixed up... Continue Reading

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Jane Treacy on 1328022082.367

Diamonique’s Item of the Month for January!

Last Reply by JILL-PHOENIXVILLE 1333192966.333 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

I love the fashion-forward, Italian-inspired designs we introduced in 2011.  They are fresh, interesting and what’s happening in the world of fine diamonds.  But, you’ve told us you want to get back to the basics, especially in our Epiphany Platinum Clad brand.  So, we are!  January 1, 2012 we are introducing a new special item.  Each piece will help build your jewelry essentials wardrobe in easy-to-wear, look-of-real-diamonds set in sterling silver clad with platinum (the most expensive of the precious metals).  This design will be affordable & o... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hornback on 1325274808.52

Inspiration at the Elizabeth Taylor Auction Preview!!!

In Jewelry Talk, Diamonique

Right now, I am in Paris doing research for upcoming museum shows and my line for QVC! I just went to a VIP reception at Christies in Paris showing 88 of the 250 + pieces of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry to be sold in the December auction. I can tell you, each one was truly as magnificent at Liz! What amazed me was the even the mogul heart diamond piece looked bigger than the piece which originally appeared in my Masterpieces of French Jewelry show. Perhaps it’s all the excitement about the auction that makes things look bigger or perhaps it’s just my growing admiration of this ... Continue Reading

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Judy Price on 1321554379.537

Anything is Possible With the Hollywood Glamour Jewelry Collection!

In Jewelry Talk, Diamonique

Grace Kelly: I believe that anything is possible. Grace Kelly was only 24 years old when she starred in To Catch a Thief and met her future husband Prince Ranier III of Monaco while filming on the French Riviera.  Grace Kelly and I have several things in common we were both born in Philadelphia and have worked tirelessly towards our dreams. Her life truly became a fairy tale when she married the prince in what is often referred to as, “the wedding of the century”. As an American movie star turned European princess, her popularity soared. Since we do not have a royal fami... Continue Reading

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Judy Price on 1320684460.103

From the runway to the runway

Last Reply by BikerGirl 1317729421.72 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

It's the place to be when September hits! Its hot ! Its exciting! Its New York’s fashion week! Where else can you see it all? The tall, and the beautiful, rocking the hottest fashion trends on earth.  As I take a drive down the west side highway towards downtown I am thinking what kind of mayhem am I heading into?  Finally I arrived.  When I got out of the taxi I see it!  Cameras flashing… Super models…WOW!  I started walking through the crowds of people just looking.  I am in complete awe.  There it is!  I can see it!  Q.&n... Continue Reading

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David Kriss on 1316808710.347


Last Reply by bigbaglady 1318215824.35 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

As I said in my last posting, September is Fashion Month. But the dawn of Labor Day is also the harbinger of the fall season, which of course, leads us directly into holiday madness. I don’t know about you but I always get to this time of year with both trepidation and excitement. The reason I’m excited? I LOVE seeing the new fall fashions during fashion week, shopping for new fall looks and I love the excitement that builds knowing that we’re headed toward the holidays. Do you feel like this? The reasons I feel apprehensive? Well, one reason is that I’m sad to see summ... Continue Reading

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Michael O'Connor on 1316781642.95

Fall Fashion’s Golden Glow

Last Reply by Paula BD 1316645723.85 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

September is fashion month, and while the color “gold” may have fashion highs and lows, the glow of gold jewelry never falls out of fashion’s favor. Have you ever known a time when gold jewelry wasn’t “in”? Gold jewelry is extremely versatile and valuable when it comes to accessorizing. Here’s why: Gold jewelry comes in a variety of looks to fit every style. For jewelry, gold comes in a variety of colors and is often set with every color of gemstone, so pieces can work with every outfit. Gold spans every jewelry category from... Continue Reading

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Michael O'Connor on 1316197867.943

Erica Courtney's QVC Debut Is On Friday, July 8th!!!

Last Reply by bigbaglady 1315780919.9 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

OK, I just can’t wait any longer!  You know I’m not good at keeping secrets from you so here’s a short video to introduce you to Erica Courtney.  You’ll probably start to see this on the air over the next several days.   This way, you’ll get a sneak peak of some of her great pieces that she’ll be bringing you.     - Michael O'Connor     Continue Reading

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Michael O'Connor on 1309969200.373

I "Heart" Erica

Last Reply by GrandmaCrissy 1309989439.007 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

Do you know why I “heart” Erica?  Well, Erica and I have a long history.  We share a similar passion.  She’s talented, fun, and extremely successful – and well-liked in Hollywood as well.  And on July 8, I believe you’ll love Erica too. As Style Editor for QVC, it’s not only my privilege to talk to you about the trends that are happening, it’s also to tell you a bit about the people who are shaping those trends.  Therefore, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a woman who is not only a trendsetter, but also a good friend, j... Continue Reading

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Michael O'Connor on 1309277914.74

My Bombay Heart Ring Is Finally Here!

Last Reply by LBKgirl 1313280815.2 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Hosts & Personalities

I've been wearing a marcasite heart ring for several years and it's one of my favorite pieces in my collection. About six months ago, I asked Adrienne, our Diamonique buyer, if we could do something similar. She said, "Absolutely!" and sent the request to one of our designers. The end result is much more beautiful than I expected. The knot design radiating from the center reminds me to share love and kindness with others. And each time one of the hand-set Diamonique stones catches the light and glitters, it makes me feel like someone just smiled at... Continue Reading

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Nancy Hornback on 1307394817.587
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