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Dennis Basso

Step into Fall!

Last Reply by mooshka 1411160422.397 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, TSV Talk

As we step into September, fall is upon us. I always hate to see the summer go, but, somehow, fall clothes and autumn take over beautifully. It's always exciting to begin building and refreshing your fall wardrobe. This season, more than ever, is the very strong return of genuine suede. Nothing is m... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1410877198.71

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC with Dennis Basso!!!

Last Reply by glinda 1410951546.23 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

For the past few fashion seasons, designer Dennis Basso has invited the hosts to attend his runway fashion shows in NYC. For one reason or another, I was never able to attend. But this year, my schedule was free and I decided I was going for it! The idea of being in NYC for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Wee... Continue Reading

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Jill Bauer on 1410494400

How To Survive New York Fashion Week

Last Reply by cookieQ 1410438717.56 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

It’s that time of the year where the women of the world are glued to E! News and consistently post Carrie Bradshaw, Sex In The City, quotes--- New York Fashion Week! This year our QVC friend and high end fashion designer, Dennis Basso, invited the QVC hosts to his 2015 Spring/Summer Collection... Continue Reading

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Gabrielle Kerr on 1410321600

Greetings from beautiful Lake Como, Italy!

Last Reply by NanaS 1410051250.653 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

Hi everyone! This is probably one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Europe, the deepest at 1200 feet and the prettiest in Italy. The shores are lined with magnificent villas some dating back to the 17th century. We were fortunate enough to be guests in one of these spectacular villas and it’s really like stepping back into another era. We traveled around the lake in a beautiful vintage boat captained by Ricardo who was so knowledgeable. Every meal has been perfection! (Not so good for my diet, but if you’re going to cheat there is no better place.) Being in the north if Ital... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1405310400

Summer Travels

Last Reply by gf56 1408812224.587 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of summer. We are traveling for the first time to the beautiful Scandinavian countries. The photos are from both Stockholm and Copenhagen. We have visited both Royal Palaces in each city and watched the changing of the guard along with a tour of... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1404320432


Last Reply by goodgrief1978 1400436895.153 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, TSV Talk

Season’s Greetings, I just can't believe it is that time of year again! I have to admit, it’s one of my favorite times of the year! I'm all decorated for Christmas with the exception of our tree, which we usually put up around the 16th of December. It’s a tradition in our house to... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1386824400

Congratulations Dennis Basso! Leave Your Well Wishes Here!

Last Reply by youthaddict 1389180172.54 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, All About Accessories

Congratulations, Dennis on celebrating your 20th year at QVC and 30 years in fashion. Your still fabulous after all these years! Love, Your QVC Family Leave your well wishes for Dennis in the comments below! Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1381204800

Fall and Today’s Special Value

Last Reply by ShannenLaborRN 1381539968.593 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, TSV Talk

Hi everyone! I just can’t believe fall is here! It really is one of my favorite times of the year. I just love all the fall colors, giant mum plants and the colors of all the changing leaves. Fall always reminds me of wonderful fall fabrics such as cashmere, tweeds, flannel and of course the l... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1380513600

"My Spring/Summer 2014 Runway Show!"

In Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

Hi everyone! I’m busy this week preparing for my Spring/Summer 2014 runway show. The biggest challenge in producing a collection for Fashion Week is getting it done on time! Sometimes, we are literally finishing garments hours before the show. We’re screening models, doing hair and mak... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1378353600

Dinner at Buckingham Palace!

Last Reply by qvcaddition 1409329056.383 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

Hi everyone! I want to share with all of you how I started my summer. We had the amazing good fortune to attend a seated black-tie dinner at Buckingham Palace hosted by His Royal Highness Prince Charles and Her Royal Highness Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall. It was the night of a lifetime! We att... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1377144000

Runway Recap! See Lisa's Favorite NY Fashion Week Trends for Fall 2013

Last Reply by HBNY74 1363758479.41 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

Last week, we spent a few days in New York interviewing a number of designers who are creating a lot of buzz in the world of fashion. Spending time with these talented, passionate people makes me excited about fashion! And, it makes me excited about the joy of shopping for that perfect new... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1360963404.78

20 Years in the Making: A Very Special Dennis Basso Jacket!

Last Reply by maroon 1394611965.487 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, TSV Talk

2013! What a year for me! This year I celebrate 30 years in fashion and I'm celebrating my 20th anniversary on QVC! It has been an amazing journey and many of you have been with me from the very beginning. It’s very exciting that I am starting off my 20th year with a (very special) beautiful s... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1359575868.277

New Faux Fur Toggle Coat: Happy Holidays!

Last Reply by California Blonde 1358300096.597 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, All About Accessories

Hi everyone! Well, I can't believe it is that time of year again - The Holidays are here! It has been a wonderful fall on QVC and I want to thank so many of you for shopping with me. It’s always great as a designer to know that your designs are well received. This season was particularly exciting as I launched my first signature fragrance Dennis Basso Eau de Parfum that I have waited to do for so many years at I wanted it to be just perfect. A true labor of love. Your response has been overwhelming and the reviews just wonderful! I cannot thank you all enough for trying my eau ... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1354724757.763

I'm a Mom of Two Baby Girls + An Interview with Gwynne from Ojon

Last Reply by baker 1384045983.81 | in Beauty Banter, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

Those were the humble words that came out of my mouth as I sat around a board room table with 11 other women who had also made it to the final round of auditions to be a host at QVC.  Each one of them listed movies, commercials, and TV shows they had been a part of back in LA, or NY.  Nothing I could say could compete with their credits.  I had been in news for 8 years and hosted a few small projects but none of that really mattered to me when I finally became a mom the year before.   So when the man who would decide our fate at that table got around to me and asked th... Continue Reading

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Kerstin Lindquist on 1350501862.963

Basso Sweepstakes!

Last Reply by LJMurphy 1351615582.337 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

Hi everyone! I am so excited to tell you about our new QVC contest! Starting today, July 27th, you can go to the QVC community page and tell us what you love about the Dennis Basso brand and what some of your favorite pieces are.  Once you enter your story, you will be entered to win an upcoming Dennis Basso TSV! Also, coming up on Saturday, August 4th, I will be on-air throughout the day, starting with an appearance during the midnight hour… I will have shows at 1am, 6am, noon, and will also be on at 9pm in PM Style! Here are some items that will ... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1343423537.033

Fashion Week & Exciting Midnight Show!

Last Reply by Missyann 1340344049.567 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, All About Accessories

Hi Everyone, Fashion week is over and it is always a relief as so much work and time goes into the preparation. It began with a fabulous party and runway show that QVC hosted in New York City that was just amazing! It was filled with celebrities such as the Olsen Twins and Maria Menounos along with all of the fashion press and many of the Q's designers - A real NY evening. I was so excited to have many of my designs in the show. Usually, with my Luxury shows, I'm backstage, so it was a real treat to sit in the audience and watch from the front row! Shop Dennis Basso and more ... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1330472001.263

My Last Shows Before Christmas!

Last Reply by dounomari 1352950009.423 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, All About Accessories

Dear Friends, Can you believe it is the Holiday Season!? Tell me, how did it get here so fast? It has been a whirlwind fall with so many of you shopping and enjoying the new Dennis Basso collections for this season. Get ready Monday night for my day of programming on Tuesday, December 13th, starting with a very special midnight show! Tuesday marks my last day of programming before Christmas! Among the excitment of the day will be a great Hot Pick - A86539 - Dennis Basso Textured Rosette Faux Fur A-Line Coat. I just returned from Europe doing QVC in Italy for the first time. That ... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1323385060.107

Designing Duo

Last Reply by DLR 1329062527.31 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

Hi Everyone! Well, it has been a very busy fall season already!  With both Fashion’s Night Out and Fashion Week behind us we are full speed ahead for Fall. I am very excited to be on this week with so many new and different designs.  I have interpreted a lot of items directly from my couture collection including many ready-to-wear pieces to build your Dennis Basso wardrobe. Plus, we’ll have new and exciting faux furs and other outer wear pieces. What I really cannot wait for is, on Tuesday evening, "Joan Rivers & Dennis Basso: Designing Duo" sho... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1317062633.81

Wonderful Wedding Wardrobes

Last Reply by violann 1320689772.347 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, Hosts & Personalities

Weddings have always been a fascination of mine.  Even as a young boy, you can see from the little sketch one of my first "designs" was a wedding dress with a huge price tag. :)  The idea of designing a wedding gown for the beautiful Kate Middleton was an exciting challenge.  I believe it had to have many different design aspects to make it the perfect royal wedding gown, but, then again, every bride wants her gown to be the most perfect for her special day.  For the future princes, I thought a very form fitted bodice of hand pleated duchess satin would be very elegant and ... Continue Reading

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Dennis Basso on 1303419115.873
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