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Tonight we have the perfect bra solution for you - Barely Breezies TSV!

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Hi ladies!  I'm so anxious for summer weather and all the great clothes we get to enjoy --- but I don't like having any show-through of my bra under my tops!  You know the kinds of bras that show their material through your shirt or when it's cold inside with the air conditioner on --- and we need some modesty?!?   TONIGHT we kick off the solution to all those issues with our Barely Breezies TSV during our first 2 hour "Flatter Your Figure With Jacque" 12am ET/9pm PT!  Barely Breezies comes to the rescue with their latest version of their Best Selling T-Shirt Bra!  I... Continue Reading

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Jacque Gonzales on 1368676800

Barely Breezies TSV — What Every Woman Wants in a Bra

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I'm SOOO excited about the newest Barely Breezies Today's Special Value. We've worked to incorporate every conceivable feature a woman would want in a bra: 1. Looking great in your clothes because the uplift and shape is perfected in the bustline. 2. Feeling confident because the modesty lining helps to alleviate "party hats," "headlights," "high beams," "twin peaks" — let's face it, we've all had embarrassing show-through. 3. COMFORT, COMFORT, COMFORT! This bra was designed with 360 degrees of comfort to not only make us look great, but to make us feel absolutely marvelous (darling) ... Continue Reading

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Gendel Girls on 1327075544.06
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