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My Favorite Time of Year

Posted by Josie Maran 1386683333.707

Hi Lovelies:

How's your holiday season going? This is one of my favorite times of year. It makes me smile, seeing Christmas trees tied to the top of cars, twinkle lights illuminating the neighborhood, and little wisps of smoke coming out of chimney tops.

Like you, I do my best to consider the people I love, and the planet I love, 365 days of the year. The holidays offer a great excuse to pay extra attention to others, and imagine what we might do to make someone’s life even the tiniest bit better. In that spirit, I created yummy holiday products like my Argan Sugar Balm Body Scrub in Moroccan Mint Tea & Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Be Comforted. Each is infused with soothing scents that impart the spirit of the season while pampering skin with argan oil. Each wintery scent is inspired by my favorite holiday memories with the people I love—sipping warm tea with my friends, baking delicious apple crisps with my mom.

While I'm busy making all the special ones in my life feel loved and warm, I try not to forget about the people who aren't as lucky as I am. At the JMC office, we're paying it forward by collecting gifts and donations for underprivileged families. After all, if the holidays are about anything, they're about unselfishly spreading love to those in need. We can do it! Let's make the world a better place.

Here's to making the holidays filled with love, light, and laughter for all.

With holiday cheer,

Pay it forward

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Nadjalu1386698964.42037 PostsRegistered 9/7/2007
Thank you for sharing! Hope your holidays are fabulous.

Improvzy1386703603.471 PostsRegistered 12/10/2013

Lovely Holiday thoughts ! I have been looking everywhere for the Clear Argan oil sticks. I have some of the different ones with the color, but they seem to become 'gummy' after awhile. I am a bridal seamstress, and my mouth is another hand to me - always have pins or something in my mouth. So as not to get color on the dresses, I prefer to have the clear sticks. I start out with the color in the morning so I don't look like I'm on death's door, but cover it with clear for the rest of the time. Where can I find some, or is it coming back soon ??? PLEASE!!! Thank You and have a Very Merry Christmas!

supernanny1386816127.365 PostsRegistered 9/9/2011
Josie, I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas with your family. I love your products, just wondering if you will ever make the tinted moisturizer in the pump jar as a stand alone product instead of in the kit? That would be wonderful! I love it!

sam651387089855.4471 PostsRegistered 12/15/2013
Love,Love,Love your wonderful broad spectrum moisturizer !!!! Can you please make it available on qvc, I can't find it in my hometown =(

gracietwo1387329888.181 PostsRegistered 12/17/2013

There isn't a product that you make that I don't absolutely love.My skin and

hair look amazing and I'm sixty three years old. Just received the Escape to Morroco

love it the smell is wonderful and love the idea of the big and small sizes was great.

I'm never disappointed with anything that I order from your product line. Keep the

great products coming

alohawhite­cat1388001890.5734 PostsRegistered 5/3/2008
Hi Josie I love the gold peacock earrings from the QVC holiday special. Would you please let me know where I can get them? Thanks

blissking1389032415.68 PostsRegistered 1/6/2014
Happy New Year! You're product are unique to the marketplace & the more I try others, the more I like yours. I was checking out the TSV sneak peek & I thought there was light/medium ?? which I no longer see. Would it be better to go up or down a shade? Or even better, us there a lt/med?

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