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The Ultimate Fresh Moment

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Whenever I create a fragrance, it’s always associated with a special moment in my life. Then, I take that moment and turn it into a short story.

The story of Fresh Life Eau de Parfum describes an early morning swim I like to take in a beautiful pond outside my home in Vermont. During the summer, my favorite time of day is very early when the sun has just come out and morning dew still covers the ground. The earth is so soft and breathing beneath my feet, and I can smell the citrusy grass, sweet berries, and dreamy scent of cypress trees. There are also notes of grapefruit and lilac lingering in the air with hints breezing by of magnolia. When I immerse myself in the water, which smells of cucumber and moss, everything around me sparkles. The warmth of the sun makes the water feel like velvet and reminds me of the scent of amber, warm oranges, and tonka beans. As I swim, I blend into that moment and am transported, inspired, and full of hope.

Wanting to capture each one of these notes in Fresh Life Eau de Parfum, I created four separate compositions:

Earth is my scented bed
Velvet bergamot, vanilla grass, and dreamy cypress

Air is infused with a sweetness
Grapefruit, lilac leaves, and transparent magnolia

Sun is sparkling silk
Silk amber, warm orange, and tonka flowers

Water is my blue sky
Sweet cucumber, sparkling moss, and morning dew


I then blended the four different fragrances together to recreate that magical moment, the ultimate Fresh moment.

Have you ever been transported by a fragrance?

—Lev Glazman

Blog Author Posts