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Disco-Inspired Lipsticks That Are Le Chic, Not Le Freak

Posted by Poppy King - Lipstick Queen 1355170704.787
Calling all Lipstick Queens!
The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to celebrate. If there’s one festive trend that screams, "It’s time to party!," then it’s sparkle. Think mirror balls, fairy lights, and sequined party dresses. Speaking of mirror balls, what could be more apt for the party season than a trio of lipsticks inspired by disco? I love everything about the whole Studio 54 era with all its glitter and glamour. But, there’s a fine line between "le chic" and "le freak" when it comes to sparkly makeup. So, with this in mind, I set out to create lipsticks that have just the right amount of shimmy and sparkle for all of you disco divas.
Lipstick by Lipstick Queen
My new Dancing Queen Lipstick Trio is comprised of three lipsticks bedazzled with the finest disco shimmer that'll set your whole look alight! Tiny light-reflecting particles trip the light fantastically in these sheer, matte lipsticks. More shimmer than shine, these lipsticks are the last word in "disco chic." Think of how a mirror ball lights up the dance floor…this is what these lipsticks will do for your face!
The three Dancing Queen lipsticks are sparkly, sheer, and ready for you to party the night away. The matte finish means they’re more about shimmer than shine…more Paris than Vegas! And my signature cocktail of shea butter and vitamin E will keep your lips perfectly comfortable, even if your dancing shoes don’t!
—Poppy KingPoppy King

Blog Author Posts
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Juleszz1355719468.1552 PostsRegistered 12/1/2008

I ordered 2 of your Lipstick Queen 3-pc. Discovery Collection about a yr. ago. I had never tried your lipstick before, but the reduced tint in your saint line is what sold me. I've always had a problem with looking like LIPS due to too much tint. I bought two because a friend of mine had the same problem until your collection which I gifted her.

Another thing I liked about that particular collection was that you colored each tube different so I can easily see & grab the one I want. With your new collections & in your line of saint they all look the same. I don't want to read the label or open & close ea. lipstick to find the one that I want. This is honestly why I haven't bought any other shades from your saint line. I want to, but I know that them all looking alike will get on my nerves.

Here's a thought that I had. What if you made the top of your lipstick case a clear lucite. This way you can see the color.

I know everyone's got a thought.

Love your product. These three are my day through night lip wardrobe ever since receiving them. I no longer have a need to try this or try that. It's nice to have something that works & contributes to my look rather than detract. I'm in my 40's so I've had many lipsticks dry opaques, shellac shine, glitter, small hallogram lipsticks, & my '80's fave the blue/purple that used to dry your lips out, but ya wore it anyway.

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