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Quick Tip from Mally: Twist up for more color on the Evercolor Eyeliners!

Posted by Mally Roncal 1354909577.097
Hello My Loves!
I have put together a quick tutorial to show you how to reload my Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner. There is plenty of formula in there, just keep twisting! See below!

Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner
Twist 8-10 times to release eyeliner
Release enough liner for 2-3 uses.
Does not retract!


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newmoi1355243716.52 PostsRegistered 12/11/2012

Hi Mally,

I'm devoted to you and your products. I love, love, love to do my eyes in so many wonder ful colors and styles - Big Thank YOu for making my "hobby" such a pleasure. I've used my 10 pc. evercolor eyeliner day and night since I got it... no sharing here (lol)! I do have a question about the eyeliners that need to be sharpened - how do I do that??? I have some beautiful colors, but I can't figure out how to sharpen them as the container seems to be a hard plastic (?) and it doesn't like the (Mally brand) sharpener I bought. Is there a video or some illustrated instruction for this?

Sincere thanks and may your holidays be blessed with good health and love,


TheOwl1355494269.481726 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007

Thanks Mally: You are a sweetie! I'm sure I would have figured this out from what you said on air but when I went to read the reviews of the Evercolor eyeliner set of 10 after I had ordered it, I was AMAZED at the complaints about the delivery system. When I received the set - WOW Mally that case is something ELSE! - I hurried to my mirror to try some of the eyeliner. I already had on some eyeliner from your wonderful set that hangs in the pink case which I got this month also - and I was astounded at how easily this marvelous eyeliner goes on. (The eyeliner in the 11 piece set is also FABU) There were so many complaints in the reviews ranging from - "hardly anything in the tube" of the eyeliner to "you have to twist and twist". Sheesh. Yes I do have a post graduate education but it sure ain't in cosemetology. But even I could figure out these eyeliner pencils were the bomb.

I know you ALWAYS say, don't sleep in this make-up but I admit to doing that on the first day of this eyeliner. I was still lined top and bottom of the eye in the morning. Now I think you should express every single bit of the pencil in the tube and take a picture - to silence all those girls carping about little being in these tubes. I can't even project out how long this kit will last me - though I realize others may use a whole lot more than I do - but for me, I'm figuring at least a year. And since you can play with these I'm gonna be having some fun! Thank you sweet girl. You "done good" on this one!

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Last edited on 12/14/2012

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