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The WEN Revolution & My Family

Posted by Courtney Cason 1354903040.247

I have a very loud family.  It is sometimes hard to get a word in edgewise, but when you can silence a room… well that’s a feat too few have accomplished.  I remember it so well…

In 2010 (the year I started working for the Q) I was so excited to be able to go home and see my family for Christmas.  They were excited too, to hear all about my experiences up north, Fashion week, and life in Philly.  My cousin Jennifer is like my sister because neither of us had sisters growing up.  We spent most of our childhood liking each other one minute, and arguing the next.  Typical. 

We were all gathered in the kitchen and as Jennifer and I were carrying on our usual conversation this is what unfolded…

Jennifer: “Oh my gosh, I love your hair! It looks so much better than it used to!”

Me: “Thank you?  I’ve been trying to grow it out since it got healthier.”

Jennifer:  “ No way!  What are you doing?”

Me: “I have been using WEN.”

Pause and turning of the head

Jennifer: “When….”

Me: “WEN.”

Jennifer: “When you?”

Me: “WEN!”

Aunt Sissy: “When you do what?!”

Jennifer: “She keeps having these dramatic pauses after she says When she does something.”

Mom: “What are you talking about? When you used to do what?”


So that’s how the WEN revolution started in my house;  From a simple misunderstanding to great hair.  With our TSV that’s coming up, I’m so happy that Chaz has brought us all universal , seasonal scents.  It’s great for gift giving because who doesn’t want the gift of great healthy hair?!  Since they are seasonal, I posed pictures of my family and what scent they remind me of.  Everyone meet the women of my family :)

My Mom- Spring Gardenia Green Tea.  Every Spring I look forward to going to her house and spending time outdoors.  She has an incredible outdoor entertaining space and an unforgettable garden. 

Jennifer- Summer Mango Coconut.  This girl lives for summer! She is always wanting to be at the beach and always outdoors.  Not to mention, sun looks good on her!

Aunt Sissy- Pomegranate.  She gets this one as head matriarch of our Greek family.  This scent is as exotic as she is. 

Aunt Penny- Fall Ginger Pumpkin.  This little lady is a Harley Ridin’ Chick!  I know she always loves the fall time, being in the mountains, and motorcycles.

Jen (My other Mom)- Winter Vanilla Mint.  I love this one for her because winter looks good on her.  She’s always got on great jackets with great winter accessories! (And by default my dad falls into this one since they will be sharing.)


Happy Holidays!


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happywenner1354941922.813713 PostsRegistered 6/27/2008

oh Princess CC- love all the pics & the WEN story- we do have great hair thanks to WEN!!

I am so happy to hear that you are sharing the love of WEN by formula with famliy!!



Yoyoyo1360031774.5832 PostsRegistered 2/4/2013

So I have saltn'pepper hair and I don't want purple head of hair nor do I want yellowing dingy gray - do you think Fig would be good for me?

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