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Treat Yourself to Gorgeous

Posted by Maureen Kelly 1354047966.41
Hi, everyone! It’s Maureen from tarte and I want to be one of the first to wish you happy holidays! I can’t tell you how excited I am to share our very special holiday Today's Special Value for today, November 28th!
Here at the tarte offices, we're busy all year seeking out the most effective ingredients to bring you the best in high-performing cosmetics. When the holidays roll around, it's a delight to take time out of my hectic schedule to relax and focus on evenings in with my boys, tasty dinners with friends, and lots of celebrations. That’s the idea behind this year’s Treat Yourself to Gorgeous TSV. The 28-piece color collection is the perfect indulgence for yourself and the ideal gift to share with the ones you love.

My favorite thing about the set is how it's a luxurious treat made simple. Besides the awesome products, it's extra special because it's made up of three detachable gift boxes, which are all wrapped in our festive “Baby, It’s Bold Outside” print.
One box houses four delicious Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses, one has four decadent Cashmere Waterproof Eyeliners, and the last opens to reveal 20 dazzling shades of Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow. They can be given all together or as three separate presents! I know I’ll be giving the entire set to my sister, Eileen. As supermom to my two young nephews and niece, she deserves to be pampered every morning with makeup that’s easy to apply and lasts all day.

Eye shadows

I’m also planning on breaking a few sets apart to give as favors at a holiday dinner I’m hosting. Since the collection is entirely color, I don’t have to worry about matching my guests' complexions or tones. My girlfriends will relish in the vibrant hues and chic packaging. You can break up the kit however you choose as well. Tuck the glosses into your daughter’s stocking or use the liners as pretty present toppers. They'll be the first things she spies under the tree. And please don’t forget to treat yourself, too! After a year of work well done, you deserve a special gift that’s as gorgeous as it is good for you. This is one indulgence you won’t feel bad about come January 1.
I hope you’ll tune in tomorrow as I showcase the TSV (and some other cute holiday sets as well!), and I wish you the happiest of holidays. Please stop by our Facebook page to share how you’re gifting the set and how you’re treating yourself this season! May it be full of beauty, love, and cheer!
Maureen Kelly—Maureen Kelly

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beachgirl641354118700.547103 PostsRegistered 10/1/2012

I have never tried Tarte before but this is going to be a Tarte Christmas for me! I am getting myself the TSV. My parents are getting me the smolder eyes collection, the lipsurgence collection and the Maracuju lip gloss collection. Oh and I am also getting myself the 3 piece rollerball oil set. I cannot WAIT to try them! My Mom has already received the smolder eyes and lipsurgence and said they are beautiful. Thank you! May I ask a question? I am very interested in the cheek stains. I can't tell about colors. I like more of a soft rosy, natural glow. Which color would you suggest? THANK YOU! Also, any plans to come out with a full skincare line...cleanser, moisturizer, eye treatment, etc?

JanieD1354127343.0672 PostsRegistered 11/28/2012
Hi Maureen! Love the TSV! Can't wait to get it! I do have one question for you... I cannot find ANYWHERE the black eyelash primer you brought to Q VC last spring...will you be bringing it back soon? Thanks! Have a wonderful holiday season! I know we all will look great!

4downthesh­ore1354148034.172429 PostsRegistered 7/31/2007PA


tommysgirl1354154189.857709 PostsRegistered 10/20/2004
Thank you, Maureen! I love everything Tarte is about!

LovemyBE1354161868.76725588 PostsRegistered 7/11/2008

Hi Maureen! I absolutely love Tarte. Every product I've tried so far is just outstanding! Thanks for bringing us all these beautiful kits. Smile Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow's a fresh opportunity to make it better.

colliemom41354166523.5417417 PostsRegistered 9/7/2010

Hi Maureen! I love Tarte! All of the holiday items are so beautiful! Love the kits! Thanks for bringing them to us and Happy Holidays!

az customer1354171717.0631 PostsRegistered 11/29/2012

Hi Maureen,

Thank you for the beautiful and amazing value of this TARTE TSV!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} I started using Tarte products this year and I absolutely love all of the products I have tried and I have tried many!!! Tarte is the only cosmetic brand that I will trust to put on my face now. As I am in my 40's, I am becoming more discerning of what I put on my face and skin to keep it healthy. I recently went to a high end dept store brand cosmetic store and I couldn't believe all of their products had parabens! Thank you for thinking of the health of women as well as how to bring out their beauty. I ordered the TSV, the mascara kit, the blush kit, and the maracuja oil kits!! I went crazy! Just love , love, love your products, and the amazing value of your holiday kits!!!. Thank you for bringing "good for the skin" cosmetics!!! Happy Holidays!! One suggestion for a new product- skincare products such as exfoliators, cleansers, etc???? {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

szqr1354551832.852 PostsRegistered 12/3/2012


Just a question. I use the full coverage foundation that came in a square bottle. I recently purchased the full coverage in the tube but it doesn't have the same thickness. Do you still carry the other product?

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