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Using a Highlighter - The Key to Radiance

Posted by Sandra Bennett 1352929237.63

When you see celebrities and models on the red carpets or in magazines they usually have flawless looking skin. Of course, a lot of that perfection is achieved with perfect lighting and airbrushing, but you can achieve the same results by copying some of their make-up tricks. If you want that subtle glow, you need a good highlighter. Most women I know do not wear highlighter (even I skip it sometimes), but when worn correctly, it can totally change your appearance, making you look younger and more radiant.

When wearing highlighter, the goal is for it never to be noticed.  It should make you look rested and moisturized. People should be complimenting your skin, not your makeup. In order to achieve the correct look, you need to pick the right product. I always test a new highlighter by rubbing it on the back of my hand or the inside of my forearm. If I see glitter or too much shimmer, I pass. Two of my favorite natural-looking highlighters on QVC are Dalton H2Glo Natural Glow Highlighter Cream and Laura Geller Supersized Baked Split Highlighter w/ Applicator.

Some women get very creative with their highlighters and put them on their lips or down the center of the nose. I like to keep it to three simple steps:

1. Start at the highest center point of your cheekbones (at the top of your blush) and sweep it up toward the temples. Blend so you don’t see a line where the product begins.

2. Stroke it lightly under your brow bone. This makes your brow look more lifted and your eyes look more open.

3. Add a touch to the inner corner of your eye. This will counteract shadows, giving the illusion of a larger, more opened eye.


Just remember when using a highlighter, less is more. Too much can look harsh and fake. Apply it correctly with a light hand and you’ll look fresh and dewy! For more beauty tips, check out my on Pinterest beauty page and join our beauty discussions with me on Facebook.

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Josetta471353527100.967190 PostsRegistered 10/28/2008

Thanks for the tips!

laceyasks1353584524.31200 PostsRegistered 11/26/2007ny

thanks so much SANDRA realy appreciated your videos and tips im my sixties still love love makeup thanks again lindany.

lindany laceyasks

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