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November 16 Will Be Beautifully Brilliant

Posted by Leslie Blodgett 1352927175.973

This is my favorite time of year. Not just because of family time and celebrations with friends, but because I get to present our customers with the best collection of the year. This Friday November 16th, is the big day.

bareMinerals Beautifully Brilliant 8-pc Holiday Collection

I’m not sure if you know this but we have millions of customers around the globe that love bareMinerals and collect our special kits. The QVC November collection is ALWAYS the most coveted. Each product in these collections is carefully developed and selected with you, our stylish customers, in mind.

So why is this collection so special? Let me count the ways.

0.23-oz Perfect Light Mineral Veil
Perfect Light Mineral Veil.
If you are looking for just one reason to own this kit, it is this product. Many of you have had the privilege of using our original Mineral Veil–a soft focus, airbrushed finish that gives you beautiful skin with the look of minimized pores. Well, now you are in for a treat. This Mineral Veil adjusts in any light so your complexion ALWAYS looks perfect. It works like a photo chromatic lens, which gets darker when the light is bright and goes back to clarity when you are indoors. You will never look washed out. It transitions from day to night, indoors to outside.

I could literally stop here. But, I won’t…

bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow Quad in The Possibilities with 0.17-oz each of Promise (a creamy beige), Future (a sunset pink), Destiny (a warm gray matte), and Sign (a smoky purple haze)
bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 The Possibilities.
We launched bareMinerals Ready eyeshadows a year ago and women tell us they love the convenience, the creamy easy-glide application, and the true color pay-off. Some of you forget that they help smooth out eye lids. (That’s ok, you don’t need to remember that part–we have your back!) This time we have done something special. Read on for some real inside scoop.

When our product development team presented their idea to me, they told me that they were hearing that women were requesting some all-time favorites in the original eyeshadow formula to be created in bareMinerals Ready. So that's what we did. Here's what you get:

Promise: acts like original Bisque
Future: acts like Desire
Destiny: acts like Smoke
Sign: acts like customer-blend Idol

These four knockouts will be your signature look. I need to stress again that this is a limited-edition quad. Do not miss it!

bareMinerals Ready Liner Shadow Duo in The Horizon Line with 0.1-oz each in Panorama (a charcoal) and Perspective (a deep espresso)
bareMinerals Ready Liner Duo.
Yes, you read that right. You get two shades that act like two of your favorite bareMinerals original liners. The dark brown is called Perspective and the dark charcoal, Panorama. They will easily become your favorite liners. The applicator is amazing too. I can't believe the texture and the density of color. I really wish I could see your reaction in person when you use these for the first time!

0.03-oz Blush in Perfect Rose (a warm rose)
bareMinerals Perfect Rose Blush.
I love my original formula blushes, nothing looks more natural and in a shade that is the perfect rose. Oh, wait…that’s the name of the shade. So true!

0.15-fl-oz Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Shining Star (a dusty rose)
Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Shining Star.
I’m so happy that Moxie has become an addictive pleasure among the fashion set. This color is a modern classic. Not too light, not too red, just right for all of us who want to look polished. Feel the Moxie working, feel your confidence boosting, and see for yourself how something as simple as a lip gloss can completely change your mood.

ruby-red limited-edition accessoriesgold clutch
And finally, the ruby-red limited-edition accessories and the gold clutch seal the deal.

Here’s the scoop. Don’t call me four months from now because you missed the show. You can get this collection on QVC on November 16th. It is special, among the very best collections we have offered to the public. We're talking special shades just for my QVC friends! We love you, we honor you, and it is a privilege to provide you with extraordinary formulas that are not only good for you, but enhance your natural beauty.

Enjoy and happy happy holidays!

Love you lots,

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CutiePi1353275266.121 PostsRegistered 11/18/2012

Love, love, love the special kits!

In fact my go to eye shadow is from one of the earlier kits. The shadows last so long but this one is now running low. {#emotions_dlg.crying} The color is Night Owl and gives a wonderful and easy smokey eye without being too overdone. I get complements every time I wear it! It reaal pops my brown eyes. Please consider a re-release on this great color. I can't find anything like it or even close.

At 55 my skin looks better than when I started using BE.

Thank you for a wonderful product line. {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

NMborn1353575197.511 PostsRegistered 11/22/2012

Hi Leslie,

I received the TSV today and am happy with all the products. However, sadly the two brushes were missing from the kit; and the only thing that customer service can offer me is a partial dollar refund. Needless to say, I am very disappointed.


banchee1353887607.9471 PostsRegistered 11/25/2012

Bad Brush Leslie :(

I ordered the TSV ( waitlist) on that same day,I ordered the large Foundation as well as the concealer with the brush. WOW:(

The concealer brush was obviously cut wrong as I have two of them ( the "GOOD ones). They are just old.

This was was cut on an angel and so uneven that it scratches that sensative area of your eye if you try to use it.

Called QVC, they said send the entire thing back! Really, I should get in the car, waste my gas to return this so they can send me another. ALL I asked for was the brush. That I could slip in an evenlope and mail from my front door so they would have their "broken" brush and I could have the not broken brush:):).

Listen, I love QVC, shop here all the time. I have teens at home with Profound Autism. So I can't just hop in the car. It's not that easy.

I was just surprised the request could not be honored. When I asked for Leslie's # to her business............. I was told they didn't have it and "have a good day"

Man.................... take out the Convience in the QVC:( OH and btw, YES accidents absolutely happen, I just expect them to be fixed and not make me feel bad for trying to exchange a defective item.


debbill1354212868.571 PostsRegistered 11/29/2012

I just used my 8 piece collection for the first time. Overall I Love it! The shadows are pretty and the liners go on FABULOUS!!! The blush is the perfect color. I am glad you included the 2 brushes with the kit also and as usual they help apply the makeup perfectly! I think my favorite 2 things are the lip gloss and the eyeliners. I did find it hard to open the mineral veil and the blush though! It was not very user friendly until my husband opened it. I would prefer an easier system to open it.....also I wish there had been a mascara in the bag it would have made it complete. I also did not like your make up bag itself this time. It does not hold much and does not close well. I really do not think anyone would use it as an evening purse.....Overall I Love Bare Minerals and did order auto delivery of this item. I just wanted to give you my full feedback Positive first then the other :) Thanks for the wonderful product! :) I can't wait to see what comes in the next shipment!!!! :)

flyingskwe­rl1356833584.42746 PostsRegistered 12/5/2010SF
On 11/22/2012 NMborn said:

Hi Leslie,

I received the TSV today and am happy with all the products. However, sadly the two brushes were missing from the kit; and the only thing that customer service can offer me is a partial dollar refund. Needless to say, I am very disappointed.


Mary, I don't think anyone is actually reading/addressing the issues with this TSV. I thought I was lucky having been told by the operator when ordering that I just bought the last AD kit they had "in stock". But when I got it home, half the kit was missing or broken. To add insult to injury, I bought this as a holiday present to myself since I lost my family suddenly recently and knew I'd get nothing if not for buying myself a couple things- BIG MISTAKE. You're lucky you were offered a partial refund- I was told to call back in JANUARY to see if more are in stock to ship out. The operator was clearly clueless and tried to call BE while she had me on the line but said there was no number listed. This completely unacceptable and I went from feeling "lucky" to feeling jyped and disappointed. I've posted on several BE pages and NOBODY CARES, they just told me to "be nice to Leslie, she's the most wonderful person in the world, etc..." Well, she's lost a customer for life and here's more info re the QVC/BE relationship: BE PACKAGES ALL THEIR TSVs, not QVC, so they really have no idea what you're supposed to be getting. There's no cohesiveness or standards either- while reading reviews I've seen several ppl post about missing/broken items and some ppl received FULL REFUNDS AND WERE ABLE TO KEEP THEIR TSV while others, like me, were brushed off like lint. My last QVC purchase was also a nightmare and if this the way QVC and their vendors are going, I'm cutting up my card. Signed, a dissatisfied customer.

~Uber-Fair sensitive combo skin, medium green-gold eyes and platinum blonde hair~
<3 I just lost my mom to lung cancer and Parkinson's, please stop smoking and spread Parkinson's awareness <3

joann10271361162392.3932 PostsRegistered 2/17/2013
Hey Leslie, LOVE it...ordered mine on auto-ship :) The whole collection including the brushes are awesome!!!! Thank you! Last edited on 2/22/2013

Last edited on 2/22/2013

joann10271361531441.2632 PostsRegistered 2/17/2013
On 2/17/2013 joann1027 said: Hey Leslie, LOVE it...ordered mine on auto-ship :) The whole collection including the brushes are awesome!!!! Thank you!

assunta1363843116.831 PostsRegistered 3/20/2013


jbach1377198313.938 PostsRegistered 12/28/2012

Hi Leslie, Jessica.....ANYBODY?!!

I loved this TSV. REALLY loved the Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Shining Star (dusty rose), it's my all-time favorite. Will this EVER be available for individual purchase?

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